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Chapter 311: Retort

The sentence that the Empress lightly said was as if a poisonous snake had spat out shingles and was filled with venom.

Once this kind of situation was confirmed, it wasn’t something good for both Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue.

In that case, the crowd would think that Rong Xiu was a devoted person that would sacrifice everything for a woman, and Chu Liuyue would be known as a ‘femme fatale.’

No matter how much Emperor Jiawen was biased toward Rong Xiu, he couldn’t pass his kingdom to such a person. At the very least, the officials in court wouldn’t agree.

As for Chu Liuyue… it went without saying. The royal family always avoided such women like the plague.

As expected, Emperor Jiawen’s expression froze once she said that.

The situation was previously too tense, and he didn’t have the time to think about this. Now that the Empress mentioned it, he also felt that something was amiss.

“Rong Xiu, Liuyue, was what the Empress said true?” He suspiciously sized the two of them up. Thinking back closely, these two people did come out together. Did Rong Xiu really enter the tower because of Chu Liuyue?

Probably because Rong Xiu had used Ye Zhiting’s pill, but his face looked a lot better.

His pale lips moved slightly, and he forced a smile. “Father, that’s not what happened. I went in for another reason. It was just that I coincidentally met Ms. Chu inside, so we came out together.”

The Empress sneered in her heart, but she didn’t show it on the surface. Instead, she gently asked, “Oh? So it seems like it’s just a coincidence? But… why are you so injured, Prince Li? On the other hand, Ms. Chu doesn’t seem like she suffered much. People not in the know would think that you, Prince Li, were injured because you wanted to save her.”

She then glanced at Emperor Jiawen and sighed. “Luckily you have a tough life, Prince Li. If not, if you really… His Majesty would be devastated! Don’t you think so, Your Majesty?”

Emperor Jiawen’s gaze swept past Chu Liuyue, and it was filled with judgment.

The Empress’s words were logical. Anyone who saw the duo’s situation would think that it was weird.

“Speaking of it, Prince Li and Ms. Chu really have some affinity. Previously at the Crown Prince’s banquet, Prince Li seemed to take extra care of Ms. Chu.”

Emperor Jiawen knitted his brows slightly. That’s right! I remember this too. Even though it was just a small matter, it did seem weird now that I think about it.

The Empress lowered her voice and suddenly laughed. “Your Majesty, don’t mind me. I’m just casually talking about it. Prince Li didn’t spend much time in the Imperial City, so he shouldn’t be too familiar with Ms. Chu beforehand. All of these are just my conjectures. Besides, if Prince Li really likes Ms. Chu, it’s a good thing!”

However, there were no signs of happiness on Emperor Jiawen’s face.

Rong Xiu smiled warmly. “Father, I actually have to thank Ms. Chu for today. If she didn’t save me in time, I’m afraid I would’ve died in Jiuyou Tower.”

Everyone was stunned.

Emperor Jiawen couldn’t help but ask, “You’re saying that… Liuyue saved you?”

“Yeah. At that time, cough cough—” Rong Xiu clenched his fist, placed it on his lips, and coughed. “When Jiuyou Tower started collapsing, I was trapped on the sixth floor, and my injuries came from there. At that time, the sixth floor was sealed by rocks that dropped down, and I had no way of getting out. Luckily I met Ms. Chu at that time… She was the one who helped me and brought me out without regard for danger. That’s why I can see daylight again. If not…”

Rong Xiu didn’t continue speaking, but his meaning was clear enough.

Emperor Jiawen’s expression looked much warmer. “So it seems like you didn’t get injured because of her. Instead, she saved you?”

Rong Xiu slightly nodded. “Yes, Father.”

Emperor Jiawen then heaved a sigh of relief, and he looked at Chu Liuyue with a different gaze from before. “So that’s what happened! Liuyue, it seems like we really have to thank you this time around! Rong Xiu wasn’t by my side all these years. Now his body finally recovered, and he returned to the Imperial City. If something really happened… How would I explain it to Wan’er…?”

He suddenly paused in his sentence, and pain flashed across his eyes.

The Empress looked down and hid her jealousy and hatred. She then smiled nonchalantly. “Oh, so that’s what happened; I really got it wrong. I didn’t expect a thin girl like Ms. Chu to be able to save Prince Li from such a perilous situation. You’re incredible!”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. It seems like the Empress isn’t giving up. She still wants to drag me down, even though Rong Xiu has said this much. It’s a pity that such methods won’t work here.

Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly. “Ms. Chu also took first place in the Qing Jiao Competition’s warrior and Xuan Master competitions, while I am sickly all year round. Of course, I can’t compare to her in this area.”

The Empress was stumped. I actually forgot about this! Although Chu Liuyue looks thin, she has strength!

Chu Liuyue bent her knees and bowed, looking very humble. “Thank you for your praises, Her Majesty. Even though my little ability isn’t enough to impress you, it’s my honor to be able to help Prince Li a little.”

The Empress was speechless. If Chu Liuyue has ‘little’ ability, then what about the people that lost to her at the Qing Jiao Competition?

“What? Lass, you came in first at the Qing Jiao Competition?” Ye Zhiting suddenly spoke up, and he was shocked.

After he came out from his seclusion, he had been busy with Jiuyou Tower’s matters. Hence, he didn’t have the time to care about anything else.

Sun Zhongyan chuckled. “Uncle-Master, I almost forgot to tell you about this. Liuyue did come in first in two competitions!”

Ye Zhiting’s eyes widened, and he took a while to recover his senses. “What about the heavenly doctor competition?”

Chu Liuyue frankly said, “Mentor, I didn’t sign up for the heavenly doctor competition.”

“Ah?” Ye Zhiting was instantly disappointed.

Even though he knew Chu Liuyue might not even look up to the Qing Jiao Competition considering her standards, no matter what… she was his disciple.

She took first place in two competitions, but they had nothing to do with heavenly doctors… It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t disappointed.

Sun Zhongyan held in his laughter and said, “Uncle-Master, even though Liuyue didn’t sign up for the competition, she was the one who produced the pill that won first place.”

Ye Zhiting was dazed.

Sun Zhongyan briefly explained the entire incident.

“…So from a certain perspective, Liuyue also won first place for the heavenly doctor competition!” said Sun Zhongyan emotionally as he looked at the Empress with deep meaning. “And now, Tianling Dynasty’s Lieutenant Mu has already chosen Liuyue, and he has high expectations of her!”

The Empress’s body shook.

She didn’t like the person that Mu Qinghe did. Wasn’t this finding trouble for herself?

“I didn’t—” The Empress was very anxious, and she wanted to explain herself, but she realized that harping on this topic would be disadvantageous for her.

An idea popped in her mind as she suddenly thought of something and retorted, “Oh, right. There seems to be a barrier on every floor of Jiuyou Tower. Prince Li, your body is frail, so how did you go up to the sixth floor?”

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