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Chapter 259: Last Day!

Chu Liuyue followed Chu Ning home.

Even though Chu Ning was very happy about Chu Liuyue participating in the warrior and Xuan Master competitions consecutively, he also felt his heart ache for her. Thus, he did not ask anything else after he went home and saw the faint green color under Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

“Yue’er, you’ve been so tired the past few days. You should rest well today.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm as she knew that Chu Ning had a bunch of questions for her, but he still swallowed them down.

“Father, many things have happened in the past few days. When the Qing Jiao Competition ends, I’ll tell you what happened in detail. But you don’t need to worry. Yesterday’s incident will never happen again,” said Chu Liuyue as she took out something from her Cosmic Bag and handed it to Chu Ning.

Chu Ning took the object and was shocked upon taking a closer look. “This is… Sky Compass?”

It was a palm-sized black compass that looked like it was not made from stone nor wood. It was cold to touch, and there was a tiny silver needle on it, which glistened under the light.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Second Master Yan previously sent many gifts over, and one of them was a pair of Sky Compasses. I have kept one for myself, and I planned to give the other to you, but I didn’t have the time to. I’ll give it to you now.”

Chu Ning asked hesitantly, “This item… seems to be pretty expensive, right?”

Chu Liuyue smiled helplessly. How should I tell Chu Ning that this is already considered ordinary amongst the gifts Second Master Yan sent me?

There were even more extravagant gifts that she did not dare tell Chu Ning about. If she did, according to Chu Ning’s personality, he would definitely find ways to return the favor.

“Don’t worry. Second Master Yan and I are on good terms, so it’s not overboard if I accept this Sky Compass. Next time, just remember to bring this along with you. Within a certain range, you can use it to find me. This way, you’ll be more relaxed, right?”

Chu Ning repeatedly nodded. Even though he didn’t know how Yue’er knew Second Master Yan, it was a good thing after all.

He had interacted with Yan Ge several times in the past, and he could tell that Second Master Yan was genuine toward Yue’er. The most important point was that he really wanted this item.

“That’s good.” Chu Ning sighed and carefully put away the Sky Compass. “Thank Second Master Yan again when you have the chance in the future.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in agreement and talked to Chu Ning for a while longer before going to rest.

These past few days, she had always been tense. She finally relaxed when she lay on her bed, and tiredness crept up to her uncontrollably.

She quickly fell into a deep sleep.

However, Chu Ning kept tossing and turning in bed as countless thoughts popped up in his mind. He could only forcefully sleep after a long time had passed.

That night, everyone from Tian Lu Academy was in a good mood.

Chu Liuyue had taken first place twice continuously and could be considered as bringing honor to them.

Tian Lu Academy had not had such results in many years, so they were naturally over the moon. However, the people from the other two academies felt defeated.

Not only did they lose one competition, but they had lost both so far!

However, this was not the most important thing. To Nan Feng Academy’s people, Xi Wanwan’s actions in the square today had utterly tarnished their reputation.

As for Tai Yan Academy… They had always been the most glorious academy in the past few competitions. Now that their two first places had been snatched away from them, they felt very disappointed.

Chu Liuyue had also won so thoroughly that others could not even doubt her.

When Cheng Han returned to the inn, he planned to talk to Situ Xingchen about the last day’s competition, but he shockingly discovered that she had not returned yet.

After asking around, he then found out that Situ Xingchen did not even return to the inn after leaving Jia Nan Square.

She was clearly the one who left first! Cheng Han could not help but be worried and anxious when he did not see her around. During the Qing Jiao Competition, people from all walks of life are in the Imperial City. Who knows what will happen to Situ Xingchen if she’s out alone?

Just as he was about to send people out to find Situ Xingchen, he finally saw her come back.

Cheng Han heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly went up to her. “Xingchen, where did you go alone?”

The tears on Situ Xingchen’s face had already been wiped away, so nobody could tell that there was anything wrong with her.

She smiled apologetically in her usual gentle manner. “Mentor, I was just walking around the Imperial City. Don’t worry about me.”

Seeing that she looked normal, Cheng Han was assured since he really thought that Situ Xingchen just walked around to make herself feel better.

“That’s great! That’s great! Tomorrow is the last day of the Qing Jiao Competition; it’s also the most crowded day. All kinds of people might show up, so you must be careful.”

Disgust flashed across Situ Xingchen’s eyes when she recalled the three men, but she did not let Cheng Han notice anything as she lightly nodded. “You’re right, Mentor.”

Cheng Han said calmly, “Tomorrow’s heavenly doctor competition is the most important event of this Qing Jiao Competition. No matter what happened before, our trip is worth it as long as you can take first place!”

“Of course, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I’ve already asked around, and there are less than 100 people participating in this year’s heavenly doctor competition. Out of these people, not more than three people can be your match. As long as you perform as per normal, it won’t pose any problem.”

Situ Xingchen had heard similar words countless times. In the past, she did not pay much attention to such words. However, her mentality was now different from before after experiencing all the setbacks today.

Something seemed to be stuck in her chest, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

As long as she took first place in the heavenly doctor competition, she could truly and completely prove to Rong Xiu that she was much better than Chu Liuyue.

“Don’t worry, Mentor. I definitely will come in first place tomorrow.”

This sentence stunned Cheng Han. He knew very clearly what kind of person his disciple was.

Even though Situ Xingchen wanted to take first place previously, her desire was not as strong… Besides, it seems like she desperately wants to take first place!

After some thinking, Cheng Han secretly guessed that it had to do with Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue, but he did not ask about them in detail. It’s a good thing that Situ Xingchen desperately wants to take first place!

“Okay! Practice the things I taught you earlier, and we’ll wait for tomorrow to come!”

The last day of the Qing Jiao Competition.

Before the competition started, Jia Nan Square was already bursting with people.

The past few days were considered crowded, but it was still lacking in comparison to today’s turnout.

After all, heavenly doctors had the highest status compared to warriors and Xuan Masters.

In many ordinary people’s eyes, it was normally hard for them to see a heavenly doctor as heavenly doctors were thought to be very distinguished.

It was very rare to see so many heavenly doctors competing during the Qing Jiao Competition.

Besides, they had a prize presentation ceremony on the last day, which was also one of the highlights that attracted more people over.

But Chu Liuyue did not sign up for the heavenly doctor competition, so she had lazily slept at home. She arrived at Jia Nan Square late—when the heavenly doctor competition was just about to start.

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