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Chapter 348: A New Beginning

Chu Liuyue was only there for a few hours, and she had already read hundreds of books! They were all Xuan-stage warrior techniques.

Flustered, one of the guards said to Chu Liuyue before leaving quickly, “Y-you stay here and continue reading; I’ll go seek Elder Mo Cang for instructions.”

The remaining man couldn’t resist asking loudly, “Should I continue with the records?”

The man had been writing for the past few hours, recording the summary of the previous days.

One should know that even on the days when the library was open to the entire academy, few people would come. Even fewer would open the books for intermediate or advanced Xuan-stage warrior techniques.

Now, Chu Liuyue had read so many by herself already!

Also, if Elder Mo Cang saw his booklet, the former would be even more upset.

The man—who was about to leave—stopped, clearly irritated. “Of course, we’re going to continue!”

At the rate she was going, Chu Liuyue would finish half the number of books in the library.

They had to let Elder Mo Cang, the director, and the rest of the elders know with haste. All they could do was note all the books she had read.

The man could even imagine the director and the elders’ wrath when they heard this piece of news.

At the moment, they would do exactly as Elder Mo Cang had instructed in the hopes of minimizing the blame on themselves. No matter what, the two men were in for some hard times ahead.

The man glanced around the quiet library.

Soon, turbulence would disrupt the peace.

He watched his colleague hurriedly leave. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a line of words appear on the plaque.

Resigned, he continued with the records as he groaned inwardly. Is Chu Liuyue even a human?

Elder Mo Cang was about to lie down after he finished his duties when he heard a scurry of footsteps approaching.

“Elder Mo Cang! Elder Mo Cang, we’ve got trouble!”

He walked toward the voice with furrowed brows. “What’s the matter?”

The man was panting. “E-Elder Mo Cang. Chu Liuyue i-is…” He was so flustered he couldn’t continue.

The elder sneered. “As I expected, she really is up to no good in the library!”

The informer shook his head quickly. “N-no! She… she’s…”

“Spit it out! What did she do?”

He was taking too long, and the elder was getting impatient.

After a long silence, the man finally said, “I think it’s better if you see for yourself.”

Unease welled in Elder Mo Cang’s mind as he watched the man. Chu Liuyue is the only one in the library. Nobody but her can cause trouble. What can she do if she isn’t reading?

The elder decided to go and see for himself.

Soon, the two men arrived at the library.

Everything was in order as Mo Cang surveyed the place. He then heaved a sigh of relief. “What the hell is wrong?”

What is the fuss about?

The informer behind him pointed. “Elder Mo Cang, over there.”

The elder turned his head and froze.

The usually blank plaque shone with lines of words; it was intricately linked to the library. The plaque reflected the location of all the books in the library.

Every time a book was read, it would show on the plaque. When the reader was done reading the book, a star would appear.

Everyone could see what happened at a glance.

Elder Mo Cang had never seen so many stars on the plaque—They formed a whole line.

“Is the plaque malfunctioning?” His mind was racing as he came up with the ridiculous analysis.

However, the other man’s reply worried him.

The man in charge of the recording handed Elder Mo Cang the book and said bitterly, “Elder, these are the records of all the books that Chu Liuyue has read.”

The latter took a look at the brand-new book. He realized that the books the girl had read filled half of it.

His eye twitched uncontrollably.

He stiffly flipped through the pages as he went through the list.

Everything was recorded in detail; the ink hadn’t even dried yet.

His lips moved, but no words came out. He simply held the book with shaking hands.

“Elder Mo Cang, we don’t know how she did it. After you left, Chu Liuyue has been reading continuously. She’s so fast that the list keeps growing longer and longer on the plaque! T-these are all the books she has read for the past two hours. Look, she has started another one!”

The man—who had been explaining calmly—suddenly exclaimed when he saw another book appear on the plaque.

The words seemed especially blinding as the elder gritted his teeth and watched.


He tossed the book away angrily; it hit the man’s chest.

“I want you to continue. Let’s see how many books Chu Liuyue can read.”

The man hurriedly opened the book with trembling hands and did as instructed.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo Cang was glaring at the attic. How he wished his deadly glare would cut Chu Liuyue like a sharp blade! Something is off! Something is definitely off. With the exception of the first floor, all the other floors have barriers. Chu Liuyue might be able to read a few books, but how did she do it continuously without exhausting her force? By right, it should’ve been depleted. Even if she can open those books, how did she finish them within such a short period of time?

“Elder Mo Cang, please don’t worry yourself. Chu Liuyue must’ve picked the ones she was interested in and discarded the rest. It’s just a bluff; she probably didn’t learn anything at all.”

Those words seemed to soothe the elder’s feathers.

In fact, he thought of this too. It was the only logical explanation.

“Humph! She’s taking on more than she can handle!” said Elder Mo Cang hatefully.

“Elder is right. Chu Liuyue is just a teenager. After winning first place at the Qing Jiao Competition, she became arrogant. She has nothing to gain by doing this. Perhaps she can’t decide which book she wants to read!”

As soon as he finished speaking, another dazzling star appeared on the plaque.

The three men watched in shock and exclaimed, “She found an Earth-stage warrior technique book?”

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