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Chapter 394: The Drowning Grave

Jian Fengchi instinctively tensed his body and gathered his force in his palm. But for some reason, the murderous intent disappeared in the next moment as if it had never appeared earlier.

Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly. “Young Master Jian, please help yourself.” Then, he turned around to leave without hesitation.

Jian Fengchi stood rooted to the spot and was dazed for some time. What… just happened? At that moment, I felt strong murderous intent erupting from Rong Xiu’s body, but it quickly disappeared to the extent I almost thought that I was hallucinating. However… Why would I make such a mistake?

Looking at Rong Xiu’s departing back view, Jian Fengchi knitted his brows. This Prince Li… seems to be more capable than I thought…

He turned back to take a look and saw that there was still the last speck of fireworks in the sky.

Everyone in the Imperial City could see it clearly.

Something major must’ve happened to the person who sent this signal. Jian Fengchi stroked his chin. Did that fella, Mu Qinghe, really cause this?

Thinking of this, he became rather interested.

He already felt weird when Mu Qinghe wanted to come to Country Yao Chen. According to Mu Qinghe’s identity, he didn’t need to do it personally even if his superiors commanded him to find talents with the Dijing Yuan meridian. He could just send someone to complete the task.

Yet, Mu Qinghe still came. Besides, Mu Qinghe kept leaving early and coming back late these few days as he was busy with something. Thinking of this, Jian Fengchi swiftly turned around to rush in that direction.

Chu Liuyue held the Heavenly Square Cauldron in her hands and slowly walked forward in the dark.

After walking for some time… a wall finally appeared in front of her eyes.

Chu Liuyue looked up to take a closer look and realized that it was a dead end in front.

The greenish-black stone wall completely blocked the path in front.

A frown appeared on Chu Liuyue’s forehead. Did I walk into a dead end?

However, she quickly discovered that the water sounds were coming from on top of the stone wall.

She leaned in closer and realized that there was a tiny, semi-circular hole on top of the stone wall.

A golden cylinder was poking out in a slanted manner. Water was dripping out of it and landed, drop by drop.



In the quiet space, the water sounds were extra clear.

Chu Liuyue followed it and looked down to see a shallow drain at the bottom of the stone wall.

A water stream silently lay there.

Chu Liuyue looked at both sides and realized that the drain extended into the darkness and that she couldn’t see its end.

She lifted the Heavenly Square Cauldron again. This time, she finally clearly saw that the golden cylinder’s surroundings had some patterns to them.

Perhaps it had been too long, but the content couldn’t be clearly seen already. Only a vague outline was left.

Chu Liuyue stared at it for a while, but she still couldn’t confirm what it was. Hence, she had to put it aside.

The most important thing now was to find a way to leave this place.

Chu Liuyue knocked the stone wall and realized that it was indeed hollow. It was thicker than usual, and it wasn’t something that she could forcefully break through alone.

Then, she carefully checked it again, but she didn’t find any contraptions.

Do I need to go back the same way? Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly.

She could clearly feel that there was something behind the stone wall attracting her.

If she gave up now, she would be very indignant. Besides, how was she going to return to the mountain peak even if she went back?

Not to mention that she couldn’t fly in the air now, but even if she could, the strange space’s constraints would cause her to be unable to fly.



The water droplets dropped down at a very equal speed.

Chu Liuyue looked at the golden cylinder again. The water flows out from it. Then… how does it look like inside?

Suddenly, Tuan Zi jumped out and onto the golden cylinder.

“Tuan Zi, you can’t bite this!” Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. Who knows what kind of situation the imperial mausoleum is in? Once we damage this stone wall, it might invite trouble.

Mausoleums usually had a lot of intricate designs, and imperial mausoleums had especially many contraptions.

Chu Liuyue didn’t want to leave her life here.

Tuan Zi shook its head, and contempt flashed across its eyes. I have my standards, okay? Why would I bite whatever I see?

Then, Tuan Zi pointed at the golden cylinder beneath its feet and hugged it.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized. “You want me to turn this?”

Tuan Zi immediately nodded in excitement.

Chu Liuyue was quite hesitant. “I don’t think this thing can turn, right…”

Even though she said this, she still extended her hands.

The golden cylinder felt cold to the touch, and the coldness spread all the way to her heart.

Chu Liuyue breathed in and gathered her focus as she lightly turned it.


The golden cylinder actually moved!

Chu Liuyue suppressed her shock and slowly turned the cylinder with this amount of strength.

When the golden cylinder turned 180 degrees, Chu Liuyue finally heard a crisp sound—this was the sound of the inner compartments matching.

Chu Liuyue released her hands. The next moment, she saw many golden stars appearing above the stone wall.

All those stars were like the galaxy in the night sky—bright and eye-catching.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand to block her eyes, and she could see the golden stars forming a line from the corner of her eyes.

Then, it outlined a gigantic, strange pattern.

Chu Liuyue was shocked. This is clearly the blurred pattern I saw earlier!

At this point, the stars lit up, and the outline could gradually be seen.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to clench tightly, and she didn’t even blink. That’s…

Hong long!

Before she could even recognize what it was, the stone wall actually broke open with the golden cylinder as the center.

A piercing white light shot out from inside.

Everything turned white in front of Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

Tuan Zi jumped onto her shoulders once again and clutched her clothes.

After some time, her surroundings gradually quietened down. Chu Liuyue slowly adjusted to the white light as she looked inside.

When she saw the scene inside, she couldn’t help but gasp.

A wide river, sparkling with silver light, cut across the air in the middle. The stars within it were shining brightly, and it illuminated the entire space.

The bright light that Chu Liuyue previously experienced when she opened the stone wall came from here.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock.

That river light was floating in mid-air in a clear, clean, and eye-catching manner. One glance at it, and it looked like a silver river in the dark night—charming and mesmerizing.

Below the river was a wide square area.

A lone golden throne sat quietly in the middle, but this wasn’t what stunned Chu Liuyue the most. This was because there was actually a man sitting on top of the golden throne!

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