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Chapter 329: I Can’t Do It

Chu Xiao knitted his brows. “Chu Ning, do you know what you’re saying?”

Chu Ning leaned against the chair leisurely, and his gaze was icy cold. “Of course. If you don’t accept it, then we’ll end our conversation here today.”

Then, he wanted to stand up and leave.

Chu Xiao was about to holler, but the person beside him spoke first. “Um… Chu Ning, we know that it was the Chu family who let you and your daughter down, and it’s right for you to make such a request. However, so much time has passed. Do you really want to investigate every matter one by one…?”

“I remember every single incident very clearly, and I won’t wrongly accuse anyone.” Chu Ning glanced at the person talking. “Why don’t we start from you instead?”

The person was stumped.

The entire living room fell into dead silence again.

Who would’ve thought that Chu Ning would use such a method to punish them and take revenge?

Only a fool would stand up at this point! However, it was also difficult for them to give up at this point.

Chu Ning had already been promoted to the imperial guards’ Commander-in-Chief and held actual power now. However, this wasn’t the most important thing.

The main point was Chu Liuyue! If she were just an average cultivator, it would be fine. However, she was clearly much more outstanding than the majority!

If not, it would be impossible for her to take first place in two competitions in the Qing Jiao Competition. Besides, she was also very talented as a heavenly doctor. From the moment she produced that pill, she was already an actual heavenly doctor!

One must know that nobody in the Chu family could have such achievements in so many years!

The point which made them falter was that Chu Liuyue had the Dijing Yuan meridian and was chosen by Mu Qinghe to go to the Tianling Dynasty to cultivate!

This was such a great honor! If Chu Liuyue was still part of the Chu family, then the Chu family’s status would instantly be upgraded!

By that time, they might even replace the Si family and become the top aristocratic family, let alone save their position as one of the top four families.

How could they give up with such a huge temptation in front of them?

“…Big Brother, giving Master face, why don’t we choose one of the solutions?” said Chu Ji carefully.

Chu Ning asked, “What does that mean?”

Chu Ji glanced at Chu Xiao and awkwardly smiled. “That… it’ll be quite troublesome if we calculate everything that happened in the past one by one. Why don’t we formally apologize to you and Liuyue and give out compensation according to your wishes? To show our sincerity, why don’t we start with First Elder?”

Chu Xiao raised his brows. “Chu Ji, you want me to lower my head and apologize?!”

“Ahem, First Elder, you don’t have to be so direct with your words. Other than Master, you have the most distinguished status in the Chu family. It’ll be most convincing if we start with you, right? Just do it for the Chu family…” Chu Ji lowered his voice for the last sentence, but everyone in the crowd heard it clearly.

The crowd’s initial hesitant and worried expressions immediately disappeared.

“First Elder, Chu Ji is right. You did cause Chu Ning and his daughter to suffer quite a bit in the past. Your apology is actually necessary…”

“Yeah! You’ve already written the invitation! Didn’t we call Chu Ning back today to find a solution? It’s best if we can reduce the matter and make it disappear.”

“First Elder, didn’t you previously say that we’re all a family? Since we’re family, why can’t you just lower your head…?”

Chu Xiao was so angry that his face turned green. All these people—who are usually respectful toward me—actually turned around and betrayed me because they want to suck up to Chu Liuyue.

After a temporary pause, Chu Xiao finally sneered. “Okay! Since this is so, I’ll apologize to you!”

Chu Ning had a half-smile. “First Elder, are you apologizing or lecturing someone?”

Chu Xiao was stumped.

Someone at the side hurriedly leaned in and said, “First Elder, think of Lieutenant Mu!”

The other families didn’t even have the opportunity to suck up to Chu Liuyue! It was also an undeniable fact that Chu Liuyue had the Chu family’s blood. As long as the father-daughter duo agreed to come back, these small matters didn’t mean much!

Chu Xiao took a deep breath in. “…In the past, I did do some outrageous things and hurt you and your daughter. Now, I’ll apologize to you… Sorry!”

Chu Xiao’s body shook, and he clenched his teeth as he spurted this sentence out. He was used to throwing his weight around in the Chu family and being high and mighty, so he felt extremely disgusted and defeated to lower his head and apologize to Chu Ning, whom he had never liked.

I’ll take revenge for this later!

However, the others didn’t even care about Chu Xiao’s emotions as they looked at Chu Ning expectantly.

First Elder has already apologized and admitted his mistakes. Chu Ning should agree to come back to the Chu family, right?

But Chu Ning didn’t move under their enthusiastic gazes. He just watched Chu Xiao quietly as if he was waiting for something.

“There’s still Yue’er,” said Chu Ning coldly.

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves.

Chu Xiao suddenly recovered his senses. “You still want me to apologize to Chu Liuyue?”

Chu Ning righteously nodded. “Of course. I’m me, and Yue’er is herself. Besides, she seemed to have suffered more grievances than me in the past few years. Is it that hard for you to apologize?”

Since when was Chu Ning so hard to handle? Chu Xiao was about to go crazy. “Why didn’t you say so just now?”

Chu Ning grunted lightly, and his gaze was filled with mockery as he suddenly stood up. “It’s already so hard for you to apologize. I believe the so-called compensation is even more so. Since you don’t have much sincerity, there’s no need to continue this conversation anymore.”

He walked toward the living room. “When Master comes out of seclusion, I’ll personally explain what Yue’er and I have done to him. I believe he will understand. As for you guys… take care.”

“Hold up!” Chu Xiao finally put everything on the line when he saw that Chu Ning was really about to leave. “As long as Chu Liuyue agrees to return to the Chu family, I’ll personally apologize to her until she’s satisfied, okay?”

Chu Ning stood still, and a mocking smile appeared on his face. He turned around and looked at Chu Xiao. “No need.”

Chu Xiao was stunned. “What?”

Chu Ning chuckled, but his voice was as cold as ice, and it chilled one’s heart. “The Chu family gave birth to me and raised me up. It will definitely be a lie if I say that I don’t feel anything for the Chu family. Hence, counting whatever the Chu family has done for me in the past and Master—who is about to come out of seclusion—I can let go of all the insults and sufferings you’ve put me through in the past decade. However, Yue’er can’t.”

“I remember every single thing you did to Yue’er, and I’ll never be able to forget it for the rest of my life. Even if all of you kneel on the floor, kowtow, and apologize to Yue’er… Even if Yue’er forgives you, I can’t do it.”

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