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Chapter 274: Arrived!

Congratulations?! When Situ Xingchen heard that, she felt as if she had been harshly slapped.

Even though Chu Liuyue represented her in the competition and allowed Situ Xingchen to take first place, everyone clearly saw that the low-grade, fourth-grade pill was made by Chu Liuyue!

Everyone had witnessed Chu Liuyue’s outstanding talent and shocking capabilities!

At this moment, Situ Xingchen finally realized one thing: the higher the grade of the pill that Chu Liuyue produced and the better her ranking, the greater the humiliation Situ Xingchen would face.

After the Qing Jiao Competition, everyone would know the reason why Situ Xingchen could take first place in the heavenly doctor competition—it was simply because Chu Liuyue was outstanding enough.

By then, everyone’s focus would be on Chu Liuyue. Who else would care about Situ Xingchen?

All the reputation and honor will belong to Chu Liuyue in the end. What about me? I’ll just be her pitiful accompaniment. Chu Liuyue gave me this first place, but she also gave me utter humiliation.

Situ Xingchen was very regretful as her face flushed red and white, and she really wanted to disappear from this place immediately.

Elder Feng Yi surveyed his surroundings and said, “I hereby announce the first place in the heavenly doctor competition of this year’s Qing Jiao Competition… Situ Xingchen from Tai Yan Academy!”

When the low voice boomed, the large square fell into an eerie silence. This was especially for Tai Yan Academy’s crowd, who couldn’t describe how they felt.

“Eldest Princess Situ, why do you seem upset?” asked Chu Liuyue as she blinked. “Just now, I vaguely heard you say that you wanted to cancel the agreement with me? Why? Is my compensation not enough?”

Situ Xingchen’s lips trembled slightly. She’s asking the obvious! Chu Liuyue is clearly doing this on purpose!

Situ Xingchen clenched her teeth and forced a smile onto her face, but her eyes had no smiling intent. “N-no…”

Chu Liuyue has already helped me to take first place. How can I say that it’s not enough? But… I’d rather not have this first place now!

Elder Feng Yi cupped his fists toward Cheng Han and delightfully said, “Congratulations, Director Cheng Han!”

Cheng Han’s blood was stuck in his chest. Before this, he had never expected that they would take first place in the heavenly doctor competition in this manner!

But whenever he heard the word ‘congratulations,’ he felt that it was better for them not to have a ranking.

No matter what, Chu Liuyue was the one who earned their first-place ranking.

In all these years, he had never once met with such an incident that made him speechless and aggrieved!

Sun Zhongyan looked at Ji Zixing and patted his shoulders to comfort him. “Zixing, you did well this time. Even though you didn’t take first place for our academy… the strong will always be respected, and you should admit your defeat, right?”

Ji Zixing answered, “Thank you for your teachings, Elder Sun. I’ll remember it in my heart.”

Cheng Han clenched his fists tightly. Sun Zhongyan was clearly scolding me when he talked to Ji Zixing! Every single word of his is filled with sarcasm, but I can’t rebut at all!

Zuo Rong and Xuan Cang looked at each other with complicated gazes.

After some time, Zuo Rong couldn’t help but slap his head. He felt that it was aching as he muttered, “I knew it… This girl was indeed hiding her abilities.”

She must’ve purposely acted very clumsy the previous time. To think that we really thought she wasn’t good at refining medicine!

Xuan Cang was even more embarrassed. I was the one who looked down on Chu Liuyue the most, but I didn’t expect…

After keeping quiet for a while, Xuan Cang said, “No wonder Director was willing to accept her as his disciple.”

I’m afraid there won’t be a second person with such talent in the entire Country Yao Chen, right?

Zuo Rong quickly set his thoughts aside and clapped his hands. “Hehe, why should we think so much? Previously, that girl had purposely hidden her abilities, and many people couldn’t tell. It wasn’t only us, right? Pft, I heard that Liuyue had tortured the Chu family quite a bit, but it seems like nothing much now. When news regarding the Qing Jiao Competition spreads… Haha!”

Previously, the Chu family’s members might feel slight regret, but not heart-wrenching pain when Chu Liuyue enrolled into Tian Lu Academy.

After all, the Chu family still had Chu Xianmin—who was considered one of the stronger ones in the academy.

However, it was different now. Chu Liuyue had taken first place in both the warrior competition and Xuan Master competition.

Strictly speaking, she had also taken first place in the heavenly doctor competition.

This kind of genius had never appeared in Country Yao Chen’s history before!

Even if one thought with their feet, they would know what Chu Liuyue’s displayed talent meant!

As long as no accidents happened, Chu Liuyue would definitely have a bright future ahead of her as a top fighter!

This was actually the most lethal blow for the Chu family.

When the three events in the Qing Jiao Competition finally ended, it was followed by each event’s prize presentation ceremony.

Situ Xingchen didn’t remember how she accepted the so-called ‘first place’ because her entire person was numb, and her brain was in a mess.

In comparison, Chu Liuyue wasn’t affected at all.

The judges gave her two Cosmic Bags.

Sun Zhongyan laughed and said, “Liuyue, these two Cosmic Bags are your rewards for winning the warrior competition and the Xuan Master competition. You can take a look at the items inside.”

Noises of envy could be heard from the crowd.

Just these two Cosmic Bags were already very valuable, let alone the other treasures inside.

Chu Liuyue simply checked the Cosmic Bags and realized that the treasures included a valuable Xuan formation drawing, some decent-standard warrior skills, and an intermediate-grade fiend’s pearl of essence.

Her lips curved up into a bright smile. “Thank you, Elder Sun.”

Seeing her calm look, Elder Sun nodded in satisfaction.

Many good things were stored in the Cosmic Bags, yet Chu Liuyue could actually be so calm. This proved that she was truly composed, and it made the academy proud.

Of course, the most important things were her talent and capabilities.

“There’s something else other than this. You can choose to enter any one of the three academies and read the books in their library for a month for free. I already asked you about this a few days ago, and you said that you had to think. Do you have your answer now?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Elder Sun, I’ve thought about it. I want to go to… Tai Yan Academy!”

Everyone was shocked when Chu Liuyue said this. Even though Tai Yan Academy was also one of the choices, it was obvious that Chu Liuyue had thoroughly offended their entire academy.

If she really went there, she would just be causing trouble for herself.

Even Cheng Han couldn’t help but ask, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Chu Liuyue’s facial expression didn’t change. She needed to investigate Heng Jingchuo and Yang Jianqing personally, and this was the best chance. “Why? Could it be that Director Cheng Han doesn’t welcome me over?”

Cheng Han sneered and slowly said, “Why wouldn’t we? We welcome you with open arms.”

Chu Liuyue pretended not to hear the threat in his words as she smiled happily. “Thank you.”

Emperor Jiawen finally spoke. “Liuyue, you—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Eunuch Min hurriedly came over and anxiously said, “Your Majesty!”

Emperor Jiawen unhappily asked, “Why are you so anxious?”

Eunuch Min hurriedly knelt down and presented a letter. “Please forgive me, Your Majesty! I have something to report: Tianling Dynasty’s envoy is already within 20 miles of the Imperial City, and he’ll reach here very soon!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart harshly shook as she raised her head to take a look.

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