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Chapter 347: Flip Books

Elder Mo Cang walked out of the library and looked at the duo in charge of guarding it. “Be on high alert during this period! Other than those from the first floor, record any of the books she borrows and reads! If there’s anything wrong, you must inform me as soon as possible!”

The two of them respectfully answered, “Yes!”

Elder Mo Cang then relaxed a little and couldn’t help but turn around to take a look.

The main door was closed, and everything was peaceful.

Even though Chu Liuyue said harsh words, this is Tai Yan Academy after all. She’s a smart person, so she shouldn’t cause any trouble for herself. However, Elder Mo Cang still felt uneasy for some reason. He didn’t know where the uneasiness came from, but his heart felt as if it hung in midair. He felt like an accident would happen at any time.

He knitted his brows and felt that he had thought too much. After suppressing his worry, he turned around to leave.

But the moment he stepped forward, the two guards at the door suddenly felt something and looked at the grayish-white stone placed on the right side of the library’s entrance.

At this moment, a line of words appeared on the stone. “Stepping Snow Technique—intermediate Xuan stage!”

After a moment, those words gradually combined and formed a star, which shone brightly on the stone.

“S-she started already?” asked one of them in surprise.

“How can this be? The book that was opened is an intermediate Xuan-stage warrior technique. Isn’t Chu Liuyue just a stage-two warrior? How can she open a book of such a level?” The other immediately denied it.

“But… her abilities are better than a stage-four warrior! Logically speaking, she should be able to do it, right? B-but… even a stage-four warrior needs some time to open an intermediate Xuan-stage warrior technique. Elder Mo Cang just left, and Chu Liuyue just started for less than 15 minutes. How did she do it? Could it be that someone else in the library took the book?”

“According to the rules, our academy’s students aren’t allowed to enter the library during the period when she’s here unless there are special reasons. Right now, she’s the only one in the library!”

“…” The two people looked at each other and saw the shock in the other party’s eyes.

If their guess was correct, it meant that… Chu Liuyue was much stronger than they had imagined!

“D-don’t worry! Even if she opens the book at high speed, she needs some time to digest the information. Didn’t such a situation happen before? Usually, those people can only read a maximum of 100-plus books when they stay here for a month. Amongst those, there’s only a few that they can really master.”

“That’s true. Let’s just record down the first book she read.” One of them took out a booklet and wrote down the words that previously appeared on the stone.

But before he finished writing, the other person suddenly gasped.

The person recording the words looked up in confusion. “What’s the matter?”

That person’s mouth was agape as his finger—which was pointing toward the stone—started trembling.

“T-that… She has already opened the second book!”

“What?!” The man in charge of recording hurriedly looked over and saw that another line of words had appeared on the stone.

“Fiery Red Attack—intermediate Xuan stage!”

It’s another intermediate Xuan-stage warrior technique! The two of them were stunned.

This had a huge impact on them, and they weren’t even certain if it was true.

“D-did I see wrongly? Is it still an intermediate Xuan-stage technique?” The man recording rubbed his eyes, and the words had already formed a second star next to the first.

In other words, these two books were of the same level, and Chu Liuyue had indeed opened the second intermediate Xuan-stage warrior technique book.

“H-how did she do this? She only read the beginning of the first book, right? Why did she open the second book?”

“Perhaps… She’s just choosing the warrior techniques she likes, so she reads through them rather quickly?”

“Possibly… Cultivators have limited time and energy, so choosing a suitable one to meticulously read up on is better than reading ten books.”

“…But even if so, she’s opening the books too quickly, right… If she continues…”

“Impossible! All the books have barriers! Every time she opens one of them, she needs to use a portion of her strength. How can she continue like this? Forget it; let’s just ignore this first and record the second book. If Elder Mo Cang discovers that we’ve missed out on anything, he won’t let us off. Therefore—”

At this point, he suddenly stopped.

The two of them exchanged another glance. If this current situation continues, even Elder Mo Cang will break down!

Inside the library, Chu Liuyue quickly read the book in her hands before putting it back and shrugging her shoulders in disappointment—it was another intermediate Xuan-stage technique.

Ever since Elder Mo Cang left, she had been staying on the second floor.

She casually chose a shelf in the middle and started reading.

What disappointed her was that she had already looked through the entire bookshelf, but the best technique was just an intermediate Xuan-stage one.

Most of the books were inferior Xuan-stage techniques.

Chu Liuyue helplessly walked toward another bookshelf.

Suddenly, she spotted a book from the corner of her eye.

She focused on it. “Advanced Yellow-stage technique?”

Chu Liuyue was really shocked. She initially thought that the books placed here were all Xuan-stage techniques, so she didn’t expect a technique of such a level to appear.

She rubbed her brows and started to feel that she was too polite in the way she spoke to Elder Mo Cang earlier.

She couldn’t help but look forward to the books. This time, she truly found quite a few decent books to read and learn some new warrior techniques.

This was because advanced warrior techniques were passed down in their specific sects, which were different from Xuan formations and medical formulas.

Normally, the warrior techniques a warrior exhibited could show their experience.

Chu Liuyue was the same. Her brain had stored quite a few advanced warrior techniques, but all of them belonged to her previous life’s ancestors.

Once she showcased them, someone would find something amiss. Hence, even though she decided to train in these warrior techniques secretly, she also had to choose new ones at the same time.

Although she was quite disappointed the whole way, she still had to read those books once in order not to waste them.

She had a photographic memory, so even if she quickly flipped through the books, she could remember the contents clearly.

Besides, as she had trained in advanced warrior techniques before, she could quickly understand techniques of such levels.

Chu Liuyue followed the bookshelves and read every book as if she were continuously throwing books into her mind.

Another book.

Another book.

And another book.

“Why is she still continuing?” The two people in charge of looking after the library outside finally broke down when they saw a galaxy of stars gradually lighting up on the grayish-white stone.

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