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Chapter 374: Appear!

Situ Xingchen just felt that Chu Liuyue’s words pierced her ears. Her gaze changed, and she forced a smile, which she rapidly kept.

Rong Jin saw Chu Liuyue’s bright smile and felt very conflicted.

It was the best choice for him to be engaged to Situ Xingchen. When everything went smoothly, he was once secretly thankful that everything would be easier with Situ Xingchen.

Originally, he thought that he didn’t care much about Chu Liuyue anymore. After all, Situ Xingchen didn’t lose to Chu Liuyue in any area. But at this point, he realized that it wasn’t the case.

As for the Empress, she had no mood to hear what Chu Liuyue was saying. She looked ghastly, and her eyes were unfocused as she stared at Emperor Jiawen’s decisive and cold back—her heart was void of hope.

If it weren’t for Rong Jin and Situ Xingchen helping her along, she would’ve long collapsed onto the floor.

Chu Liuyue looked at the Empress while in deep thought before she turned around and caught up to Chu Ning.

At the palace entrance, Eunuch Min had already arranged for ordinary horse carriages to wait for them.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but be impressed. Eunuch Min was indeed very witty to be able to serve Emperor Jiawen for so many years.

Emperor Jiawen was still wearing his imperial robe. If he went out just like this, he would definitely cause a commotion.

As for the Empress, her unkempt appearance wasn’t suitable to be seen by others.

Using ordinary horse carriages could minimize the trouble caused to the greatest extent.

The few of them left for Heptagon Alley in a discreet manner.

Emperor Jiawen rode alone in his horse carriage, and only Eunuch Min followed him.

The rest shared a horse carriage.

Inside the horse carriage, everyone sat opposite each other, and nobody spoke. The atmosphere was tense, and the air seemed to be frozen.

Finally, Rong Jin couldn’t help but whisper, “Mother, you don’t have to worry. Someone wants to set us up, but they might not have that ability! Father has always been wise. He’ll definitely be able to differentiate between what’s true and what’s false and return you your innocence!”

This ‘someone’ was naturally referring to Rong Jiu.

In Rong Jin’s eyes, this matter wouldn’t have escalated if Rong Jiu didn’t interfere. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Rong Jiu—who sat opposite him—as hatred flashed across his eyes.

Previously, I was grounded by Father and had some of my power taken away because of Rong Jiu. This time, it is still because of him!

But Rong Jiu leaned against the wall of the carriage and closed his eyes. He looked very peaceful as if he didn’t care about this at all.

“Rong Jiu, we have no grudges against you. Why do you want to set us up? Aren’t you afraid of retribution?” questioned Rong Jin softly as he could no longer hold it in.

Rong Jiu opened his eyes and glanced at him expressionlessly. “Brother, why do you say that? I just wanted to help Father find Rong Zhen. Whatever I previously said was the truth. What do you mean by ‘set up?’”

Upon seeing that Rong Jiu still refused to admit it at this point, Rong Jin was enraged.

If he didn’t take into account that this was a horse carriage and that there were still many other people around, he would’ve gone forward and harshly punched Rong Jiu.

Chu Liuyue stood at the side and started talking to Chu Ning. “Father, my trip to Tai Yan Academy was actually pretty interesting…”

Chu Ning was originally quite worried, but he felt much more assured when he saw that his daughter was as calm as ever.

Hearing her talk about Tai Yan Academy, he couldn’t help but be curious. “Oh, really? I heard that their library is very big. What did you read?”

With a smile on her face, Chu Liuyue said, “I didn’t actually read much, but I found quite a few books that I liked.”

Situ Xingchen’s eyelids twitched harshly. Didn’t read much? How does Chu Liuyue have the cheek to say that?

Situ Xingchen clearly remembered that the booklets—which recorded the books Chu Liuyue had read—had piled up into a mountain not long after she had gone in.

The most irritating thing is that Mentor said that Chu Liuyue found an Earth-grade warrior technique book. Even though Situ Xingchen specialized as a heavenly doctor and didn’t have much interest in warrior techniques, she still felt very jealous when she heard that Chu Liuyue had obtained such a treasure.

Every single word of hers is just flaunting. Situ Xingchen couldn’t maintain the smile on her face, so she looked down and pretended to be quiet.

When the Empress gradually recovered her senses and saw Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning talking happily, her blood boiled. All of this is clearly Chu Liuyue’s fault! She must’ve hidden Rong Zhen and colluded with Rong Jiu to frame me!

Her heart was now in turmoil, and she was very restless, yet Chu Liuyue had the cheek to laugh so relaxingly.

“It’s you… It’s you!” After hearing the sound of the marble floor being crushed, the Empress knew that they were getting nearer to Heptagon Alley. The Empress became very frustrated. Finally, she couldn’t hold herself back and scolded Chu Liuyue as she lunged toward her.

From the corner of her eye, Chu Liuyue had already seen the Empress’s movements, so she lightly moved away and dodged her actions.


A low sound was heard.

The Empress’s forehead directly collided with the wall of the horse carriage.

“Mother!” Both Rong Jin and Situ Xingchen couldn’t hold the Empress back in time, and it was too late when they heard the sound.

The Empress’s head hurt severely, and she saw pitch black.

“Mother, are you okay?” Rong Jin was very anxious as he hurriedly helped the Empress up.

Situ Xingchen knitted her brows even more. “Ms. Chu, even if you’re upset with Her Majesty, you shouldn’t do this! The Empress has been very worried about the Fourth Princess being missing during this period, and she hasn’t been sleeping well. How can she sustain such a hit?”

Upon hearing this, Rong Jin looked at Chu Liuyue with much more hatred and anger.

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Eldest Princess Situ, your words are too interesting. Everyone clearly saw what happened. Her Majesty charged over here herself. If I didn’t move away, should I have waited for her to slam against me?”

Situ Xingchen seemed to hesitate for a while before saying, “But… you’re very strong, and it’s convenient for you to stop Her Majesty.”

She implied that Chu Liuyue did it on purpose.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Eldest Princess Situ, His Highness isn’t weak either. Are you trying to say that he’s useless since he couldn’t hold his mother back?”

Situ Xingchen was stumped. She didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to have such a sharp tongue.

Knock, knock…

“Masters, we’re here. Kindly get down.” Eunuch Min knocked on the door from outside.

Rong Jiu stepped out first.

Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning followed closely behind.

The horse carriage stopped in a narrow alley, and Emperor Jiawen was standing at the entrance of a nearby mansion.

Chu Liuyue quickly scanned her surroundings and furrowed her brows. This Heptagon Alley looks very normal, but it vaguely has a strong suppression. If one discerned it carefully, they would feel that the aura is coming from that mansion.

Emperor Jiawen looked at Chu Ning. “Open this door!”

Chu Ning immediately said, “Yes!”

However, the door was opened from the inside before he could do anything.

The skinny Rong Zhen appeared in front of everyone!

“Mother, you’re here—”

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