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Chapter 243: Here to compete!

Tian Lu Academy sank into silence. The others noticed it, and they began to chatter.

“I didn’t expect Tian Lu Academy to be left with only one new student! I think they won’t end up with anything!”

“We don’t know for sure! I heard that Si Ting is the Si family’s Eldest Young Master and has always been a talented Xuan Master. Maybe he’ll make a comeback.”

“I think it’s tough! Can’t you see that he still hasn’t solved the fourth Xuan formation yet? Sheng Yiming and Su Bai are almost done!”

At this moment, Si Ting calmly put a chess piece down!


A fourth star lit up on the stone platform before him!

The crowd was silenced as if they did not expect Si Ting to solve the fourth Xuan formation at this moment!

Alongside Sheng Yiming and Su Bai, he was now in the top three!

Sun Zhongyan sighed. As Si Ting’s mentor, he knew how much potential his student had.

Si Ting had intentionally concealed his ability earlier, but it now seemed like he was going for the number one position!

Having entered the last stage, Si Ting was calm. However, the others around him were a little surprised.

Sheng Yiming and Su Bai could not help but look back a little stiffly. It seems like we underestimated Si Ting…

Xi Wanwan—who was at the side—furrowed her brows, and her expression turned cold. She had been confident of herself, but she did not expect a new student to beat her to it!

She could not help but speak up. “I couldn’t tell before, but you’re quite strong.”

Si Ting glanced at her expressionlessly and nodded. “Thank you.”

He then retracted his gaze and looked towards the chessboard.

The last Xuan formation was much tougher than the others, so it would be difficult to solve if he did not concentrate.

After seeing his reaction, Xi Wanwan was upset. She felt that Si Ting was looking down on her. He’s just ahead by a little! What’s he so arrogant for?!

Xi Wanwan was upset, but she did not show it. What was more important was solving the fourth Xuan formation…

But the more nervous she was, the more difficult it was for her to find the solution.

Sheng Yiming and Su Bai were fine since they were famous, but it would be embarrassing for her to lose to a new student.

I was ahead of Si Ting earlier! Xi Wanwan felt frustrated, but she saw that Si Ting was already laying pieces down as if he were attempting to solve the final Xuan formation.

Xi Wanwan glanced at Sheng Yiming, only to discover that he was staring at the chessboard hesitantly. She then bit her lip. It’s fine if I lose, but… Sheng Yiming has been waiting too long for this day.

Sheng Yiming and Su Bai seemed to have noticed Si Ting’s actions, and they looked at him again.

Their expressions changed when they saw Si Ting calmly put the chess pieces in place. They were all Xuan Masters, so they could tell if the other person was faking it.

Si Ting is actually this strong?!

Su Bai laughed as he tried to place some pieces down. He then muttered, “How interesting…”

Sheng Yiming and Xi Wanwan glanced at each other and saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

Xi Wanwan pursed her lips. Sheng Yiming cannot lose…

She looked down and stared at the chessboard, but she found everything before her eyes a jumbled mess. She held her breath and rubbed her glabella. She knew she had reached her limit.

In this condition, she would only pass out if she tried to solve the Xuan formation forcibly.

She would be forced to drop out. She could not continue on in this state…

At this thought, Xi Wanwan gritted her teeth and stood up! “I drop out!”

Her voice was especially clear in the square.

Everyone looked over in surprise. Wasn’t Xi Wanwan a hopeful before? Why did she drop out at such a crucial moment?

The referee teacher asked, “Xi Wanwan, are you sure? It’s as good as voluntarily dropping out once you say this. Hence, you can take back your decision.”

She nodded firmly. “I’m sure.”

With that, she headed for the arena’s exit. When she walked past Si Ting, her hand moved ever so slightly.

Her movement was very discreet, and her hands were hidden in her sleeves. Hence, nobody noticed it.

Si Ting—who was focused on solving the formation—sensed that something was amiss and raised his hand, but it was too late!

A transparent thread landed on the chessboard.

The instant it landed on the board, it disappeared completely!

The lines on the chessboard suddenly changed!

In the next instant, Si Ting saw all the pieces on the board fly up and scatter everywhere.


The originally tidy chessboard was a mess!

The crowd was stunned!

The chessboard fell apart itself? This usually only happens when a severe mistake is made!

Si Ting was doing fine just now, so why did things become like this in an instant?

Si Ting stood up and turned towards Xi Wanwan, his voice cold and angry. “Xi Wanwan!”

Xi Wanwan was already at the edge of the arena. Her heart skipped a beat, but she remained expressionless as she turned to look at him. “What’s the matter?”

Si Ting clenched his fists. “You purposely destroyed my Xuan formation!”

Xi Wanwan looked at him blankly. “What are you saying? Why don’t I understand anything? Si Ting, you can’t say whatever you want. How can you blame me for your inability to solve it? Do you have proof?”

Si Ting’s face turned colder. That thing will never leave a trace!

All his attention was on the Xuan formation earlier, which gave Xi Wanwan the chance to do such a thing. Most importantly, he did not expect her to strike in public!

Fu Yunshan frowned unhappily. “Exactly. You need to back up your accusations with evidence. You can’t go around wronging people like this.”

Si Ting clenched his fists gradually.

Sheng Yiming looked up and glanced at Si Ting, a gleeful expression flashing across his eyes.

Su Bai narrowed his eyes and deeply stared at Xi Wanwan, but he did not say anything.

Xi Wanwan tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled. “I know you’re Tian Lu Academy’s last hope, and you really want to win. But you can’t wrongfully accuse me because of this, right? Didn’t I voluntarily drop out too?”

She handed her tag to the refereeing teacher casually, but her voice was mocking. “There’s no one left in your academy…”

“Who says there’s no one left in Tian Lu Academy?” A bright voice reverberated through Jia Nan Square.

Sun Zhongyan and the others were stunned. They then turned around in surprise!

A slender figure stood at the entrance to Jia Nan Square!

“Tian Lu Academy’s Chu Liuyue is here to compete!”

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