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Chapter 239: Only One Answer in My Entire Life

We should stop, thought Rong Xiu to himself. If not, I might really do something else.

But Chu Liuyue’s lips were very soft and sweet, which caused him to lose control. He had waited for this day for too long.

A little while longer, and another while. Rong Xiu held Chu Liuyue’s waist tightly, and he could feel something being suppressed, even with the clothes separating them.

The young girl in his arms gradually softened into a ball, and he could pinch or rub her any way he liked.

She belonged to him—only him.

Chu Liuyue gradually sensed Rong Xiu’s aura had become dangerous. Her instincts told her that continuing would not be a good idea, so she willingly moved back and tilted her head to lean on his shoulders.

Rong Xiu’s hands caressed her waist, and they felt slightly itchy.

After taking a deep breath, Rong Xiu finally suppressed his inner urge. His voice was scarily hoarse. “The next time this happens…”

Chu Liuyue blinked and purposely said, “The next time this happens, what?”

Rong Xiu looked at her with deep meaning, and his eyes seemed to be filled with comets that would burn at any moment. “Of course… I’ll welcome it.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. As expected, it isn’t a wise choice to compete being thick-skinned with some people.

However, given Rong Xiu’s current behavior, she really did not dare to continue seducing him. Hence, she quietly held his hands.

Rong Xiu’s chin leaned against her soft hair. Then, he met with her eyes and seriously said, “You haven’t told me if this answer was right.”

His eyes looked as calm as water, but his voice was slightly nervous.

Chu Liuyue had never imagined that the formidable Rong Xiu would be nervous as well.

Rong Xiu waited for her reply.

What exactly is my position in his heart? Why does it make him so careful and meticulous when he begs for a reply?

Chu Liuyue determinedly stared at him, and many scenes flashed across her mind.

The surprise when I met him by the lake for the first time.

The shock when I saw him again at the banquet.

The touching moment at Wan Ling Mountain…

Every scene flashed across her mind, and everything finally disappeared, leaving an increasingly clear demonic appearance.

Actually, she had always acted differently toward Rong Xiu, but she was never willing to admit it due to various reasons. However, after she thought about it, she knew they were just unimportant reasons.

Even if she was once painstakingly hurt, it was in her previous life.

A person was now willing to embrace her new life and give her warm and hopeful expectations.

Chu Liuyue stood on her toes and landed a kiss on his lips.

Rong Xiu’s eyes shrunk slightly, but they were filled with millions of fireworks.

“Rong Xiu.” Chu Liuyue looked up at him and spoke in an equally stern manner. “For me, there’s only one question in my entire life, and it has only one answer. There’s no room for betrayals or regrets, do you understand?”

Her voice was very calm, but her eyes contained too many emotions. Her terrible past would forever be her scar. She could never endure a second betrayal.

Rong Xiu’s heart felt like it was being squeezed, and it hurt. His thin lips opened after a moment of silence, and he softly said, “What a coincidence. Me too.”

He held her hands tightly and looked her straight in the eyes. “When we go back, I’ll go to your residence and propose to you.”

Chu Liuyue became dazed, and she instinctively asked, “So fast?”

Rong Xiu raised his brows. “Is it very fast? But I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

As long as he did not bring her back, he would never have a good night’s sleep.

Chu Liuyue wanted to say something, but her heart skipped a beat when she looked up and saw his gaze. “… Okay.”

For some reason, she was always very docile when facing Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu did not dare to touch her again because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He could only compromise and kiss her brows.

“I…” He wanted to say something, but he suddenly stopped and leaned on Chu Liuyue’s shoulders.

Chu Liuyue turned around and realized that Rong Xiu’s face was especially white; it seemed like he had fainted.

“Rong Xiu?”

The fourth day of the Qing Jiao Competition.

The three-day-long warrior competition had finally ended, and the Xuan Master students from the three academies were very excited. They all planned to get a good ranking in today’s Xuan Master competition.

Different from the previous few days, the competitors all participated in the Xuan Master competition at the same time.

The large competition venue had been equally cut up into small squares.

A chessboard was placed within every square. On the chessboard were five Xuan formations.

Whoever could solve the five Xuan formations in the shortest time possible would take first place.

One look across the square, and one would see many people already seated in the competition venue, waiting for the competition to start. However, there was a commotion on Tian Lu Academy’s side.

“Liuyue isn’t here yet?” asked Bai Chen as he furrowed his brows.

Mu Hongyu shook her head, also feeling very anxious. “When we went to look for her this morning, she wasn’t in her lodging anymore. Initially, we thought that she had come over first, but we didn’t think that we wouldn’t find her here. I already told Cen Hu to go back—”

Mu Hongyu turned around and glanced at the entrance as she was speaking, coincidentally seeing Cen Hu rushing back while panting. However, Chu Liuyue was not behind him.

Mu Hongyu’s heart sank, but she still hurriedly went forward and asked, “Where’s Liuyue? Have you found her?”

Cen Hu held his knee with one hand and hurriedly waved his other while gasping. “N-no! I can’t find her, even after looking everywhere.”

Mu Hongyu was silent for a while, and she suddenly thought of something. “What about Jiuyou Tower? Have you looked for her there? She usually likes to cultivate there. Did she forget to come out?”

Cen Hu shook his head. “I’ve already asked around, but she didn’t go there yesterday nor today.”

Bai Chen thought for a while and muttered uncertainly, “Did she go home because she was exhausted from yesterday?”

Si Yang—who was at the side—could not help but interrupt. “That shouldn’t be so! Yesterday, Chu Liuyue said that she would definitely participate in today’s Xuan Master competition. Why would she suddenly not join?”

Even if she had used up quite a bit of her energy from yesterday’s competition, Chu Liuyue had always been an outstanding Xuan Master, and she was very capable. As long as she participated in the competition, her ranking would not be a low one.

Why would she suddenly go missing?

“Students who haven’t arrived at the competition venue, please hurry up! The competition is about to start!” yelled the judge from afar.

Sun Zhongyan walked over. “Liuyue isn’t here yet?”

The few of them looked at each other and shook their heads.

Sun Zhongyan faintly felt uneasy. He remembered that Chu Liuyue had returned to the academy yesterday, so why was she missing now?

I did not detect any strange changes within the academy since yesterday. If Chu Liuyue had exited through the academy’s entrance, the teacher on duty would’ve definitely noticed it. However…

Did something really happen to her? After all, she had offended quite a few people in the past few days… But this is ultimately the Imperial City. It is the Qing Jiao Competition’s competition venue, so people won’t be stupid enough to make a move on Chu Liuyue now.

Sun Zhongyan thought for a while and said, “Let’s ignore the Xuan Master competition first. It’s more important to find her. Bai Chen, take some people with you and search around the academy. Also, send a few people to ask around in the Imperial City and see if they can find any clues. Lastly, inform Lord Chu Ning.”


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