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Chapter 323: Kill in Retaliation

Immediately after she sensed the incoming danger, Rong Zhen shouted, “Ah… Elder Meng, save me!”

The moment Elder Meng saw the white figure jump out of the water, he already noticed that something was amiss and immediately rushed forward.

He was fast, but the other party was quicker!


The sound of something scratching a surface was heard!

The next moment, Rong Zhen’s body flew back, and she fell onto the floor harshly.

The clothes in front of her chest were quickly drenched in fresh red blood.

“Fourth Princess!” Elder Meng gasped and looked up.

He saw a fit white lion in front of his eyes.

It quickly dashed out of the water and flew into the air with a superior aura around it. It was clearly an advanced fiend!

Elder Meng’s heart hung in his throat. Even if he was a stage-five warrior, it wasn’t easy to defeat such a fiend.

He wanted to go forward and save Rong Zhen, but that terrifying white lion didn’t budge a single step.

There was completely no chance if he went against it head-on.

Rong Zhen lay on the floor and kept grumbling in misery. Before she could even see what the other party looked like, she had already collapsed on the floor.

Her organs all felt as though they had squeezed into a hole. A few of her ribs had also been broken as she couldn’t move a single bit.

After her pearl of essence broke, Rong Zhen lost all her strength and couldn’t even win against an average adult man, and she was no different from a good-for-nothing. How could she withstand such a ferocious attack?

“Elder Meng… Elder Meng…” Rong Zhen’s face was as white as a sheet, and she kept vomiting blood as she struggled to get up.

But the moment she moved, the pain could take her life. She couldn’t exert strength in many parts of her body.

“Roar!” The white lion roared toward the sky.

Rong Zhen was frightened until she started shivering.

Elder Meng suddenly realized something and turned back to look at Chu Liuyue. “It’s you—”


A very sharp dagger appeared in Chu Liuyue’s hands at some point as she forcefully slashed the rope.

Elder Meng laughed in mockery. “This rope is made up of golden thread and white platinum. You’re too naive in thinking that a mere dagger can break—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Chu Liuyue’s dagger landed, and the rope immediately snapped.

The cut was very neat and tidy, and it looked as easy as ever.

Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly. “It seems like your item is just so-so.”

Elder Meng’s blood boiled as he gathered his force in his palms and struck.


A ball of intricate force headed straight for Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue tip-toed and jumped up like a sparrow. At the same time, she yelled, “Tuan Zi!”

A small red figure suddenly flashed across. Then, it went straight for that ball of force.


It charged in and was immediately swallowed by the force’s light.

Elder Meng sneered, “You don’t know your limits!”

He had long heard of Chu Liuyue’s strange blood ferret that directly swallowed Heng Jingchuo’s force. However, he was different from Heng Jingchuo.

Elder Meng was a stage-five warrior and was much more capable than Heng Jingchuo. Chu Liuyue was dreaming if she wanted to use the method she used against Heng Jingchuo on him.

But at this point, a hole suddenly appeared in the crystal ball of force.

A furry tail stuck out.

Elder Meng froze.

The next moment, he saw the force’s light suddenly shrink from the middle.

That blood ferret opened its mouth and sucked strongly. All the force became light that entered its body.

Elder Meng was entirely stunned.

“Elder Meng, save me!” Rong Zhen’s miserable cries made Elder Meng recover his senses.

He turned back and saw that the white lion had already raised its claws, slashing down harshly.


A strong gust of wind was felt.

Rong Zhen’s body flew up again, and it landed on the floor in an even more terrible way. This time, there were more bloodstains on her body, making her look even more ‘dead.’

“Fourth Princess!” Elder Meng was very anxious and hurriedly rushed over. However, he still couldn’t get near her this time.

The white lion was very strong, and it could easily stop him.

Looking at Rong Zhen’s tortured appearance, Elder Meng glared at the white lion in anger, but he shockingly discovered that Chu Liuyue was standing beside the white lion.

The key was that the white lion seemed to be very docile in front of her as her hands gently patted the lion’s head.

“Xue Xue, good job,” praised Chu Liuyue genuinely.

Ever since Rong Zhen secretly found her, she had already been planning her retaliation.

Since Rong Zhen said that she wanted Chu Liuyue to bring her over, it was just a matter of time for the plan to succeed.

She had long gotten Xue Xue to wait here and was planning to come after the Qing Jiao Competition ended. Even if Rong Zhen didn’t find her, she would go find Rong Zhen.

Hence, even though the incident today was very sudden, it was all within her control.

The ferociousness in Xue Xue’s eyes disappeared, and it became very obedient as it rubbed its face against Chu Liuyue’s palm.

“T-this is your fiend? No, impossible!” Elder Meng was shocked by the scene in front, and his entire person was unwell. Since when did Chu Liuyue have connections to such a formidable existence? Besides, it looks like the fiend really listens to her! Even if it isn’t her fiend, there doesn’t seem to be a difference!

Xue Xue looked up at Chu Liuyue and was going to ask for more praise when its gaze suddenly focused on Chu Liuyue’s neck.

Chu Liuyue followed its gaze and then touched her neck subconsciously.

The mark caused by the strangle was very obvious.

She curved her eyes. “It’s okay; it’s just some superficial injury.”

However, Xue Xue’s eyes burned with fire. Being strangled around the neck is a very humiliating thing to a fiend. It is even more so for humans! They actually treated her like that!


Xue Xue angrily roared.

When Rong Zhen heard this, she was so frightened that her entire body trembled.

She forced her eyes open and looked at Xue Xue. For some reason, she felt that this scene was familiar… Right! The advanced fiend that I met in the hunting ground previously was also white, and… the aura is clearly the same!

“Elder Meng, this white lion is the fiend that ruined my pearl of essence!” yelled Rong Zhen with a hoarse throat. “Quick! Tell Father and Mother!”

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