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Chapter 313: I Object

Chu Liuyue had never seen this man kneel down before.

To the outsiders, he was the frail Prince Li—docile and humble and had no conflicts with the world. However, Chu Liuyue knew that he was strong. Rong Xiu killed people without batting an eyelid, and he was one of the most distinguished strong warriors in the world!

This type of man would never bow down to anyone. But at this moment, he knelt down so swiftly because of her. This was just to have a legitimate marriage.

Chu Liuyue felt like something was oozing out of her heart, which made her limbs numb, and her eyes dreamy.

Her surroundings became blurred, but only that one person’s figure was increasingly clear.

He wore white, and his entire body was stained with blood. Those terrifying wounds were everywhere, and it was shocking. However, he held his head high as if he could forever hide her from the extremities of the weather.

Rong Xiu left so many wounds on his body without hesitation, but he couldn’t bear to stain her with even a tiny bit of blood.

He said: It is true that I like her.

He said: To hold one person’s hand and grow old with her for the rest of his life.

He said…

Chu Liuyue’s eyes turned red, and something hard in her heart broke silently. She suddenly recalled that if she didn’t experience that heartbreaking betrayal in her previous life and hadn’t been reborn, she would’ve never met Rong Xiu for her entire life.

If Rong Xiu was the compensation given by heaven, then she would finally and willingly accept all the pains she had suffered.

Some scars would never go away. Once one looked at them, they would remember how much they suffered back then.

But now, someone finally could give her more happiness and could refill the empty spaces one by one, giving her a safe and happy future.

This was her greatest fortune.

Rong Xiu’s words shocked everyone present.

Emperor Jiawen almost suspected that he had heard wrongly. “W-what did you say? Y-you want me to grant you a marriage between you and Liuyue?”

Rong Xiu lightly nodded, and his gaze was calm and determined. This was clearly not an impulsive decision.

Emperor Jiawen opened his mouth as he looked at the both of them with a complicated gaze. Rong Xiu is actually interested in Chu Liuyue… Even though it is surprising, it is still logical upon closer thought. In terms of looks, Chu Liuyue is definitely at the top of the country. In terms of abilities, Chu Liuyue has just taken first place in two competitions of the Qing Jiao Competition, and she is undeniably a top talent.

In terms of background, even though Chu Liuyue and her father quarreled with the Chu family, Chu Ning is currently the imperial guards’ Commander-in-Chief, while Chu Liuyue is even Ye Zhiting’s only disciple.

No matter what way one looked at it, Chu Liuyue is definitely deserving of Rong Xiu. Besides, Rong Xiu took the initiative to request it this time. All these years, Rong Xiu has never asked for anything. He only asked this one time—for a marriage!

Emperor Jiawen suddenly remembered that Rong Xiu used all sorts of reasons to reject him when he wanted Rong Xiu to choose his wife. He didn’t realize it at that point in time, but thinking back on it now, Rong Xiu probably already had this idea back then.

I actually could not tell all this while… But after the shock, an idea popped up in Emperor Jiawen’s head, and he felt that this was a decent idea. Rong Xiu should marry someone, and Chu Liuyue is very outstanding. Moreover, she can forgo the dangers ahead just to save him, so she is indeed a good choice.

His expression changed.

Rong Xiu’s sudden request for marriage shocked everyone, and they didn’t know how to react.

Quite a few women in the crowd looked disappointed and regretful.

“I didn’t expect Prince Li to like Chu Liuyue…”

“How is this surprising? After all, Chu Liuyue is very outstanding in all areas. In the past, everyone avoided her because she had offended the Chu family and the Crown Prince, but things have changed after the Qing Jiao Competition! I heard that quite a few aristocratic children proposed to her. But since Prince Li has already made a request personally, I’m afraid that the others won’t have a chance…”

“Hah, actually, other than his looks, Prince Li is not very good in other aspects. The strong rule the world. There’s nothing to want from a frail, sickly person like him.”

“Anyway, His Majesty dotes on Prince Li dearly. So what if he’s a frail, sickly person? I think some people are just being sour grapes.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Situ Xingchen—who was standing at a quiet corner—looked at the faraway scene in a daze as her hands and legs turned cold.

All sorts of discussions from the surroundings entered her ears, and they formed daggers that struck her heart.

She clearly wasn’t injured, but she felt pain all over her body for some reason. Initially, she was quite worried when she saw that Rong Xiu was heavily injured, and she wanted to go forward and comfort him later on.

But her legs now felt like they were filled with iron, and they were as heavy as ever.

She had clearly heard what Rong Xiu said earlier—He actually said that he likes Chu Liuyue! He even took the initiative to ask for her hand in marriage!

Situ Xingchen had known Rong Xiu for so many years, and she had never heard him say ‘please.’ Now, he was willing to do so for Chu Liuyue!

What’s so good about that cunning and scheming Chu Liuyue?! Situ Xingchen clenched her fists tightly and harshly shut her eyes.

Chu Ning quietly walked to Chu Liuyue and shot her a questioning gaze—What’s going on with Prince Li? Why did he suddenly ask His Majesty for your hand in marriage? Is it true when he said that he likes Yue’er? And does Yue’er like Prince Li?

Chu Ning’s gaze swept past the two of them, and he felt that his question was redundant. If there really was nothing between the both of them, why would they come out of Jiuyou Tower together? I actually didn’t notice this at all!

Emperor Jiawen looked at Rong Xiu, and many thoughts flashed across his mind. In the end, he only thought of Rong Xiu’s last sentence.

He spoke every word clearly as he asked, “Have you chosen her for sure?”

Rong Xiu nodded. “I hope you’ll fulfill my request.”

Emperor Jiawen looked at Chu Liuyue. “Liuyue, what about you?”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath. “It will be my honor.”

Emperor Jiawen kept quiet for a while and finally laughed. “Hahaha, great! Since this is so, then—”

At this point, a voice was suddenly heard from far away. “Wait! I object to this marriage!”

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