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Chapter 226: Final Battle!

There was an uproar!

Nobody expected Rong Jin to be eliminated in this manner!

Up until that point, both Situ Ziyue and Rong Jin—the most promising candidates this year—had been eliminated.

Rong Jin only came to his senses after he heard the crowd. He then realized that he had been pushed out of the arena!

He had lost!

Rong Jin’s mind was blank! He had never imagined losing to Heng Jingchuo! Little did he expect to fall out of the top five!

His failure in this round sealed his fate of not surpassing his result from the previous year! He tried to prop himself up, but he realized that he did not have any force in his body. He looked up in shock but saw that Heng Jingchuo had returned to his former, harmless-looking self.

“You let me win, Crown Prince Rong Jin.” Heng Jingchuo said this with a smile, but he had a rather high and mighty attitude.

There was a hint of mockery in his expression. It was as if he were saying Rong Jin’s ability was only that much!

The burning rage in Rong Jin drove him mad. “You…”

Rong Jin spat out blood just as he was about to speak; he then collapsed to the ground. His organs seemed to be enveloped by cold air, which seemed to be spreading!

His body stiffened, and his mind turned cloudy before he blacked out.

“Go bring him back,” said Sun Zhongyan with a frown.

Soon, someone hurried forward and helped Rong Jin up.

Noticing that Rong Jin had passed out, Sun Zhongyan hurried forward. After checking on the former, Sun Zhongyan frowned.

Even though they had predicted that Heng Jingchuo would win, Rong Jin shouldn’t have been so weak that he would pass out.

But after examining Rong Jin, everything seemed normal.

He quietly glanced at Heng Jingchuo, but he saw that the latter had returned to his seat and looked rather normal.

“Xuan Cang, come take a look.”

Xuan Cang went forward, checked Rong Jin’s pulse, and examined him. He then shook his head. “He has been feeling down and passed out due to the trauma of losing the match. It’s nothing big.”

Everyone eyed one another, at a loss for words. Everyone had heard that Rong Jin had been grounded by His Majesty a while back.

He only managed to come out because of the Qing Jiao Competition. He was counting on it to redeem himself, but little did he expect…

This string of events was enough to drive anyone crazy.

Sun Zhongyan nodded, feeling a little calmer. “That’s good. Bring him back first and get Zuo Rong to take care of him.”

Xuan Cang was a little hesitant. “In that case, isn’t that as good as giving up the later matches…”

“How can he fight like this? Besides, is there a point in continuing at this point?” Sun Zhongyan sighed.

As the Crown Prince, Rong Jin had been rather prideful. He was aiming to be the top warrior, but he couldn’t even rank in the top five now.

Forcibly continuing in the competition was just a waste of time.

Bai Chen coughed and said softly, “Yeah. See? Situ Ziyue can’t continue either.”

Even though Tai Yan Academy had not said anything, Situ Ziyue was clearly in no state to continue.

In that case, it was not as embarrassing since both sides faced the same situation.

Xuan Cang and the others did not have anything else to say.

Just like that, Rong Jin was quickly brought away.

Chu Liuyue took a good look when they walked past her. That’s not right. Even though Rong Jin is petty, he has great capability. Heng Jingchuo is of the same cultivation stage as him, so how did Rong Jin end up fainting in the end?

“Liuyue, what are you looking at?”

The golden mane bear cub crawled out of Mu Hongyu’s arms. She chased after it and saw Chu Liuyue staring in the direction that Rong Jin left in.

She widened her eyes in disbelief. “You’re not worried about Rong Jin, are you?!”

Chu Liuyue speechlessly looked at her. “What are you thinking?”

She was just worried about herself.

Rong Jin’s behavior is rather strange… Something is off with that Heng Jingchuo!

Mu Hongyu patted her chest. “I thought so! You’re not blind! But then again, that Heng Jingchuo seems rather strong. If the two of you meet in the arena… you can win, right?”

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze. “I’ve got to try before I know.”

After the first round, a new ranking was released.

Chu Liuyue ranked first, followed by Heng Jingchuo, Xiao Wenling, Xi Wanwan, and Su Tingfeng.

Sun Zhongyan said loudly, “The rankings for the first round are out! If anyone isn’t happy with their rankings, you can continue challenging opponents! If there are no challengers, the current ranking will be the final ranking for the Qing Jiao Competition!

He glanced around, looking at Chu Liuyue and the others.”If anyone wants to challenge, step forward now!”

The whole arena was silent.

Everyone looked toward the candidates curiously, guessing who would continue to challenge.

At this stage, each battle would be a bloody one, but the glory of coming in first was alluring!

Chu Liuyue was at the center of attention! Without a doubt, her position was extremely tempting!

Finally, someone stepped forward!

Sensing something, Chu Liuyue looked up and met a smiling face.

Even though the face was smiling, the smile did not reach the person’s eyes. Instead, they were filled with ambition!

“Tian Lu Academy’s Heng Jingchuo challenges Tian Lu Academy’s Chu Liuyue!”

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