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Chapter 404: Lake

When the third line appeared, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt her surrounding Yuan meridian light up. I actually broke through and obtained an intermediate-grade Dijing Yuan meridian.

Everything happened so quickly that Chu Liuyue couldn’t even react as she instantly felt that her body was filled with strength.

There was something moving in her chest and stomach, which caused her to unwittingly look up at the sky and moan.

The ferocious strength dispersed from her body.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The numerous waves of strength dispersed in all directions, and the transparent fire kept burning, destroying the remaining golden walls in an instant.

Golden sand flew everywhere!

Chu Liuyue suddenly heard movements above her head.

She looked up and saw that the floating river’s current had suddenly increased in speed. Gradually, a spiral appeared in the centermost position.

Chu Liuyue suddenly had an instinctive thought. The next moment, her body flew up uncontrollably and disappeared within the spiral.

After Chu Liuyue’s figure had completely disappeared, the entire space became quiet again.

The next moment, the golden sand on the floor started to roll back to the cracks.

The lone throne suddenly cracked and turned into countless shards before being utterly destroyed.

On the other end, even though Chu Liuyue was forced to enter the spiral, she didn’t feel much discomfort.

The current was slow and warm as if it had no form of offense. However, the strength hidden in it made Chu Liuyue stay on guard.

Chu Liuyue looked at her surroundings and discovered that she was in the middle of the water. There also seemed to be a transparent barrier in her surroundings, which blocked everything.

After examining for a while, she only had one word to describe the current scenario—bewildering.

Then, she clearly saw that the silver light dazzling in the river was actually individual heptagonal light pieces.

They were mixed within, and they sparkled brightly, shining light on each other. They caused the entire river to be as dazzling as a silver river in the dark night.

Chu Liuyue suddenly noticed that the current seemed to be bringing her forward, but she didn’t know where she was going.

She leaned in curiously and stared at the light.

Suddenly, she focused her gaze as if she saw something flash past one light piece. However, that light piece quickly floated far away, so Chu Liuyue couldn’t see it clearly.

She was intrigued and looked at the other light pieces.

After a long while, she saw a figure appear on one of the light pieces.

It was a pity that this light piece seemed to be covered by a layer of mesh. Thus, she couldn’t see that person’s appearance.

Chu Liuyue stared at it for quite some time, but she still couldn’t see it clearly.

She suddenly recalled the previous scene. When the man in black appeared and told me to look up, I saw a strange but familiar scene. Could that… be related to these?

Chu Liuyue pondered, and her eyes suddenly brightened up.

A surge of force came from behind and carried her up.

Her body finally left the river and landed on concrete ground.

When she stood still, she was instantly shocked by the scene in front of her.

It was a lake. The lake water was as clear as ever, and it was quiet, without any ripples.

A gigantic, golden dragon head was engraved on the side of the lake in front of her.

At this time, the glowing river quietly streamed out from the middle and entered the lake.

I seem to have come from there just now. Chu Liuyue turned back, and her nostrils flared.

She was currently standing on a square platform built in the middle of the lake!

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