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Chapter 234: Under the Lake!

“Where is he?” asked Chu Liuyue immediately.

Xue Xue wailed and lay down.

Chu Liuyue immediately realized that Xue Xue wanted to take her there. However…

“Your wound…”

Xue Xue shook its head and looked up at her yearningly.

Chu Liuyue was determined, and she took out a herb from her Cosmic Bag. “This is a ground spirit herb, and it can stop your bleeding. Use this first.”

Then, she swiftly crushed the herb and placed it on Xue Xue’s wound.

The original wound—which revealed Xue Xue’s bones—started to heal rapidly at an observable speed.

Chu Liuyue finally relaxed a little and jumped onto Xue Xue’s back.

Xue Xue’s shoulders were suddenly heavy, and it turned around to see that Tuan Zi had followed them too.

“Let’s go!” Chu Liuyue lightly patted Xue Xue’s head. Xue Xue then lunged forward and jumped out of the window.

In the night sky, one human and two fiends’ figures went straight outside.

When Chu Liuyue passed by the academy’s barrier, she was slightly worried. However, Xue Xue seemed not to care about it. When Xue Xue got near the barrier, silver light suddenly spread around its body, covering Chu Liuyue as well.

Chu Liuyue immediately felt like her aura was isolated and hidden as she made it through the barrier without causing any changes to it.

Very quickly, they had completely left the academy campus and went towards the west.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw that Tian Lu Academy’s outline gradually disappeared into the night sky.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and discovered that Xue Xue was very fast even though it was injured.

Xue Xue indeed is an advanced fiend. Even though it is injured, it still has strong combat power. However, what kind of trouble is Rong Xiu in, which made Xue Xue injured as well…? There doesn’t seem to be another fiend stronger than Xue Xue in the Imperial City, or even in the entire Country Yao Chen.

As for Rong Xiu, his capabilities are so strong that I didn’t even know its limits. So who is fighting him?

At this point, Chu Liuyue completely did not think about how she couldn’t help Rong Xiu much with her current abilities since Rong Xiu was dealing with a problem that even he couldn’t solve. All she was thinking about was to get there even faster and sooner.

Rong Xiu was in trouble, and she definitely could not just sit and watch.

She could not do it.

Very soon, Chu Liuyue realized that Xue Xue had already brought her out of the Imperial City’s city gate.

She looked even more serious. When Rong Xiu said he was going to leave, he did not specify where he was going. Now, it seems like he is indeed outside the Imperial City.

Xue Xue went toward the woods outside the Imperial City.

Using the moonlight, Chu Liuyue gradually started to find the view in front of her increasingly familiar. This forest… seems to be where I was reborn! This is also the forest where the original owner was brought out to be killed!

After passing through the lush greenery, Xue Xue finally flew toward a location below them.

When they landed on the ground, Chu Liuyue looked up seriously and saw the sparkling lake.

With the current moonlight and a thin layer of white mist above the lake, the lake looked extra peaceful and quiet.

This is… the place where I first met Rong Xiu!

“Xue Xue, why did you bring me here?” Chu Liuyue jumped down from Xue Xue’s body and quickly surveyed her surroundings. However, she did not see Rong Xiu anywhere. “Where’s your master?”

Not only was Rong Xiu not here, but there also wasn’t a single person in the surroundings apart from her.

Xue Xue whined and walked toward the lake before stopping beside it. It looked at the lake water somewhat anxiously.

Chu Liuyue looked over dazedly and suddenly recovered her senses. “Do you mean that Rong Xiu is in the lake?”

Xue Xue nodded as its paws kept scratching the ground in panic.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. Rong Xiu was indeed here when I first met him, and he did say that this was his territory. However, Xue Xue actually says that Rong Xiu is underneath the lake…

The lake looked very calm. Only the immense force above the lake made it seem different from other ordinary lakes.

Chu Liuyue walked over and hesitantly looked at the lake surface. “He’s… underneath…”

Suddenly, her gaze focused. When the white mist gradually dissipated, she saw lines of silver light underneath the clear water.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately jumped down to take a look.

The same scenery could be seen underneath the distant lake.

The lights appeared faint, and the water wasn’t very clear. Together with the mist above the lake, it would be even harder to identify it.

If one did not stand closer to take a look, they would definitely not detect this strange phenomenon.

Chu Liuyue focused her gaze, and her eyes gradually widened. The intersecting pattern really looks like…

“Transportation formation?” gasped Chu Liuyue in shock. I never expected a transportation formation to be hidden under this lake. If I didn’t see it wrongly, this transportation formation is also pretty advanced.

As she stared at the intersecting lights below her, Chu Liuyue could vaguely feel the suppression coming from the transportation formation.

She did not speak for some time. Rong Xiu actually hid a transportation formation here!

Chu Liuyue discovered that she had still underestimated Rong Xiu.

This transportation formation requires three fifth-stage Xuan Masters to build at least! There are only a few fifth-grade Xuan Masters in Country Yao Chen. What exactly is Rong Xiu…

When countless thoughts flashed across her mind, Xue Xue suddenly went forward and touched Chu Liuyue’s knees.

Chu Liuyue looked down at it and seemingly felt something in her heart. Rong Xiu… is probably at the place where this transportation formation leads to!

“We can find Rong Xiu if we go down from here, right?”

Xue Xue nodded again, and it looked increasingly panicky.

Chu Liuyue became determined as she hugged Tuan Zi and jumped down. “Let’s go!”

When Chu Liuyue jumped into the lake, she saw the mist fading away in all directions. The transportation formation also shone brightly as it quickly enveloped her.

The lake water instinctively moved away.

Chu Liuyue then realized that the transportation formation’s light had formed a barrier around her body, protecting her perfectly. Thus, the surrounding lake water avoided her.

Chu Liuyue looked at the silver barrier surrounding her weirdly. Why does this transportation formation automatically protect me…?

It was not like Chu Liuyue had never seen a transportation formation before; she had even built a few of her own, so she understood these things a little better.

The biggest use of a typical transportation formation was to connect two spaces and allow people to travel from one place to another conveniently and rapidly.

Within a transportation formation, there would usually be violent energy holes since it connects two empty spaces. Thus, it could be dangerous when one traveled through a transportation formation.

In order to avoid this trouble, people would sometimes set up some small mechanisms when building a transportation formation. For example, when a certain person passes through the transportation formation, the formation would detect their aura and automatically form a barrier to protect the person.

However, I never knew this place had a transportation formation, let alone use it before. Why did this still happen? This question flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind.

The next moment, she felt a strong force suddenly pulling her body down.

All of her surroundings immediately darkened.

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