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Chapter 297: Purgatory!

“Join!” A low but forceful voice suddenly sounded!

At the same time, the crowd saw a silver star suddenly land and cover the broken Xuan formation.

The moment the two forces made contact, they immediately merged.

The originally dim area became brighter in an instant!

The Xuan formation—which was previously dying—instantly stabilized with this injection of force.

The crowd looked over and saw a gray figure slowly walking out of nowhere.

Sun Zhongyan saw that person and was elated. “Uncle-Master!”

Who else could the incoming person be if it wasn’t Tian Lu Academy’s director, Ye Zhiting?

Ye Zhiting was still wearing that dirty, gray cotton shirt while holding a fan in his hands. Not a single force ripple was coming from but, and he looked very simple, nothing different from an average elder. However, everyone present knew that he was the strongest here!

When the many elders and students from the academy saw Ye Zhiting, they all unwittingly heaved a sigh of relief.

Cheng Han and Fu Yunshan—who were secretly observing from afar—were shocked as they didn’t expect Ye Zhiting to appear at this time.

“What a timely appearance!” said Cheng Han with clenched teeth as he shot a deadly glare at that figure.

Fu Yunshan couldn’t help but whisper, “I haven’t seen him in years, and it seems like Elder Ye has become stronger…”

Cheng Han became even more frustrated. Of course, I can see this! I originally thought that I could win against Ye Zhiting when I came to the Imperial City this time and gain back all my lost face.

Cheng Han was still pretty regretful when Ye Zhiting didn’t appear. When he later found out that Ye Zhiting had a disciple, he felt that it wasn’t bad for Situ Xingchen to win against the other party’s disciple. However, he didn’t expect Ye Zhiting’s disciple to be Chu Liuyue, who had taken first place for both the warrior competition and the Xuan Master competition!

The most regretful thing was that, in reality, even Situ Xingchen’s first place in heavenly doctor was won by Chu Liuyue!

In the end, he absolutely rued the fact that he had agreed to Chu Liuyue representing Situ Xingchen in the competition.

Originally, he was holding in a stomach full of anger, but he didn’t expect to coincidentally meet with Jiuyou Tower’s strange changes just as he was about to leave the Imperial City.

And even Ye Zhiting appeared! The most crucial point was that Ye Zhiting’s cultivation was much stronger than before!

Cheng Han could confirm that, if the two of them battled now, he still wouldn’t be Ye Zhiting’s match.

“Jiuyou Tower is in big trouble now. I don’t think they can solve it so easily,” said Cheng Han with a dark face.

Fu Yunshan was very hesitant. On the one hand, he didn’t wish to get involved in this dangerous scenario. Who knows what kind of existence lived under Jiuyou Tower?

On the other hand, he didn’t want to offend Ye Zhiting because of this.

While Fu Yunshan was being conflicted, Ye Zhiting had already walked to the broken star slowly.

Ye Zhiting waved the thin fan in his hands. Many stars then fell, drawing out a brilliant line across the sky before falling on top of the silver pestle in the middle of the Locking Heaven Formation.

The originally shaken silver pestle rapidly started spinning on its own again, exuding immense strength in all directions.

The gigantic Locking Heaven Formation looked lively again.

That black apparition seemed to feel threatened as it stopped and glared at Ye Zhiting with alertness.

It knew very clearly what kind of threat Ye Zhiting’s appearance brought to it.

The two of them stared straight at each other.

Ye Zhiting looked at it with his old and murky eyes, which were as clear as ever and were filled with suppression. “Evil beast! Don’t you dare!”

His voice landed like thunder.

The lights on top of the Locking Heaven Formation intersected with each other.

Struggle flashed across the black apparition’s bloodied eyes.

As Tian Lu Academy’s director and the silver pestle’s true owner, Ye Zhiting’s appearance naturally made the Locking Heaven Formation much stronger than before.

“Let’s go!” Ye Zhiting whipped out his fan again.

The gigantic Locking Heaven Formation started rippling like the waves at sea.


The black apparition let out a painful moan, and its entire body was instantly separated as the apparition turned into numerous black sparks, which landed everywhere!

Even the black karmic fire burning below seemed to be affected as it shrunk by quite a bit, and it didn’t continue going up.

When Sun Zhongyan and the others saw this, their anxious hearts finally calmed down.

“Uncle-Master, you’ve finally come out!” said Sun Zhongyan emotionally. If he came any later, I’m afraid the entire Locking Heaven Formation really would’ve been broken by that beast!

Ye Zhiting laughed out loud. “If I still didn’t come out, the entire academy would be destroyed by this beast!”

Sun Zhongyan lowered his head apologetically. “It’s all because I’m useless…”

“You can’t be blamed for this. The beast wanted to come out a long time ago, but it hadn’t found a suitable chance all this while. I was also on the verge of breaking through, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was my carelessness that led to what happened today.”

Ye Zhiting shook his head, and he had no intentions of reproaching Sun Zhongyan and the others.

“Then… Uncle-Master, what do you think we should do?” Sun Zhongyan hesitantly asked. That beast clearly hasn’t been taken down completely. Besides…

“Uncle-Master, Jiuyou Tower is already cracking. I’m afraid it can’t restrain the beast anymore.”

This was the even greater problem!

Ye Zhiting glanced at Jiuyou Tower and really saw a clear crack on the tower’s body.

His face immediately became serious. In that case, things are much more serious than I thought…

His gaze landed on the Locking Heaven Formation again as he thought of ways to solve the problem.

Suddenly, he focused his gaze. “There’s still someone in Jiuyou Tower?!”

Sun Zhongyan’s heartbeat quickened as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead. “Yes… Yes…”

“Who is that on the fourth floor?”

“…Seventh Prince, Prince Li.” Sun Zhongyan immediately answered as he didn’t dare to hide the truth.

Ye Zhiting knitted his brows tightly. “Why is he inside?”


Without waiting for Sun Zhongyan to reply, Ye Zhiting discovered an even more shocking thing. “There’s still someone else above the first five floors?”

Sun Zhongyan didn’t care about much at this moment and hurriedly nodded. “Yes, Liuyue is still upstairs! Can you see what floor she’s on?”

Uncle-Master was stronger than him, so he could see what was going on at the higher floors.

Upon hearing the familiar name, Ye Zhiting’s eyelids twitched. “Who did you say?”

Sun Zhongyan swallowed his saliva and lowered his voice. “…Chu Liuyue.”

I only have this one precious disciple, yet this happened! How dangerous is Jiuyou Tower now? Isn’t she courting death by going in? Ye Zhiting’s eyes turned black. “H-how did she go up?”

Sun Zhongyan was on the brink of tears. I want to know too!

Ye Zhiting was very anxious. He hurriedly gathered his focus as he stared at the Locking Heaven Formation, wanting to find out about Chu Liuyue’s current situation.

This look made his face terrible.

“I can only feel that she’s on the higher floors, but I can’t precisely feel which exact floor she is on. Right now, I only know that she’s not on the sixth floor.”

This means that she’s on the seventh floor at least! How can she go into such a purgatory?

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