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Chapter 372: Heptagon Alley

His sentence struck other people’s ears as loud as thunder.

The Empress and the rest were so shocked that their mouths were agape.

Even Emperor Jiawen—who had always been composed—couldn’t help standing up. “What are you talking about?! You saw Rong Zhen previously? When was it and where?!”

Rong Jiu paused for a while before saying, “It might be more suitable if you ask Her Majesty about this.”

Once he said this, all the people present were stunned.

The Empress was at a loss. “Rong Jiu, what does this mean?”

Rong Jiu slowly said, “I believe the Empress clearly knows what I mean. You know where Rong Zhen is, but I don’t know why you act ignorant and put up such a show!”

The Empress was about to faint from Rong Jiu’s words. Her well-drawn brows were raised as she stared at Rong Jiu. Then, she finally realized that Rong Jiu came to go against her.

Her voice instantly became cold, and it contained a normal sternness from the palace. “Rong Jiu, do you know what you’re talking about? Ever since Rong Jiu went missing, I’ve been very restless and unable to sleep. Up to this point, I’m still worried and scared for her. How can you just say this out of nowhere?”

The Empress then turned around to look at Emperor Jiawen angrily and sadly. “Your Majesty, please make a judgment correctly! I really don’t know where Zhen Zhen is now! I also don’t know where the Third Prince’s words came from!”

Emperor Jiawen coldly stared at Rong Jiu. “What exactly did you mean by those words just now?”

Rong Jiu’s eyes scanned the Empress, and he slowly said, “I mean that from start to end, this is a show that the Empress directed herself! She was the one who hid Rong Zhen, and she even planned to frame Lord Chu Ning and his daughter!”

Rong Jiu’s low and powerful voice reverberated throughout the palace; it was clear and captivating.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but look at Rong Jiu. She didn’t expect that Rong Jiu would say such a thing…

“Outrageous!” After the shock, the Empress finally recovered her senses. She couldn’t help but scold loudly as all her anger had no outlet. “What nonsense are you saying? Rong Jiu, what kind of place do you think this is?! What kind of person do you think I am? How dare you spout such nonsense?”

As she said all this, she hurriedly rushed toward Rong Jiu and raised her hand to give him a harsh slap. “I must teach you a lesson today!”

“Empress!” Emperor Jiawen’s scolding immediately nailed the Empress to the ground.

Si Huijing suddenly recovered her senses and looked back in panic, only to see Emperor Jiawen glaring at her with fire in his eyes.

“As the Empress, what kind of behavior is this?”

The Empress then recovered her senses. I did lose my mannerism as the Empress with my previous actions.

Emperor Jiawen was utterly disappointed in the Empress. Rong Jiu just said a few sentences, yet the Empress was so agitated. She yelled shrilly, scolded him, and insulted him crazily. She had no elegant behavior whatsoever and even wanted to directly hit him in front of everyone else. This behavior was as good as those hags shouting at the markets.

She had completely tarnished the royal family’s reputation.

Noticing Emperor Jiawen’s anger, the Empress was petrified and indignant. “Your Majesty, I know I’m wrong, but I didn’t purposely do that! Did you hear what Rong Jiu said just now? Even though I’m not his birth mother, I’m still his mother. Yet, he framed me! I—” The Empress talked on as tears streamed down her face. She clutched a handkerchief with one hand and pressed it against her chest as though she were very heartbroken.

Once Rong Jiu heard ‘birth mother,’ murderous intent flashed across his eyes. It’s fine if she didn’t mention this, but… That bitch Empress actually has the guts to say this!

Rong Jiu lifted his sleeves.


He directly knelt on the floor! “Every word I said is true! If I have lied about it, I’ll be struck by lightning!”

This was a vicious oath!

Once he said this, even the Empress—who was busy crying—couldn’t help but pause.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and shot Chu Ning a questioning gaze.

Chu Ning lightly shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know what the situation was.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and sized Rong Jiu up again. That’s strange… Rong Jiu didn’t interact with us much, so why does he keep speaking up for us this time? He has even placed his life on the line!

As the prince, Rong Jiu’s words were of some weight!

As expected, Emperor Jiawen’s expression changed. If Rong Jiu dares to make such a vicious oath… It means that his words are most likely true!

“Empress, what exactly is going on?!” hollered Emperor Jiawen as he had already lost his patience.

A chill was sent down the Empress’s spine, and she cried even more intensely. “I really don’t…”

“Since the Empress doesn’t want to admit it, then I’ll remind you. Do you remember Heptagon Alley?” said Rong Jiu lightly.

The Empress suddenly paused, and she looked at Rong Jiu in shock. How does he know about that place?

Emperor Jiawen boomed, “If I didn’t remember wrongly, Heptagon Alley was one of the busiest places in the Imperial City in the past. Afterward, a murder case happened there, and the place slowly got abandoned.”

“Father, you’re very wise. The current Heptagon Alley is as good as dead, and it’s very quiet. But for some reason, Her Majesty really likes that place. After I returned to the Imperial City, I sometimes walked around the Imperial City since I didn’t have much to do. Unknowingly, I walked past Heptagon Alley and saw Her Majesty there twice.”

The Empress’s heart sank.

Emperor Jiawen glanced at the Empress. “Go on.”

“The first time was half a month ago. I saw the Empress from far away, and I thought I was hallucinating. After all, Heptagon Alley was very isolated, and not many people would go there normally. But I was curious, so I waited around in the area. After another hour, I saw the Empress leaving. I hurriedly followed her, wanting to see what was going on, yet I shockingly discovered that there was a very strong barrier in Heptagon Alley!”

The Empress’s face was as white as a sheet.

Rong Jin suddenly seemed to remember something as his nostrils expanded.

“…I left because I was worried about being discovered. Another month later—which was ten days ago—I was very curious and couldn’t take it any longer, so I went to Heptagon Alley. I didn’t expect to see Her Majesty walking out coincidentally.”

When Chu Liuyue heard this, she also looked at the Empress and saw her ghastly face. The Empress appeared as though she had lost all her senses.

“…I couldn’t help being suspicious as I had seen her twice consecutively, but I didn’t have many clues, so I didn’t say it aloud. However, I coincidentally met Rong Zhen on the streets the day before and realized that she was heading for Heptagon Alley.”

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