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Chapter 393: Stalemate

Chu Liuyue’s body kept dropping, and her surroundings were pitch black. She couldn’t see anything at all and could only hear the sounds of the wind howling beside her.

She tried to circulate her force, but she realized that her bodily strength seemed to be restrained by something, and it circulated very slowly.

The surrounding air became very sticky as if she had fallen into a sandpit. Her falling speed also decreased gradually.

After some time, she finally landed on a thick surface.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and felt around to stand up.

The ground beneath her feet was icy cold, and it felt smooth to the touch as if it were made from marble.

She pressed her lips against each other tightly.

There was no light source here, so she completely didn’t know what kind of situation she was in.

She had to figure out a way.

Her mind started churning, and she suddenly thought of something as she raised her hand. A bright-red flame suddenly appeared in her palm.

But before Chu Liuyue could even grin, the fire rapidly extinguished.

The surroundings plunged into darkness once again.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. She almost forgot that she couldn’t circulate her force here, so she naturally couldn’t summon her force and turn it into fire.

She stood rooted to the ground for a while without moving her feet and simply straightened her eyes to listen closely to the surrounding movement.



The sound of water landing could be heard.

Chu Liuyue instinctively looked in the direction of the sound. Even though she couldn’t see anything, this water sound somehow made her feel more assured.

However, her heart suddenly hung high the next moment. I’ve already dropped down for quite some time. Why haven’t I seen Mu Qinghe? I remembered that Mu Qinghe was following closely behind me when I dropped down. But now… Where is he?

Besides, the stranger thing is—below Golden Inheritance Peak is Country Yao Chen’s imperial mausoleum. Why would there be water sounds in the imperial mausoleum?

Just as Chu Liuyue was deep in thought, she felt something heavy on her shoulders as Tuan Zi came over.

Unlike before, Tuan Zi seemed to be quite nervous as it cuddled her shoulders and didn’t move at all.

Chu Liuyue could feel its emotions and found it weird. Tuan Zi has always been courageous, and it didn’t even cower when it faced a seventh-grade black flying python. It can even fight with a legendary fiend—the legendary three-eyed eagle. Tuan Zi has never feared anything before, so what’s up with it now?

Chu Liuyue patted its forehead to reassure it.

Tuan Zi clutched her clothes and leaned against her closely.

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue thought of a plan. Then, she gathered her thoughts, and something extra appeared in her palm—the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

This item was pretty tiny, so it fit her palm nicely.

A transparent karmic fire was burning within, and a black shadow was hidden in the centermost position. This was the legendary three-eyed eagle’s soul.

The surroundings immediately became illuminated due to the fire.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “It really is useful!”

Since the Heavenly Square Cauldron could suppress a legendary fiend, it definitely had to be very formidable. Hence, Chu Liuyue thought that the karmic fire inside would be able to withstand the constraints here.

The results were as expected!

After a moment, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice sounded in disbelief. “Y-you’re actually using the Heavenly Square Cauldron to illuminate your path?”

As it was shocked, even its voice trembled. It never would’ve thought that this would be the situation when it officially left Chu Liuyue’s dantian for the first time. Does Chu Liuyue know what kind of thing the Heavenly Square Cauldron is?

“Yes! I’m just making full use of it!” Chu Liuyue didn’t mind at all and sounded nonchalant.

The legendary three-eyed eagle was speechless, but Chu Liuyue didn’t care about it as she scanned her surroundings.

Her surroundings were completely empty, without anything around.

This ground… is actually made with white marble. Chu Liuyue was slightly shocked. White marble is very precious, yet it was actually used to tile the floor. Besides, it doesn’t seem like it’s just this small area. This alone would cost a fortune. Country Yao Chen actually used so much money to build the imperial mausoleum. They’ve truly outdone themselves. I wonder what it looks like inside…

Chu Liuyue carefully felt the strange calling before she finally chose a direction and walked forward.




In the quiet space, Chu Liuyue’s footsteps became extra crisp.

Gradually, the water sounds became even louder.

Chu Liuyue held the Heavenly Square Cauldron tightly and continued to walk forward.


Following the low impact sound, the elder in black’s wolf-teethed pole finally couldn’t take it anymore and snapped into two.

He threw away the broken wolf-teethed pole in panic and stared at the circular plate—which was still moving and didn’t suffer any damage at all—in front of him in anxiety.

“Elder Zhong Qi, this circular plate is personally made by our ancestors, and ordinary objects can’t open it at all.”

“Yeah, let’s try another way!”

“If we really can’t do it, we have to wait for His Majesty to come…”

The few people at the side finally couldn’t hold themselves back and spoke up.

Zhong Qi yelled in frustration, “Of course, I know all of this!”

I’ve guarded this place for more than a decade. How can I not know this? But if we don’t quickly find a way, how can we explain to His Majesty? With so many guards protecting the area, someone still dared to barge into Golden Inheritance Peak. They even ascended to the mountain peak and entered the imperial mausoleum. It isn’t enough for all of us to die a hundred times.

“Wait! If His Majesty really comes, won’t all of us be unable to bear the consequences?!” The few of them looked at each other and fell silent.

Zhong Qi stared at the circular plate with much hatred. “Did any of you see the duo’s appearances just now?”

Nobody answered.

Zhong Qi closed his eyes. He was the fastest to rush over back then, yet he didn’t see them, let alone the rest.

“All of you better guard this place with your lives! I don’t believe they won’t come out!”

The gigantic fireworks exploded in the sky above the Imperial City.

Rong Xiu focused on it, and very cold murderous intent flashed across his eyes. Mu Qinghe actually brought Yue’er to the imperial mausoleum!

He immediately said, “Young Master Jian, I still have some things to do. I’ll excuse myself first.” Then, he turned around to leave.

Jian Fengchi was dazed as he looked up at the sky. What signal was that just now? Seeing how obvious it is, it doesn’t seem to be a small matter…

An idea popped up in his mind, and his lips curved up into an outrageous smile. “Prince Li, are you going to the place where the fireworks were shot from? Just nice, I’m very free and have nothing to do. Why don’t I go with you?”

Rong Xiu abruptly turned back and silently glanced at Jian Fengchi.

Immediately, harsh and horrifying murderous intent went straight for Jian Fengchi.

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