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Chapter 373: Go Forward

“Impossible! You’re lying!” The Empress finally couldn’t hold it in and shrilled. Her hands shook as she pointed at Rong Jiu. Due to anger and anxiety, her originally well-maintained face contorted. “Zhen Zhen is missing!”

I have already lost contact with Rong Zhen for many days. How can I not know about it if Rong Zhen is really in Heptagon Alley?

Previously, she had already asked the Si family to help search the entire Imperial City secretly, but she didn’t receive any news back.

After the matter was exposed, Emperor Jiawen had also sent people to look for Rong Zhen everywhere, but he didn’t get any clues either.

Si Huijing almost suspected that Rong Zhen was brought out of the Imperial City. In the end, Rong Jiu suddenly jumped out and said that Rong Zhen is at Heptagon Alley. That’s crazy talk!

Rong Jiu stared at her finger that almost poked his face and the sharp and glamorous nail as he tugged at his lips without much smiling intent. “Her Majesty, why are you so agitated? We just need to send someone to check and see if it’s true or false. Anyway, Heptagon Alley is in the Imperial City. It won’t waste too much time if we send someone to check.”

“No!” retorted the Empress reflexively, but the moment she said that, she instinctively noticed that something was wrong.

Behind her, Emperor Jiawen sounded cold. “I think this is a great idea. Since Rong Jiu said that Rong Zhen is there, we just have to send someone there to look for her. If we find her, it’ll prove that Rong Jiu is speaking the truth. If we don’t… Rong Jiu, do you know what kind of consequences you’ll have to face?”

Rong Jiu looked calm. “I know. If Rong Zhen isn’t in Heptagon Alley, I’ll never leave the Imperial City ever again!”

Emperor Jiawen was shocked because he didn’t expect Rong Jiu to make such a promise willingly.

Actually, he had been thinking about how to arrange Rong Jiu during this period. Send him back to the Northwest Army? Impossible; that was akin to letting the tiger go back to the mountains.

Let him stay in the Imperial City? Unsuitable. Rong Jiu had many military accolades, and he was in his prime. It was too obvious if he suddenly stripped him of his military duties.

In actual fact, Emperor Jiawen had received many petitions before this—which requested for him to let Rong Jiu go back to the Northwest Army. However, he had many considerations and placed this matter aside.

This time, Rong Jiu suggested it himself. As long as they didn’t find Rong Zhen in Heptagon Alley, he would have to stay in the Imperial City forever.

On the one hand, Emperor Jiawen wanted to find Rong Zhen. On the other hand, he wanted to use this opportunity to make Rong Jiu stay.

No matter how he looked at it, it was beneficial for him. Hence, he agreed to this suggestion almost without hesitation.

“I’ll go there myself! Eunuch Min, let’s prepare to leave!”

The Empress’s legs gave way, and she almost knelt on the floor. “Your Majesty, you mustn’t!”

Anyone could tell how guilty the Empress was at this moment, and Emperor Jiawen was naturally not an exception.

The more it was so, the more he wanted to go.

“Empress, I just want to go over and find Rong Zhen, yet you’re stopping me so vehemently. What are you thinking? Do you not want me to find Rong Zhen, or…” Emperor Jiawen didn’t speak loudly, but his fierce aura and his words were like sharp knives that harshly stabbed into the Empress’s heart.

She wanted to stop Emperor Jiawen from going, but saying anything in this situation would make her seem guilty and weak.

Rong Jin finally recovered his senses and went up to help the Empress up. “Mother, why must you do this?! Isn’t it just an alley? If Father wants to go, why are you stopping him?”

Going against Father like this isn’t advantageous at all!

The Empress weakly glanced at Rong Jin, and her tears fell. What does he know…

Chu Liuyue suddenly stood up and lightly said, “Your Majesty, we’ll go with you too.”

The Empress suddenly looked up and stared at Chu Liuyue with uncertainty. “Chu Liuyue, why are you joining in on the commotion?!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Her Majesty, how can this be considered as joining in on the commotion? As long as the Fourth Princess is not found, I’ll forever be framed. I want to find the Fourth Princess as much as you and His Majesty do. Weren’t you very worried about the Fourth Princess previously? Why are you reluctant to go now that the Third Prince said that the Fourth Princess is at Heptagon Alley?”

The Empress couldn’t express her troubles, and she felt very burdened. She wanted to go up and rip Chu Liuyue’s lips apart—Rong Jiu’s as well!

Emperor Jiawen glanced at the Empress coldly. “Empress, if you want to go, you can go with us. If you don’t want to, you can just wait in the palace.”

Anyway, the truth will soon prevail!

Emperor Jiawen then whipped his sleeves and walked out of the palace with big strides.

Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning hurriedly followed.

Even Rong Jiu—who was kneeling on the floor—stood up. He glanced at the Empress hopelessly and said lightly, “Her Majesty, I think you’re not in good condition, but I’ll still advise you to come along. The Fourth Princess is very lonely outside the palace, so she would definitely be happy to see you.”

Rong Jin angrily hollered, “Get lost!”

Rong Jiu didn’t care for his scolding as he tidied his robe and turned around to leave.

The moment he stepped out, he paused and turned around. “Brother, you must take good care of Her Majesty. After all, you might not have the chance to do so in the future.”

Rong Jin was enraged as he hurled a punch toward Rong Jiu. “You’re tired of living!”

Rong Jiu easily avoided the punch and stretched out a hand at the same time to lock Rong Jin’s wrist directly.

Rong Jin immediately felt excruciating pain.

Rong Jiu’s hands were like metal. Also, his cultivation and abilities didn’t seem to be weaker than those of Rong Jin.

Faint murderous intent exuded from Rong Jiu’s body. He had been through ruthless battles, and every move was a killer one. How could Rong Jin be his match?

Rong Jiu finally let go when Rong Jin’s face was turning white. He shot Rong Jin a warning look before turning around to leave.

Rong Jin’s lungs were about to explode, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

The Empress already struggled to get up. I must go! I definitely must go!

Upon seeing this, Rong Jin immediately went forward to help her up. He also looked at Situ Xingchen at the same time. “Xingchen, why are you in a daze? Hurry over and help Mother up!”

He had never seen his mother in such a desolated state.

Since just now, Situ Xingchen had already realized that something was amiss. She felt even more annoyed when she heard Rong Jin’s words. What’s wrong with him? He should see how unkempt the Empress is! How can I help her up?

“Xingchen?” Upon seeing that Situ Xingchen didn’t react for a long time, Rong Jin thought that she didn’t hear him properly. Hence, he called for her again.

Situ Xingchen suppressed her disgust, walked forward, and silently used her sleeves to cover her hands as she used her arm to help the Empress up. It was as though she were afraid that she would contract some disease after touching the Empress.

Rong Jin didn’t notice her movements as he only wanted to catch up to his father, who was in front.

Chu Liuyue wasn’t far behind Emperor Jiawen, and she was thinking about something when she suddenly heard some commotion. She turned back and saw Rong Jin and Situ Xingchen helping the Empress along as they rushed over.

Her lips curved up, and she smiled delightfully. “Oh, yes. I haven’t congratulated Your Highness and Eldest Princess Situ for your marriage! I wish the both of you to grow old together and live in peace and harmony!”

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