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Chapter 359: Inscription Copying

The light glowing on the transparent paper was flashing according to the blinking of the handwriting on that wall.

That item then flew to Chu Liuyue again.

Chu Liuyue focused on it and instantly gasped when she saw what was on it.

She saw that the torn transparent paper’s content was exactly the same as what was written on the last wall. Every symbol, even every spark of light, was identical.

The size of the transparent page wasn’t even one-hundredth of that wall, but when Chu Liuyue saw it, she felt that the symbols reflected on the transparent paper were very clear for some reason. She could even clearly see the small spaces between the symbols.

It was just a torn, transparent book page, but Chu Liuyue felt that it had infinite space to contain everything.

Chu Liuyue stretched out her hand, and the transparent paper flew into her hands.

She looked down to take a closer look and noticed that every symbol could be clearly seen.

She opened her mouth, but she was too shocked to say anything—This transparent paper has completely copied the inscription of the Heaven-stage warrior technique on the last wall.

If Chu Liuyue hadn’t seen it for herself, she definitely wouldn’t believe it.

Heaven-stage warrior techniques are a godly presence. How could they be so easily copied? Chu Liuyue closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

Everything in front of her did not disappear!

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but look at the wall again, but it did not change.

The next moment, her palm felt cold. That torn piece of paper formed back into a water droplet and returned to her dantian.

Then, Chu Liuyue could clearly feel that there was something extra in her brain—it was the Heaven-stage technique!

Even if she couldn’t understand it now, it actually existed in her body!

“T-this can even happen?” Chu Liuyue muttered to herself.

She only knew that the water droplet in her dantian contained insurmountable strength and that it could save her every time she met with danger. However, she didn’t expect it to be able to help her copy the Heaven-stage warrior technique!

No, she didn’t expect Heaven-stage warrior techniques to be copyable.

“It’s not copying the inscription; it just forcefully stole the Heavenly Dao in it,” said the legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “What?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle slowly said, “Look at it again.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at the last wall again. “There’s aren’t any changes—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that something was amiss.

The symbols on the last wall didn’t change, but the overall aura was indeed different. It seemed like… it had lost the indescribable godly sensation from before, leaving behind a messy cluster of symbols.

The three big silver words floating in front of her gradually disappeared into thin air.

“The reason why Heaven-stage warrior techniques are different is that they have the Heavenly Dao. Now that this strength has been taken away by you, everything left behind will turn into garbage. Without the direction from the Heavenly Dao, cultivators won’t be enlightened even if they look at it for the next 100 years.”

Chu Liuyue was elated. “I see! So does this mean that this so-called… Heavenly Dao is equivalent to a Heaven-stage warrior technique’s soul? Without this, a Heaven-stage warrior technique is as good as dead, right?”

“It seems like you aren’t that stupid,” said the legendary three-eyed eagle coldly.

Chu Liuyue didn’t care about the legendary three-eyed eagle’s mockery toward her. She appreciated it for telling her this.

After a moment of deep thought, she continued, “Then, if I leave now and bring the item away with me, will others find out there’s something wrong here?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle chuckled and had an unconcealable arrogant tone to it. “Of course not. In my God Realm, I control everything. Even if you leave here, nobody will find out that there are any changes unless they are also a strong warrior that can understand Heaven-stage warrior techniques.”

Chu Liuyue felt more assured. There shouldn’t be this kind of existence in Tai Yan Academy.

She nodded. “Let’s go right now!”

When Chu Liuyue came out of the library, it was close to noon.

After the torture during this period of time, the duo at the door had slimmed down quite a bit and looked very frail. Thus, they all widened their mouths in shock when they saw Chu Liuyue walking out.

“C-Chu…” The two of them stuttered for half a day and could only point at Chu Liuyue with trembling fingers.

Chu Liuyue looked up at the blue sky, lightly exhaled, and said to the two people behind her, “I left early.”

“R-really?” The both of them were stunned and in disbelief. Chu Liuyue can stay inside for a month. It has only been ten days, yet she’s planning to end it?

Chu Liuyue tilted her head, and her gaze swept across the stack of booklets beside the duo. “Do those record all the books I’ve read?”

The two of them instinctively nodded. When they saw Chu Liuyue’s seemingly smiling expression, they recovered their senses and hung their head in shame.

They knew clearly how many books Chu Liuyue had read—she had read through the entire second floor and quite a bit of the third and fourth floors.

Even if she left now, she had seen more than enough. If she really stayed for a full month, she would finish reading through the entire library.

“Y-you… I’ll call Elder Mo Cang over right away!” One of them left in a hurry.

Chu Liuyue didn’t mind and waited on the spot. Ten days have passed. I wonder how it’s going on Mu Qinghe’s side…

Palace, Imperial City, Country Yao Chen.

Emperor Jiawen’s face was as dark as thunder as he directed a deadly glare at the Empress in front of him. “Let me ask you again: Where is Rong Zhen?”

The Empress panicked, and she hurriedly explained, “Your Majesty, listen to my explanation—”


Emperor Jiawen suddenly swept everything on the table to the floor and angrily hollered, “I’m asking you: Where’s Rong Zhen now?!”

The Empress was so frightened that her entire body trembled. Her legs went weak as she knelt on the floor.

Tears streamed down her face. “Your Majesty, I-I also don’t know where Rong Zhen is now…”

Emperor Jiawen was so angry that his face turned green. The past few days, he didn’t have time to care about Rong Zhen due to Country Xing Luo’s matters. After Rong Jin left with the rest, he then remembered that he hadn’t seen Rong Zhen in a while.

Thinking that Rong Zhen didn’t come out on such an important day, Emperor Jiawen felt that she was too immature and wanted to go to her room personally and lecture her.

In the midst of it, the Empress had stopped him a few times, which made him increasingly suspicious. In the end, he directly got someone to push open the door to Rong Zhen’s room.

When he entered, he realized that Rong Zhen was not there. He then realized that something was amiss, and he started questioning the Empress.

At this moment, Eunuch Min suddenly rushed over from outside and whispered something into Emperor Jiawen’s ears.

Emperor Jiawen was furious as he harshly kicked the Empress’s chest. “Si Huijing, you’re so brazen! How dare you secretly have guards by your side?”

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