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Chapter 357: Ultimate Jingshen

Rong Xiu glanced at his finger, and his gaze was cold.

The next moment, the golden light instantly disappeared.

The entire process was very fast. If Yu Mo and Yan Qing weren’t standing nearby, they would’ve thought that it was just a part of their hallucination.

Looking slightly tired, Rong Xiu leaned against his chair with one hand on his forehead. “You’re dismissed.”

After their shock, Yan Qing’s expression turned serious. “Master, you should hurriedly make a trip back.”

I just left for a few days to take this, but Master already became like this! Upon closer thinking, Master never went back ever since he started hanging out with Chu Liuyue.

Rong Xiu closed his eyes and didn’t say anything, but his meaning was clear.


Yan Qing wanted to advise him further, but Yu Mo coughed at the side and kept shooting Yan Qing a look.

Yan Qing turned around, saw Yu Mo, and hesitated for a while. However, he eventually still left politely. “Master, don’t worry. I’ll handle it right away.”

He then left with the magical jade.

Yu Mo hurriedly said, “It’s already very late. Master, you should rest. I’ll go down too.”

Rong Xiu waved his hands.

Yu Mo hurriedly followed Yan Qing out.

The moment Yu Mo stepped out, he saw Yan Qing waiting for him outside.

The two of them exchanged a glance and didn’t say anything, but they left together.

The two of them walked side by side for quite some distance until they were far away from Rong Xiu’s study.

Yan Qing then finally spoke with a cold face. “It definitely isn’t the first time that today’s situation has happened. Did you know about this earlier on?”

Yu Mo could only pull a bitter face and nod. “Such a situation happened a few days ago.”

“Why didn’t you convince him? Don’t you know how serious this incident will be? If I didn’t see it today, when were you planning to tell me?”

Yan Qing was usually very calm and nonchalant. He rarely had any emotions, let alone act outraged. His reaction showed how big of an impact this situation had.

Yu Mo subconsciously shivered and felt guilty for some reason. “I-I… I advised him at the time, but how can I convince Master?”

Yan Qing’s face was still cold. “You should’ve told me earlier then!”

“What’s the use of telling you?” Yu Mo harshly rubbed his face. “Do you think Master will listen to you?”

Yan Qing quietened down.

They had followed Master for many years and knew his character the best. Since he refused to go back now, nobody could convince him otherwise.

“It seems like Master previously summoning it with force… has a big impact on him,” muttered Yan Qing. If it weren’t for that, Master should’ve been able to hold it there for a period of time. But now…

“Isn’t Master planning on not going back during this period of time by getting you to retrieve this?” Yu Mo patted his shoulders. “Don’t be too worried. Master has his own plans.”

Yan Qing kept quiet for a while and asked, “Did Master say when he’s planning to return?”

Yu Mo looked like he was in a difficult position. “I think… he’s waiting for Mu Qinghe to leave.”

For some reason, this Mu Qinghe had been stuck in the Imperial City. He didn’t do anything, but he refused to leave.

Nobody knew what he wanted to do, and nobody dared to ask. Even Emperor Jiawen did not dare to disturb him out of the blue, let alone others.

“I think you should send this thing back first. Let’s not delay what’s important. If anything happens to Master, I’m still here. Don’t worry; if anything else happens, I’ll inform you immediately.”

Yu Mo reassured him again and again before Yan Qing finally let it go and left with the piece of jade.

As he looked at Yan Qing’s departing back view, guilt flashed across Yu Mo’s eyes. If Yan Qing knew that Master’s condition is actually much worse than what he had seen today, he would definitely feel terrible. Now, I can only pray for Mu Qinghe to leave as soon as possible… and for that person to hurriedly come back!


Chu Liuyue stared at the empty fifth floor and knitted her brows together. There’s actually nothing here? There isn’t even a bookshelf here, let alone books.

The four white walls were empty at first glance.

Chu Liuyue felt that it was very strange. That’s not right. It is impossible for any academy with a similar library to leave an entire floor empty.

She did not give up and went forward as she started to inspect everything. But no matter how hard she found, she didn’t find anything.

She had even knocked on all of the walls, but they were still the same.

After searching around for one round, she finally stopped. Chu Liuyue held her chin and immersed herself into deep thought. When I was previously about to leave the fourth floor, I did feel three ripples. Even if the ripples got increasingly weaker, they still existed without a doubt. However, where did they come from?

Chu Liuyue originally thought that there had to be something special, even if the books here weren’t as numerous as the other floors. However, she didn’t expect that there would be nothing here.

Perhaps I haven’t discovered it yet. Chu Liuyue thought for a long while and still didn’t get an answer, so she swiftly sat on the floor cross-legged.

Anyway, she still had one day left and could afford to wait here to see if the ripples would appear again.

Time trickled past, but Chu Liuyue did not move at all.

She was very bored and decided to silently recite Jingshen Finger again.

When she came in, the two parties already had an agreement. She could borrow any book she wanted in the library, but she had to put them back into their original positions after she was done with them.

Moreover, she wasn’t allowed to bring the books from one floor to the next.

Hence, Chu Liuyue could only rely on her memory and recite the Jingshen Finger.

She gathered all her focus, and the Jingshen Finger gradually appeared in her mind.

Chu Liuyue started recalling from the first move and cultivated.

The force in her body went toward her dantian. When they gathered and formed a ball, she controlled this strength and injected it into her right index finger.

But before that strength reached the index finger, it disappeared in her pulse.

Chu Liuyue rearranged herself, used less force, and tried again.

It still failed. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t give up and kept trying.

The first step was to control her force and to allow it to extend to the right index finger through the Yuan meridian.

Just this point alone was very difficult as it required cultivators to have a resilient Yuan meridian and precise control.

At first, Chu Liuyue just wanted to try, but she later realized that it was even harder than she had thought.

Her competitiveness was triggered, and she tried more than 1,000 times.

When the sunlight poured in the next morning, a light silver color finally wrapped around Chu Liuyue’s right index finger.

Before she could exclaim in joy, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that her surroundings had lit up.

She instinctively squinted her eyes and looked at her surroundings, but she suddenly widened them.

Countless silver symbols appeared on the four walls around her, and they sparkled brightly.

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