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Chapter 398: Search

When Emperor Jiawen rushed to the imperial mausoleum in a hurry, Rong Jin finally waited for Situ Xingchen to come back to Crown Prince Mansion.

Once Rong Jin saw her, he immediately asked nervously, “How’s the progress of the matter? Is it successful?”

Situ Xingchen pressed her lips against each other and smiled. “I didn’t disappoint you after all.”

Rong Jin was elated, and his uneasy heart finally calmed down. “That’s great; that’s great…”

Previously, he was still worried that his mother wouldn’t trust Situ Xingchen much. But now, it seemed like everything was going according to plan.

He almost couldn’t wait and pulled Situ Xingchen into the house as he meticulously checked the surroundings and called for people to guard outside the yard.

After confirming that nobody could hear their conversation, he looked at Situ Xingchen. “What did Mother say?”

Situ Xingchen looked down at her wrist that was touched by Rong Jin and felt disgusted. But upon thinking that she didn’t busy herself for nothing during this period, she didn’t mind it that much.

“Sit down first. I’ll slowly explain everything to you.” As Situ Xingchen talked, she found a place to sit down.

Rong Jin sat down beside her and looked at her with much excitement and hope.

Situ Xingchen’s lips curved up. “Your Highness, do you know that you’re the legendary ‘Heaven’s Chosen Son?’”

Rong Jin was dazed, and he looked emotional. Mother actually told Situ Xingchen this. This means that she really trusts Xingchen and has agreed to let her help.

He lightly nodded and leaned against his chair as his face looked somewhat arrogant. “Of course, I know about this.”

Situ Xingchen asked again, “Then, do you know what this ‘Heaven’s Chosen Son’ means?”

Rong Jin was dazed for a while and said without hesitation, “Of course, it means the world! On the day I was born, the heavens showed an auspicious sign. Mother had once gone to find a master and asked him for my fortune. The other party said that I was Heaven’s Chosen Son and that I’m destined to take over the throne.”

Thus, he had always viewed the throne as something of his own all these years.

Situ Xingchen never expected Rong Jin to give such an answer, so she couldn’t help but be stunned.

Rong Jin waved his hands in front of her face. “Xingchen, what’s the matter?”

“…Ah? Nothing—nothing much…” Situ Xingchen answered him superficially, but she despised him in her heart. It seems like the Empress doesn’t simply care for this son of hers. She’s over-protecting him! This caused Rong Jin not to have a clue about this until now.

She suppressed the mockery in her heart and explained, “Your Highness, according to what Her Majesty said, that’s not the meaning of ‘Heaven’s Chosen Son.’”

Rong Jin knitted his brows in surprise. “It doesn’t mean that? What exactly does it mean then?”

Situ Xingchen didn’t directly answer his question. Instead, she suddenly asked in return, “Your Highness, did you notice the fireworks in Imperial City’s sky?”

“Of course, I saw it.” Thinking of this, Rong Jin sighed deeply. “I think something happened in the imperial mausoleum.”

Originally, as the Crown Prince, he should also rush over immediately if such a thing happened. However, he was now grounded in Crown Prince Mansion and couldn’t even leave the door, let alone others.

Situ Xingchen slowly said, “Your ‘Heaven’s Chosen Son’ has something to do with the imperial mausoleum!”

“East of the drowning water, gold also…”

In the quiet room, Chu Liuyue stood in front of the throne and hugged her arms with one hand while the other gently stroked her chin as she tried to understand what the sentence meant. According to what the man previously said, the star river glowing above my head is the drowning water. However, what does this engraved sentence mean?

Chu Liuyue kept quiet for a while and suddenly thought of something. Isn’t the cylinder—which was used to drip water on the stone wall—gold? Could it be related to that?

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue hurriedly turned around and walked toward that area.

The drowning water flowed quietly, and Chu Liuyue couldn’t see its origin or destination. However, she could vaguely see that the drowning water would frequently drop a pool of starlight.

When these items gathered together, they would float around the stone wall.

She quickly discovered a pattern. The light actually follows the time flow and gradually enters the golden cylinder tidily before dripping into the drain outside. It turns out that it wasn’t ordinary water!

Chu Liuyue hesitated for quite some time before she finally sat on the throne.

Hong long!

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