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Chapter 288: Chapter 285

What happened at the palace banquet quickly spread amongst the major families of Imperial City.

Chu Liuyue also became a topic of discussion for many.

First, she took first place twice at the Qing Jiao Competition. She was then chosen to head to the Tianling Dynasty together with Mu Qinghe because she possessed the Dijing Yuan meridian.

In a few days, Chu Liuyue was famous! She had become an existence that everyone was envious of!

Commoners might not have known, but everybody of importance in the major families understood what the Tianling Dynasty represented!

Chu Liuyue’s future was limitless from here onward!

The palace banquet ended at noon, but Chu Liuyue had received quite a number of presents by nightfall.

Even without looking, she knew that those people wanted to get into her good books. Thus, she turned all of them down.

After she returned to the academy, she chose to cultivate at Jiuyou Tower, tossing the chaos of the outside world behind her.

The Chu family residence.

Chu Xiao’s expression was gloomy after he returned to the Chu family.

The servants felt like they were walking on thin ice when they saw his expression. They didn’t dare to speak.

However, such a situation was quickly broken. Countless people had been requesting a meeting since noon, and they all asked for the same thing.

“What?! Let Chu Ning and his daughter return to the Chu family again?!” Chu Xiao almost exploded when he heard the suggestion. “No way! Don’t even think about it!”

This father-daughter duo had broken away from the Chu family, and everyone in Imperial City knew that they were on opposing sides!

If they went to discuss this matter now, it would be as good as them admitting that they were conceding!

The entire Chu family would become the Imperial City’s laughing stock then!

Chu Xiao felt uncomfortable all over whenever he thought of that. Hence, he refused to agree to it!

But everyone in the Chu family—who had always done his bidding—was adamant.

“First Elder, times are different now. News of Chu Liuyue being chosen to head to the Tianling Dynasty has spread across the major families! Even if we have our differences with her, we’re still family, and the same blood courses through our veins! What can’t we get past?”

“Yeah! She’s not the good-for-nothing that she was before! She’ll definitely accomplish a lot in the future; this is a one-in-million opportunity for us!”

“First Elder, we share your considerations, but we’ll only stand to lose if we continue to oppose them! How many people will want to get into Chu Liuyue’s good books after today? She came from our family after all. As long as we seek reconciliation voluntarily, she’ll definitely give us our due…”

Chu Xiao was frustrated by all the hopeful words. He cut them off abruptly and shouted, “Quit dreaming! Don’t you know what Chu Liuyue is like?! We’re just looking to be insulted if we seek reconciliation now!”

Everyone looked at each other hesitantly. They understood that, but they didn’t have any other solutions.

Were they just going to watch such a big opportunity slip by?

What was their pride compared to the Tianling Dynasty?

They could have anything that they wanted as long as they repaired their relationship with Chu Liuyue!

“First Elder, we understand that you don’t like Chu Liuyue. However, shouldn’t you think for the entire Chu family?” said Third Elder a little coldly.

Chu Xiao’s expression was stern. “What are you trying to say?”

Third Elder smiled. “Nothing. We all know why Chu Liuyue wanted to break away from the Chu family. If we really think about it, you played a part in this. It’s nothing if things had stayed the same, but Chu Liuyue is different now. No matter what, we have an edge over others. Won’t it be a pity if we give up now?”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Chu Ning and his daughter are not unreasonable people. As long as we apologize sincerely, I’m sure we can…”

Chu Xiao was furious. “You are all insane!”

“First Elder, we’re not crazy. This is our only option now.” Third Elder was unfazed by Chu Xiao’s outburst. His expression remained unchanged. “The Chu family has been declining in recent years. We finally managed to cultivate a Chu Xianmin, but she’s basically useless now.”

“Now that we finally have a genius like Chu Liuyue, shouldn’t we grab hold of her? No matter what, she’s valued by Lieutenant Mu now. What’s wrong with giving in? It will be a lot harder for us to do this when she’s successful in the future!”

Third Elder’s words caused others to be in agreement.

Everyone was saying that they hoped Chu Xiao would apologize to Chu Ning and his daughter as their representative and invite them back into the Chu family.

Chu Xiao was frustrated. “Whatever! You can go get into Chu Liuyue’s good books all you want, but I’m not going!”

Third Elder smiled wryly. “First Elder, I wonder how the family head would see your stubbornness when he returns.”

Chu Xiao’s expression froze! He had almost forgotten about that!

The family head had been in seclusion for so long that he had already seen himself as the Chu family’s head.

Even though Third Elder’s words were unpleasant, they weren’t without reason.

He didn’t need to take the others to heart, but the family head… It would be bad for him then.

After hesitating for a while, Chu Xiao’s expression changed multiple times before he finally agreed to it. “Send Chu Liuyue… Never mind! Send Chu Ning an invite and tell him that there’s something I would like to discuss with him!”

Chu Liuyue entered Jiuyou Tower again. Since she had broken through to stage two, she managed to enter the second floor easily.

Since the Qing Jiao Competition had just ended, not many students were there.

Chu Liuyue walked around the second floor. She found that there wasn’t much of a difference from the first floor, other than the fact that the force was stronger here.

She then randomly picked a room and began her cultivation.

Having just settled down, Chu Liuyue heard a raspy but sharp roar.

The sound grew closer and clearer, and there was increasingly strong pressure!

Chu Liuyue felt like the blood in her body was going to freeze!


It seemed like the roar had sounded by her ears, and her eardrums felt like they were going to burst!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes flew open, and she saw a pair of sharp, bloodshot eyes before her!

Fire was burning in those eyes, and the fire was everywhere!

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