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Chapter 242: The Last Person

Situ Xingchen hesitantly said, “It can’t be… She even activated a fourth-level black Xuan formation crystal… She shouldn’t be too bad if she showed up for the competition.”

Cheng Han thought otherwise. “All your attention is on cultivating as a heavenly doctor, so you naturally don’t know the tricks of Xuan Masters. Even though her black Xuan formation crystal contains a fourth-level Xuan formation, one does not have to be a stage-four Xuan Master to activate it.”

“You need to understand that those things are made to be easily activated during battles. It isn’t that hard to activate them! That Chu Liuyue is just a stage-two Xuan Master; she only managed to become the top warrior because she used unorthodox means!”

Cheng Han was referring to Chu Liuyue’s blood ferret when he said ‘unorthodox means.’

After an entire day of pondering, Cheng Han still could not figure out why that blood ferret could consume Heng Jingchuo’s force whole.

Something was off! To him, Chu Liuyue did not come in first because of her own ability! Therefore, he still despised Chu Liuyue.

“There were too many variables in the one-on-one competition yesterday. But the Xuan Master competition is different. One’s ability is clear for all to see!”

Situ Xingchen nodded. From her point of view, she agreed with Cheng Han’s opinion.

But Tian Lu Academy’s reaction doesn’t seem right. Did something really happen to Chu Liuyue? Situ Xingchen curiously stared for a while, but it was difficult for her to ask about it in public.

Then again…

Something else bothered her. After the competition ended yesterday, she sent someone to get information on Prince Li Mansion. However, the mansion was heavily guarded, so she did not manage to get any information.

She felt a little disappointed, but she knew it was normal given that person’s personality. Besides, this was the Imperial City, so she had to be extra careful.

Thankfully, there was news about Prince Li Mansion going around in the Imperial City. Hence, she managed to get some information. But she was even more surprised after she heard the rumors.

That person had barely left his mansion since he returned to the Imperial City a month ago. The only time he left his mansion was when he took part in the Crown Prince—Rong Jin’s birthday banquet.

The most important thing was that he seemed to have helped Chu Liuyue out at the banquet…

Rumors were usually exaggerated. People outside the palace usually didn’t know what was going on inside, so nobody actually knew what truly happened.

From the bottom of her heart, Situ Xingchen did not want to believe it. She treated it as idle gossip made up by people.

Based on that person’s personality, there is no way he would help her out of the blue. Even if he did help her, there has to be another reason behind his actions. After all, Chu Liuyue was still Rong Jin’s fiancée then. He would never take another look at such a woman.

This was the only way Situ Xingchen could comfort herself.

But another matter had caught her attention.

He actually went to Tian Lu Academy. On the surface, he said that it was to pay respect to his mother, but he hasn’t done that in all these years. There is probably another reason behind his sudden decision.

She wondered what had caught his attention in Tian Lu Academy. Situ Xingchen had many questions in her heart, and she wanted to ask him those questions in person. However, he seemed to be away from the Imperial City these two days.

She wondered if she would be able to meet him before the Qing Jiao Competition ended…

Time passed quickly, and it was already the afternoon.

The competition was down to the last four hours.

In the arena, the Xuan Masters who had not solved the first and second Xuan formations became increasingly nervous.

At this point, the competing Xuan Masters would only have hope of solving the final two Xuan formations in the final four hours if they had solved the first three. Those who had not done so could be confirmed as eliminated.


Someone fainted in the arena.

Sun Zhongyan took a glance and instructed the refereeing teacher to bring the person down as he shook his head.

Forcibly solving the Xuan formations will only hurt yourself. In reality, this happens in the arena every year. But no matter what we say, there will be people who won’t listen. However, Xuan Masters aren’t like warriors. This discipline relies more on one’s talent and ability. Without either, one will not make any progress, even if they study Xuan formations day and night.

The truth was cruel, but there was nothing that could be done.

Finally, someone stood up in the dead silent arena.

“Nan Feng Academy’s Su Bai quits.” His face was pale, and he could barely stand. He clearly could not hold on any longer.

The stone platform in front of him only had one star lit up.

The refereeing teacher took Su Bai’s wooden card back and comforted him before sending him down.

The teenager’s face was gloomy. He stared at the card for a long while before he turned and left.

The crowd did not look down on him either. At most, they sighed.

“Only one in a thousand can become Xuan Masters. It’s a pity that only a handful can become top-class Xuan Masters.”

“There are always stronger people out there.”

“Xuan Masters truly rely on talent heavily…”

The first person to quit seemed to have set a precedent. Soon, others followed.

By the time there were only three hours left on the clock, half the contestants had left the arena.

The people still in the arena were either truly talented or clinging on for their dear life.


The stone platform before Sheng Yiming was the first to have four stars lit! He was the first to solve four Xuan formations and enter the last stage!

Everyone in Nan Feng Academy was excited. Even Fu Yunshan tugged at his beard and revealed a content smile. Sheng Yiming is the academy’s hope of coming in first, and he clearly did not disappoint. As long as he keeps things up, he will definitely take first place!

Without a doubt, Sheng Yiming’s activation of the last stage added pressure onto the others.

A few more quit. Very soon, only a handful of people were left.

Following Sheng Yiming, Tai Yan Academy’s Su Bai caught up.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the two. If everything proceeded as expected, one of the two would be the final winner!

The atmosphere over at Tian Lu Academy’s side was a little stiff. This was because nobody had broken through to the last stage!

Suddenly, someone fainted in the arena again.

Sun Zhongyan frowned.

It was a rather outstanding Xuan Master student from their academy. Perhaps they were too anxious, which resulted in forces clashing within their body. It then led to the person fainting.

Their only hope left in the arena was Si Ting!

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