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Chapter 233: He’s in Trouble!

The Empress didn’t look too good since she didn’t expect Rong Jin to ask this first. Chu Xianmin also lowered her head, hiding the emotions in her eyes.

The Empress patted Rong Jin’s arm. “Jin’er, you’ve just woken up, and your body is still very weak. Let’s talk about this later, okay?”

But Rong Jin was still slightly dazed. Actually, he had already woken up earlier and had heard most of the conversation between Mr. Zuo Rong and his mother.

Even though he did not remember what happened, he heard a few keywords clearly.

Heng Jingchuo… Seven Coldness Poison… Chu Liuyue…

After seeing his mother’s reaction, he knew that whatever Zuo Rong said was true!

Rong Jin’s heart was overwhelmed in no time. Initially, he felt humiliated when Chu Liuyue rejected his invitation. But he did not expect Chu Liuyu to stand up and save him at the critical moment.

If it weren’t for her, my life would probably… The image of the young girl’s cold attitude appeared in front of him again. For some reason, his anger—which arose from being offended—had suddenly disappeared, and it was replaced by an indescribable, complicated feeling.

She… is indeed different from others…

Rong Jin could not help but tightly grab his mother’s arm and anxiously say, “Mother, I have a request to beg of you, and I hope that you’ll approve of it!”

The Empress was shocked.

Rong Jin had been the Crown Prince for many years, and he rarely used such a tone to beg her. Rong Jin was her son in the end, so she felt her heart ache.

Her tone was much gentler than before. “Jin’er, there’s nothing to beg for between mother and son. Just say what you want to do.”

Rong Jin looked at her and clearly pronounced every word as he said, “I wish to marry Chu Liuyue as my Crown Princess.”

The smile on the Empress’s face froze.

Chu Xianmin hurriedly raised her head, but she immediately looked down again. She secretly clutched her sleeves and clenched her teeth tightly.

The Empress’s voice was slightly cold. “Jin’er, you still have a fever, and your mind isn’t very clear. We can talk about this when you’ve recovered.”

She then got up to leave. However, Rong Jin was very persistent.

“Mother! I’ve already made up my mind! If you don’t agree to my request, I’ll go and ask Father instead.”

“Are you crazy?” The Empress finally could not hold herself back and abruptly raised her voice. “Don’t forget your identity! You’re the Crown Prince!”

How can the Crown Prince go back on his words? When Chu Liuyue was still a good-for-nothing, he dissolved the marriage agreement with her. Even though this move was widely criticized, it was still logical. After all, how can the Crown Princess be a useless good-for-nothing?

However, Rong Jin actually said that he wants to marry Chu Liuyue again? What will other people think of him? What will His Majesty think? This is ridiculous!

But Rong Jin did not seem to heed her advice, and he clenched his teeth. “I only like her. If I can’t marry her, I won’t marry anyone else!”

“You!” The Empress nearly fainted out of anger. What’s so good about that Chu Liuyue? There are so many good girls in the world, so why is Rong Jin suddenly so obsessed with her? How exactly did she charm Rong Jin?

But after seeing Rong Jin’s firm attitude, the Empress did not dare to reject him flatly. She could only say, “I’ll think about this again. At the very least, we have to wait until the Qing Jiao Competition ends.”

Rong Jin also knew that he had gone overboard by making this request suddenly, so he did not force her. Upon seeing how his mother was more relaxed about it, Rong Jin did not pursue the matter. “I’ll thank you first then, Mother.”

The Empress looked at him with deep meaning before turning around with her thin brows furrowed.

Zuo Rong—who was forced to listen to this at the side—felt very awkward and found a reason to leave.

Very quickly, only Rong Jin and Chu Xianmin were left in the room.

Rong Jin lay back down on the bed and looked at the mesh above his head, feeling dazed.

Things related to Chu Liuyue kept playing back in his mind.

Thinking about it closely, even though they had a marriage agreement for so many years, the two of them did not interact much. Now that Rong Jin wanted to recall some memories, he realized that it was the same few things over and over again.

Rong Jin was slightly disappointed, but he felt elated upon thinking about how Chu Liuyue saved his life.

As long as she is not engaged, then nobody can fight with me in the entire Imperial City. Thinking of this, Rong Jin looked at Chu Xianmin and anxiously asked, “Oh, yes. Minmin, weren’t you very close to Liuyue in the past? You should know what she likes, right? What kind of accessories does she like? What does she like to do in her free time? Quickly, tell me!”

Chu Xianmin almost sneered. What a joke! The Crown Prince—who once avoided Chu Liuyue as if she were a snake—wants to marry her again. He even asked me what Chu Liuyue likes? He has never been so nice to me before! He really doesn’t consider me at all when he asked all of this.

Chu Xianmin suppressed the jealousy and anger in her heart and lightly said, “Your Highness, you should rest first. I will tell you about these in detail another time.”

Rong Jin then relaxed and fell into a deep sleep after nagging for a while.

Chu Xianmin looked at him coldly and revealed a mocking smile after a while.

Chu Liuyue directly returned to her lodgings.

On the second floor, she almost habitually walked to the window and looked at Yi Feng Courtyard.

Quite a few leaves had fallen in the yard, but there was nobody on the rattan chair. It looked very miserable.

It seems like Rong Xiu hasn’t returned yet. Chu Liuyue slightly furrowed her brows and hid the vague disappointment in her heart. Upon thinking about it more, Rong Xiu has only left for three days.

But Chu Liuyue still could not get used to it. It felt like something was hanging onto her, and it did not feel good.

Chu Liuyue quietly stood there before planning to close the window.

A figure suddenly appeared in the night sky.

Chu Liuyue noticed the figure and looked up. Her eyes widened. “Xue Xue?”


Xue Xue directly jumped through the window and landed in Chu Liuyue’s arms.

Chu Liuyue staggered backward, nearly falling onto the floor. “Xue Xue, why are you here—”

Before she could finish her sentence, she smelled an intense bloody scent.

Chu Liuyue’s expression suddenly changed, and she hurriedly held Xue Xue up. With the moonlight, she saw a deep wound on Xue Xue’s body—which reached its bones.

As her blood boiled, Chu Liuyue anxiously asked, “What happened? Who did this to you?”

No wonder Xue Xue directly pounced on me when it came in! It wasn’t trying to get close to me. It’s because it was too injured and could not control itself!

Xue Xue’s aura was very weak, and its messy appearance made it seem like it had just experienced a terrifying battle.

After hearing Chu Liuyue’s voice, a low wail came out of Xue Xue’s throat. Its icy-blue eyes stared at Chu Liuyue anxiously and miserably.

Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something. “Where’s your master?”

Xue Xue bit her clothes and dragged her outside.

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank. Rong Xiu’s in trouble!

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