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Chapter 354: Arrival of the God Realm

That ripple was extremely small, and it disappeared very quickly. However, Chu Liuyue was certain that it did exist.

She stood rooted to the ground, and as expected, the ripple was made again after a moment. This time, the ripple made was even smaller.

If it weren’t for Chu Liuyue carefully observing the area, it would’ve been hard to discover.

She moved a few steps forward, stood at the center of the fourth floor, and raised her head.

The entire fifth floor exuded a mysterious vibe as if it were separated from the rest of the world.

After a while, Chu Liuyue felt the third ripple, but this time, it was even weaker than before.

It seemed as though the ripple was gradually weakening.

Chu Liuyue waited for quite some time, but she didn’t detect any movement.

She looked around; the movement on the fifth floor didn’t seem to affect the fourth floor.

Whatever previously happened seemed to be her hallucination, but she knew that it was not.

Chu Liuyue recalled what Elder Mo Cang had said: “Only Tai Yan Academy’s directors can enter the fifth floor.”

Her rational mind told her to ignore the fifth floor’s movements and not get into unknown trouble. However, there was a vague urge at the bottom of her heart, which made her unable to leave.

Chu Liuyue gathered all her focus and finally went upstairs.

The moment she stepped on the stairs, a silver light suddenly flashed across her eyes.

Chu Liuyue immediately stopped in her movement and looked up. She saw that a gigantic, silver Xuan formation had quietly appeared above her head.

Countless rays intersected, and the Xuan formation was like a magnificent matrix, locking down the entire fifth floor.

Chu Liuyue could clearly feel the immense strength coming from above.

She stared at the Xuan formation and knitted her brows. It wasn’t that she couldn’t solve this Xuan formation, but she really could not do it with her current abilities. Besides, she was more worried about attracting other people’s attention once she started doing something.

The library meant a lot to Tai Yan Academy, and this fifth floor was clearly of utmost importance.

Cheng Han hated her to the core, so he would definitely watch over her sternly, waiting to catch her red-handed.

Chu Liuyue moved a step backward, and the Xuan formation clearly dimmed.

She bit her lips and felt very indignant.

“You want to go up?” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded from her dantian.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “Legendary three-eyed eagle, you have a way to bring me up?”

“It seems like you don’t understand my clan.” The legendary three-eyed eagle’s tone was as arrogant as usual.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes brightened up. I actually forgot that as a legendary fiend, the legendary three-eyed eagle has a special ability, which is to freeze space!

Freezing space meant that they could totally control a certain area, and within that area, the legendary three-eyed eagle held absolute power and immense strength.

“You mean… freeze the fifth floor?” asked Chu Liuyue with widened eyes.

“Yes. Since I’m in your body, and I’m controlled by you, you can just enter my ‘God Realm’ and control everything that I can.”

So it’s called a God Realm. This thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s head. She had to admit that the legendary three-eyed eagle’s suggestion was very tempting.

On the one hand, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s God Realm could avoid attracting other people’s attention. On the other hand, she would have an extra layer of protection if she entered the fifth floor.

Currently, nobody knew what would happen after she went up. With the legendary three-eyed eagle’s help, it would be much better. After all, it was a legendary fiend, so it was naturally extraordinary.

“What conditions do you have?” asked Chu Liuyue bluntly.

The legendary three-eyed eagle definitely didn’t offer to help because it was kind-hearted.

“If I help you this time, let me leave.”

“Impossible,” rejected Chu Liuyue directly.

A hint of anger appeared in the legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice. “The Heavenly Square Cauldron is already yours! It won’t do you any good if you continue to trap me inside! Isn’t it great if you let me go after I help you?”

“Who says that it won’t do me any good?” Chu Liuyue interrupted the legendary three-eyed eagle with a smile. “See? You can help me go in now. Isn’t that good?”

“You! You’re so cunning!” hollered the legendary three-eyed eagle angrily.

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and did not care. “It’s not the first day that you know me. It’s impossible for me to let you leave, but we can discuss the rest.”

“There’s no room for discussion other than this!”

“Don’t be anxious! I haven’t spoken yet. Perhaps you might be interested in my suggestion.” Chu Liuyue crossed her arms and stroked her chin. “Why don’t… I find a way to help you recover your physical body?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle seemed to be shocked and chuckled after a while. “…Just by lonesome?”

“Just by myself.” Chu Liuyue didn’t mind the underestimation and mockery in its voice. “To an average fiend, they would be completely destroyed if their pearl of essence breaks. However, a legendary fiend’s soul won’t be destroyed, and it’s not considered a true death. Even though your physical body is ruined, your soul is still kept whole in this Heavenly Square Cauldron. This is also the reason why you want to leave so desperately, right?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle did not answer her.

“The current me definitely can’t do this, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it in the future. You’re a legendary fiend, so you know how to recover your physical body the best and to truly revive yourself. If you tell me, I can naturally help you.”

After a long while, the legendary three-eyed eagle questioned, “How do I know if you’re speaking the truth?”

“You don’t have any other choice.” Chu Liuyue was determined. She had the Heavenly Square Cauldron, which was what the legendary three-eyed eagle feared the most.

It couldn’t escape on its own. If it didn’t cooperate, it meant that it could only continue staying within the cauldron and endure the scorching pain.

Hence, Chu Liuyue was bound to win this discussion!

After a temporary stalemate, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a suppression emanating from the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

The next moment, a black apparition appeared on top of her head.

She looked up.


That apparition suddenly extended its wings, and immense force exploded from within.

Black feathers suddenly appeared, and they flew toward the fifth floor.

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely.

She saw the ocean of black feathers suddenly stop in mid-air.

“Arrival of the God Realm!” hollered the legendary three-eyed eagle.

The surrounding space started freezing the next moment, with the black feathers in the center.

Chu Liuyue could clearly see that the entire space suddenly seemed to become solid.

Very quickly, the giant Xuan formation above the fifth floor was enveloped within.

A star stopped shining.

The light stopped moving.

Very quickly, the entire Xuan formation was covered. It appeared like a beautiful painting that was suppressed.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes, and her blood kept rushing to her ears as her mind whirred. Her heart was about to jump out of her mouth.

This was her first time personally seeing a legendary fiend executing its God Realm!

Even though the legendary three-eyed eagle was just a soul now, the suppression it exhibited made Chu Liuyue’s heart race.

This… is a legendary fiend’s ability!

“Let’s go!”

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