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2109 Not Around

Yi Zhao, who had just arrived outside the Sky-Cloud Empire, was shocked. He quickly turned his head and looked in the direction of the commotion.

In the distant sky, a ripple suddenly appeared on the light screen that fell from the sky.

As this ripple moved, the energy in the world was also greatly affected and surged!


It was like a surging tide. When it fell into his ears, it shocked him.

Deep shock flashed across Yi Zhao’s eyes as he said in disbelief, “This is—”

Suddenly, the void not far away rippled, and a figure walked out.

Yi Zhao immediately looked at the person warily. When he saw the other party’s face clearly, his expression froze.

Miao Zhen rushed over and didn’t expect to bump into an acquaintance.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment. The atmosphere was a little strange.

The relationship between the two ancient legendary fiend clans, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and the great phoenix dragon clan, had always been very subtle.

In all aspects, these two clans were on equal footing, but they were both extremely proud. There were all kinds of comparisons between in public and in secret.

But because Chu Liuyue had contracted Tuan Zi and Zi Chen, these two clans were involved again. Therefore, it was still a little awkward when they met now.

However, Miao Zhen was strong-willed. He was the first to react and greeted him with a smile. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, I didn’t expect to meet you here. What a coincidence!”

Yi Zhao looked at him expressionlessly and said bluntly, “Unfortunately, we’re all here to look for someone in the Sky-Cloud Empire.”

Miao Zhen was surprised at first to be exposed. Then, he realized that something was wrong.

His expression turned serious. “Could it be—”

The two of them looked at each other again.

They were both powerful existences who had lived for a thousand years. Furthermore, the two of them were extremely scheming. Therefore, with just a glance, they quickly understood something.

Miao Zhen frowned and said, “To be honest, my connection with Zi Chen has been cut.”

Yi Zhao paused. “The same goes for Tuan Zi.”

The two of them fell silent, and the air seemed to freeze at this moment.

If it were just Tuan Zi or Zi Chen who had temporarily cut off contact with them, it would be fine. But now, the two of them had disappeared together… This made people think too much.

Miao Zhen immediately said, “Go to the Sky-Cloud Empire and ask.”

With that, he was about to move when a strange sound came from afar.


He was stunned and turned to look. Only then did he see that two creases had appeared on the light screen in the distant sky for some reason.

The sound just now was the surging Heaven and Earth Force.

“How…” Miao Zhen was stunned for a moment.

Yi Zhao said in a low voice, “As you can see, another Gate Realm has been opened.”

“How is this possible!?” Miao Zhen subconsciously retorted. “The Gate Realms of the God Residence Realm appeared with the curtain of light tens of thousands of years ago. It didn’t change because of any external forces. Why is there another one now?”

The first-rate families in the God Residence Realm more or less controlled a certain number of Gate Realms. This was also a symbol of their status.

Only existences with true power and combat power could occupy a Gate Realm and be in charge of guarding it. However, the Gate Realms weren’t opened by these people—they had existed since the birth of the world!

Yi Zhao said, “We both saw it with our own eyes. No matter how impossible it is, it has already happened.”

Miao Zhen looked over in shock.

On the light screen in the distance, it was like wind blowing on a water surface, causing ripples—it was indeed forming a new Gate Realm!

Suddenly, something flashed through his mind. “It’s rumored that mysterious existences above legendary warriors can completely control a Gate Realm independently. Could it be…”

However, there hasn’t been such an expert in the God Residence Realm for 10,000 years! What is going on now?

Yi Zhao placed his hands behind his back and gradually clenched his fists. He said word by word, “The entire God Residence Realm will know about such a shocking change.”

This commotion was too huge. No matter who it was, no matter where they were.. As long as they looked up, they would immediately see this scene!

“There’s something abnormal about this Gate Realm!” Miao Zhen frowned. Tuan Zi and Zi Chen suddenly cut off all contact with us, and now this has happened right after… Although these two things seem to be unrelated on the surface, I have a feeling that there must be a connection!

Yi Zhao didn’t say anything. Actually, he had the same thoughts as Miao Zhen.

With such a thing suddenly happening, the entire God Residence Realm would probably be in chaos!

At this moment, the Sky-Cloud Empire’s barrier opened behind the two of them, and a person walked out.

The two of them turned around.

It was 36 Respected Elder Ming.

36 Respected Elder Ming bowed politely to the two of them. “I didn’t know the two of you would come. Please forgive me for not welcoming you.”

Although his seniority was very high, he was still far inferior to these two people.

36 Respected Elder Ming muttered in his heart, I don’t know what day it is today, but these two actually came together!

After receiving the news, he immediately rushed over, afraid of being negligent.

Miao Zhen went straight to the point and asked, “Where are Rong Xiu and Yue’er now?”

36 Respected Elder Ming was stunned. They are indeed here for the two of them, but why do Miao Zhen and Yi Zhao’s expressions seem a little strange…

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “His Highness and the Princess Consort have been away for a while. Previously, they only said that they were going outside the God Residence Realm, but they didn’t say the specifics…”

The two of them came and went freely. They didn’t tell 36 Respected Elder Ming in as much detail.

As expected, they aren’t in the Sky-Cloud Empire!

Miao Zhen and Yi Zhao exchanged glances. Then, they turned around and headed straight for the sky!

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