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Chapter 355: God Realm

Chu Liuyue moved forward almost uncontrollably.

The moment her body stepped into the frozen space, a chilly feeling enveloped her.

The entire space was like a flowing liquid as Chu Liuyue could clearly feel her movements in this space. The resistance she felt made it seem as though she was walking in a silently flowing stream.

She held her breath and looked up, unable to conceal her curiosity.

That black feather quietly floated in the most central region as if nothing could move it.

Chu Liuyue knew that it was the key to the legendary three-eyed eagle’s God Realm. Everything in this space was controlled by that black feather.

Chu Liuyue secretly gasped in amazement at the God Realm.

Rumor had it that a cultivator could advance into a higher realm and display a God Realm’s power when they broke through as a stage-nine warrior. But it was a pity that this was just a rumor to her.

The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor had once reached the cultivation level above a stage-nine warrior, but he left not long after that and never went back. The royal family’s history books also didn’t have any information about it afterward.

Everything was left for the people’s countless guesses.

Chu Liuyue was the second person in the entire Tianling Dynasty to have the Tianjing Yuan meridian after that ancestor. Everyone was secretly anticipating that she would break through to the same realm as the ancestor, and even she herself had cultivated non-stop for that.

But it was a pity that she no longer had this chance as she was betrayed and forced to burn herself to death.

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart as she collected her memories and walked forward.

After walking up the ninth step, she arrived in front of the Xuan formation.

She extended her hand and felt the stars on the Xuan formation.

At this point, everything in the legendary three-eyed eagle’s God Realm was within its control, so even the aura on this Xuan formation seemed to be completely frozen.

Chu Liuyue continued moving forward, and her entire body passed through the Xuan formation silently.

When she turned back, she saw that the Xuan formation had already returned to its original state, and it didn’t look like it was touched.

I have to admit, the legendary three-eyed eagle really has its ways… Chu Liuyue thought to herself as she finally went up to the fifth floor.

The familiar ripple came from in front.

She looked up.

Country Xing Luo’s palace.

Situ Ziyue’s bedroom.

Elder Zong Ye was taking his pulse while Situ Xingchen stood by the side and waited quietly.

After a while, Elder Zong Ye finally let go of Situ Ziyue’s hand and slightly smiled. “It’s better. Your internal injuries have basically recovered, and they won’t affect your future cultivation.”

Situ Ziyue’s tense expression finally relaxed a little. “It’s all thanks to you. If you didn’t help me these few days, my body—”

“Hey, you can’t say that! I remember that Xingchen’s mentor, Cheng Han, is also a fifth-grade heavenly doctor. Even if I don’t come, he can definitely help you too.” Elder Zong Ye smiled as he waved his hands.

Situ Ziyue sighed and said, “Honestly, Elder Zong Ye, it’s not that I don’t trust Director Cheng Han, but… I trust you more.”

This praise indeed made Elder Zong Ye look better.

At the side, Situ Xingchen still smiled lightly as if she didn’t care that Situ Ziyue was underestimating her mentor.

She had stayed in Mingyue Tianshan for many years and definitely understood Elder Zong Ye’s character.

Elder Zong Ye had entered Mingyue Tianshan to cultivate in his early years and became an elder after so many years. He had a distinguished status and naturally wouldn’t look up to people like Cheng Han.

“Haha! Ziyue, I know that you’re being nice, but Xingchen is here. Cheng Han is her mentor after all. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll hurt her by saying that?” Elder Zong Ye laughed.

“Actually, Brother is right. To me, Mentor Cheng Han can’t be compared to you.” Situ Xingchen’s smile was bright, and her beautiful face looked genuine.

Elder Zong Ye took out his fan and gently knocked on Situ Xingchen’s forehead. “I haven’t seen you in a few years, but your mouth is becoming sweeter!”

Situ Xingchen laughed. “You’re teasing me again.”

She then looked outside and said, “The sky is dark. Elder Zong Ye, why don’t you let Brother rest first, and I’ll accompany you back?”

Elder Zong Ye looked at her in deep thought and laughed. “Okay, let’s go and let Ziyue recover!”

Situ Ziyue originally planned to send him off personally, but he was rejected by the duo. He could only lie back down on the bed.

On the other end, Situ Xingchen accompanied Elder Zong Ye and left.

After walking a distance, they reached a slightly more isolated road when Elder Zong Ye asked, “Xingchen, is there something bothering you?”

A helpless smile appeared on Situ Xingchen’s face. “It’s been so many years, but my thoughts can’t escape you.”

Elder Zong Ye put his hands behind his back, and his voice was much lower and warmer. “I watched you grow up, and I’ve always treated you as my biological daughter. These few days, you’ve been busy with Ziyue, but I can tell that there’s something troubling you and that you’re not really happy. If you don’t mind, you can just tell me.”

Situ Xingchen kept quiet for a while until she softly said, “Elder Zong Ye, did you know… that Brother Rong Xiu is engaged?”

“What?!” Elder Zong Ye suddenly stood still and looked at Situ Xingchen in shock. “When did this happen? With who?!”

“Just ten days ago. The girl he’s engaged to is… Chu Liuyue.”

Elder Zong Ye was confused. “Who is that?!”

He had stayed at Mingyue Tianshan for most of his life, so he didn’t understand much about the outside world.

This time when he left the mountain, he rushed over instantly and had been busy looking after Situ Ziyue’s body. Thus, he didn’t hear about the Qing Jiao Competition. Naturally, he didn’t know about these events.

Situ Xingchen briefly introduced Chu Liuyue and roughly explained the recent happenings.

Elder Zong Ye couldn’t escape his trance for a long time. “You’re saying that he took the initiative to woo that girl? How can that be? His personality is so cold. He’s been at Mingyue Tianshan for so many years, but he never interacted with other women much. Why did he go back and—”

Elder Zong Ye looked at Situ Xingchen painfully. “No wonder you…”

He had long felt that Situ Xingchen admired Rong Xiu. Upon seeing her miserable look now, he had indeed guessed correctly.

Situ Xingchen forced a smile and said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m okay; I thought that I could wait for him after so many years, but I didn’t expect… I guess you can just say that we have no fate.”

Elder Zong Ye looked at her, thought for a while, and asked, “Why don’t we ask his mentor and see if we can cancel this marriage agreement?”

Situ Xingchen’s heart faltered, but she shook her head. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Why must I be the evil person? Besides… Country Yao Chen’s Crown Prince—Rong Jin—is coming tomorrow.”

Elder Zong Ye asked in confusion, “Why did he suddenly come?”

Situ Xingchen looked down. “Marriage alliance.”

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