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Chapter 387: Heaven’s Chosen Son

The large palace was empty and quiet.

Situ Xingchen walked in slowly, and her footsteps reverberated throughout the empty room, sounding extra sinister.

All sorts of smashed items were strewn all over the floor, looking very messy.

Situ Xingchen avoided them expressionlessly and walked straight inside, finally seeing the Empress in the innermost part of the room.

Si Huijing was wearing a messy and dirty palace attire that looked like it hadn’t been changed in a few days. One could even vaguely see some dark-red stains.

Her face was very pale, her lips were cracked, and her eyes were unfocused. Motionless, her entire person was huddled into a ball as she lay in a corner of the bed.

One look at her, and one would think that she had stopped breathing.

It was obvious that the Empress had experienced countless tortures in these short few days.

Situ Xingchen walked in step by step and finally stood still in front of the Empress, revealing her usual warm smile. “Her Majesty, I’m here to see you.”

The Empress seemed not to hear it as she didn’t give a reaction.

Situ Xingchen didn’t care as she bent down slightly and leaned in. “Actually—” But at the next moment, she smelled a pungent and nearly suffocating scent coming from the Empress.

Disgust flashed across her eyes as she took out a letter from her sleeves and passed it over. “Her Majesty, the Crown Prince told me to visit you today. This is the letter he wrote for you; take a look at it.”

Then, she silently straightened her body.

If she could, she really wanted to leave this dirty place immediately, but she hadn’t forgotten her purpose for the day.

It wasn’t easy to make this trip, so she had to grab the opportunity.

Hearing the two words ‘Crown Prince,’ the Empress’s eyeballs slowly turned as she finally found some of her senses back.

The Empress slowly looked up; her deep eyes were bloodshot and filled with despair and grievances. They even vaguely had some form of lunacy to them.

Situ Xingchen almost instinctively moved back. The Empress… looks too scary…

A faint chuckle escaped from the Empress’s lips as if she were mocking Situ Xingchen. It also sounded like she was laughing at herself. Without looking at the mirror, Si Huijing also knew how she looked.

“How… did you come in?” asked the Empress with a hoarse voice. It was as though someone had dragged something across the sand floor, causing one’s ears to hurt.

Situ Xingchen composed herself and explained softly, “His Highness lent me his plaque.”

As the Crown Prince, Rong Jin had a plaque that looked quite similar to Emperor Jiawen’s.

He changed the plaque slightly, and it looked quite similar to Emperor Jiawen’s. Other than the people who regularly saw the two plaques, others wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

This was why Situ Xingchen could enter smoothly.

The Empress believed her and picked up the letter, but the moment she saw the first two lines, she suddenly scrunched the letter into a ball and harshly threw it at Situ Xingchen’s face. “B*tch, you’re indeed cunning!”

Situ Xingchen completely didn’t expect the Empress to react like this, and she was dazed.

The paper ball didn’t hurt her face, but it was an enormous insult to her.

Situ Xingchen picked up the paper ball, and the smile on her face faded. “Her Majesty, what are you doing? I’m being kind by helping you and the Crown Prince, yet you treat me like this?”

“B*tch! Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” The Empress’s face flushed red as she pointed at Situ Xingchen’s nose and scolded her. “Rong Jin can’t tell your intentions, but do you think I can’t too? It’s no wonder that you haven’t dissolved the marriage agreement yet. You just want to find out some information from me! Let me tell you—dream on!”

Even though the Empress was dejected now and would be sentenced to death at any moment, it didn’t mean that she was senile. When she previously saw Situ Xingchen, Si Huijing already felt that this woman had ill intentions and that she wasn’t what she appeared to be.

Now, it was truly the case!

The smile on Situ Xingchen’s face completely disappeared as she clutched the paper ball in her hands.

This was personally written by Rong Jin under her hints, so she obviously knew the letter’s contents. The main gist was that Rong Jin couldn’t leave his residence as he was grounded, so he told Situ Xingchen to visit the Empress for him. Besides, he even asked the Empress to tell Situ Xingchen about Heptagon Alley’s secret so that she could tell him.

Rong Jin thought that he could find a proper solution to the current problem once he knew what exactly was going on.

What else did the Empress not understand when she saw this?

Situ Xingchen originally had nothing to do with this matter, but she was bending her back to help them. How could she have no intentions at all?

“Her Majesty, you must be mistaken; I have no such intentions. The Crown Prince is your own son. If you don’t even trust him, there won’t be any way to solve the problem.”

“Get lost!” yelled the Empress at the top of her lungs. If it weren’t because she couldn’t move the lower half of her body, she would’ve long hurled the b*tch out.

Situ Xingchen’s gaze landed on the Empress’s legs, and she vaguely guessed something. She looked very disappointed as she said, “Originally, I thought that you loved His Highness the most. I didn’t expect that you could actually just watch as he lands himself in this perilous situation… Since you insist on your ways, I can’t do anything either.”

As Situ Xingchen talked, she actually turned around without a care.

She walked a few steps when the Empress said, “What did you say just now?”

Situ Xingchen’s lips curved up slightly, and delight flashed across her eyes. But the moment she turned around, her expression returned to normal.

She sighed and said, “You probably don’t know because you’ve been trapped in the palace these few days, but His Majesty has already decided to remove the Crown Prince and get the Third Prince to replace him.”

The Empress was stunned. “Impossible!”

“I know you don’t believe me, but there’s no other way at this point. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people in the palace if they have been interrogated by the Third Prince. Can’t you guess why His Majesty wants to let the Third Prince do this?”

Situ Xingchen’s voice was as gentle as usual, but to the Empress, her voice sounded like a cold snake slowly crawling to her heart.

Si Huijing’s lips trembled violently. Very quickly, her entire body shook. “Impossible… Impossible! Rong Jin is the Crown Prince! Rong Jin is the only Crown Prince!”

Seeing the Empress’s reaction, Situ Xingchen was puzzled. Why does she care so much about this…?

“I want to find His Majesty! He can’t make someone else the Crown Prince!” hollered the Empress as she directly fell off the bed. “Only Rong Jin… It must be Rong Jin!”

Situ Xingchen suddenly realized something and purposely said, “The Third Prince is outstanding, and he can be respected as the Crown Prince too…”

“What do you know?” The Empress looked contorted as she shouted sharply, “Who is Rong Jiu? Rong Jin is Heaven’s Chosen Son! Other than him, nobody else deserves to be the Crown Prince!”

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