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Chapter 397: Trap

That guard didn’t dare to look up at Rong Jiu and could only hurriedly say, “When the Third Prince entered the palace, he seemed to have fought with the Empress. However, we didn’t dare to barge in, so we just waited outside. Not long after the Third Prince left, Her Majesty…”

Emperor Jiawen shot Rong Jiu an icy look. Rong Jiu had gone to see the Empress today and found the ink pearl. It’s normal for him to have a conflict with the Empress, but… Why did the Empress suddenly seek death? Could it really have something to do with Rong Jiu…?

Rong Jiu’s heart sank. Emperor Jiawen really started to suspect me! The guard’s previous words were too misleading! He’s doing it on purpose!

Rong Jiu yelled, “Father, I can swear that this has nothing to do with me! Other than me, another person has also gone to the Empress’s place!”

Emperor Jiawen immediately asked, “Who?!”

Rong Jiu took a deep breath in. “Situ Xingchen!”

Emperor Jiawen looked very surprised. Situ Xingchen? Why would she go there?

Emperor Jiawen immediately looked at that guard. “Did Situ Xingchen go to the Empress’s residence today?”

The guard shook his head. “No.” His expression looked genuine, and it didn’t seem like he was lying.

Rong Jiu suddenly felt very uneasy. He raised his voice and hollered to the guard in a much sterner way, “Do you know that lying to His Majesty is an offense punishable by death?!”

That guard seemed to be taken aback as he moved backward and shuddered. “I don’t dare to lie to His Majesty! Whatever I previously said is true!”

Rong Jiu was very indignant.

When he entered the residence, he didn’t ask if anyone else had come. When he looked around in the residence, he also didn’t find Situ Xingchen in time.

Now that the Empress was dead, it was obvious that Situ Xingchen had left!

If this guard insists—No, if that group of guards all match their testimonies and insist on it, then I definitely can’t produce any evidence to prove that Situ Xingchen has appeared there before! Suddenly, Rong Jiu thought of something. “Father, can you send someone to check who came into the palace? Situ Xingchen must’ve come into the palace today!”

Emperor Jiawen looked at Eunuch Min. “Immediately send someone to check on it.”

“Yes, sir!”

Then, Emperor Jiawen took a deep breath. “Immediately lock up the Empress’s bedroom. Other than me, nobody else can get near! Also, do not spread the news. If word gets out…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but the threat in his gaze was obvious.

After that, Emperor Jiawen turned around and planned to head to the imperial mausoleum.

After he walked two steps, his figure suddenly wobbled, and he almost collapsed.

Eunuch Min agilely held him up and couldn’t help but say, “Your Majesty, why don’t you rest in the palace first? Your body—”

Emperor Jiawen shook his head, clenched his teeth, and continued walking forward. What kind of place is the Imperial mausoleum? That’s where Country Yao Chen’s ancestors are buried! If some irreversible trouble really occurs there, I will be a sinner for centuries to come!

All these years, nothing strange had ever happened in the imperial mausoleum. So when the warning fireworks appeared, he was extra worried and fearful.

It was serious that the Empress committed suicide, and it was even more so when so many mysteries hadn’t been solved yet. However, those weren’t matters that could be compared to the imperial mausoleum’s incident.

Rong Jiu walked forward and asked, “Father, can I follow you there?”

Emperor Jiawen rejected it without even turning back. “No need! Go back and stay in your house! Don’t do whatever I assigned you to do first. I’ll deal with it myself when I come back!”

“Father…” Rong Jiu still wanted to defend himself, but it was clear that Emperor Jiawen didn’t want to listen.

Eunuch Min shot Rong Jiu a look to tell him not to offend His Majesty at this timing.

Helpless, Rong Jiu could only stop in his tracks and watched on as Emperor Jiawen’s figure disappeared in front of him.

He could still vaguely hear the conversation between Emperor Jiawen and Eunuch Min.

“Did you inform Elder Ye?”

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Elder Ye has already received the news, and I believe he’s on his way to the imperial mausoleum. With Elder Ye around, you don’t have to be overly worried…”

The voices grew softer and softer until Rong Jiu couldn’t hear them anymore.

Rong Jiu tightly clenched his fists in his sleeves as he turned to look at that guard.

An intense murderous aura enveloped that guard.

“T-third Prince, calm down!” It was very clear that the guard had sensed danger as he immediately knelt down and begged for mercy.

“Calm down?” Rong Jiu’s lips curved up into a mocking smile. “You caused me to be in this state, yet you have the guts to tell me to calm down? Who told you to say that?”

The guard didn’t want to admit it. “Third Highness, I wasn’t lying, and I didn’t set you up! You must have misunderstood!”

“Misunderstood? Then, it’s also a misunderstanding that Situ Xingchen went to the Empress’s place today?”

Noticing Rong Jiu’s surrounding aura becoming increasingly scary, that guard averted his gaze guiltily and said extremely softly, “Third Prince, I’ve already said it many times. Other than you, nobody else has entered the Empress’s place today. Why don’t you believe me? His Majesty has already commanded for a thorough investigation of this matter. If you don’t believe me, you can personally ask around to see if anyone has seen Eldest Princess Situ enter the palace today. Won’t everything be clear by then?”

Hearing this, Rong Jiu suddenly reacted. That’s not right! Since he dares to deny this in public and even willingly asked someone to investigate the matter, he must’ve done sufficient preparation! That or the other party has dug a hole for me to jump into!

Deep-seated hatred and pain rose in Rong Jiu’s heart. I didn’t expect Situ Xingchen to be so ruthless! Perhaps… Even the Empress’s death has something to do with her!

Rong Jiu originally wanted to see the situation in the Empress’s place, but Emperor Jiawen had commanded him to go back. Thus, he naturally couldn’t do anything.

Rong Jiu lowered his body and held the guard up by his collar. He then said clearly, “I’ll remember what happened today!”

Prince Li Mansion.

After Rong Xiu got rid of Jian Fengchi, he planned to rush to the imperial mausoleum at top speed.

Yu Mo followed him closely. Seeing that Rong Jin was about to go out like that, Yu Mo couldn’t help but ask, “Master, are… you just going like that?”

Rong Xiu paused.

Something happened in the imperial mausoleum, so a lot of people would definitely be heading over, especially Emperor Jiawen.

If they saw Prince Li—who was supposed to be recuperating in his residence—appearing in the imperial mausoleum, nobody knew how they would react.

Rong Xiu closed his eyes. I was too anxious and actually forgot such a simple thing.

When he thought of Yue’er in the imperial mausoleum, his heart hung in his throat. He was filled with anxiety and worry, and he wanted to rush over instantly.

He turned back to look at Yu Mo. “Inform Yan Ge. He naturally knows what to do.”

“Yes! But Master… your side—”

“I have my own plans.”

“…I understand!”

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