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Chu Liuyue had a bad feeling! Almost at the same time, Rong Xiu attacked again!

Within the Heaven-Locking Formation, several balls of fire exploded one after another!

Hong hong hong!

As several shocking explosions exploded, a deep gully appeared in the vast desert! But under the yellow sand was still yellow sand.

There was nothing else!

Rong Xiu frowned.

Chu Liuyue was stunned for a moment before she immediately realized that something was wrong. Tuan Zi and Zi Chen were probably taken away by the other party!

She moved her feet and headed straight for the gully below.

“Tuan Zi! Zi Chen!” As she shouted and searched, her entire body was gradually enveloped by a chill.

The connection between them and her had been forcefully severed—she couldn’t sense their existence at all. Most importantly… that strange and gloomy aura had already dissipated without a trace!

It was as if the eye in the vortex abyss had never appeared!

She stood in the deep gully, her feet covered in frost and yellow sand again because they had stopped flowing.

Other than that, there was nothing in front and behind her.

She clenched her fists and muttered softly, “He actually ran away just like that…”

Rong Xiu quickly rushed over and furrowed his brows. After checking back and forth a few times, he finally said, “It didn’t run away. It just hid.”

Chu Liuyue turned to look at him. “Really?”

Rong Xiu nodded. “Although the Heaven-Locking Formation couldn’t completely kill it, it also caused it to be severely injured. Under such circumstances, it can’t escape. Besides—”

He paused. “Besides, this is very likely where it has been for a long time. It won’t leave so easily.”

Chu Liuyue hesitated at first, but when she thought of the hand at the foot of Ling Xiao Academy’s Million Wine Mountain, she instantly believed it. What Rong Xiu said is indeed very likely. That thing is very strange, and it has probably been suppressed for many years. However…

“If that’s the case, why did Big Baby and the others ignore it and let it exist?”

Rong Xiu looked at her with a deep gaze. “You forgot that the thing at the foot of Million Wine Mountain is the same.”

Chu Liuyue instantly fell silent. Yes, if Big Baby and the others could resolve that thing directly, they would definitely not be soft-hearted. However, they didn’t. I don’t know if they have other difficulties… Moreover, Big Baby and the others haven’t given any reaction since Tuan Zi and Zi Chen disappeared.

At the thought of this, Chu Liuyue turned around and left. “I’m going to see Big Baby and the others.”

In the Red Moon Desert, the three of them were almost like dominators. Chu Liuyue didn’t believe that they knew nothing about this.

No matter why they haven’t interfered, I have to ask them personally! If they can help, it will be for the best. If they can’t… I will turn the entire Red Moon Desert upside down and find Tuan Zi and Zi Chen!

Rong Xiu’s lips moved slightly, but he stopped talking.

He knew her personality the best. Whatever she planned to do, she would never give up easily.

Moreover, everything that happened today had really stepped on her bottom line.

He stepped forward. “I’ll go with you.”

“She’s coming! She’s coming!” Diwu Zhangze was anxious. “Tuan Zi and Zi Chen have both been lost. How are we going to explain this? Big Baby, say something!”

Dugu Mobao sat cross-legged with no expression on his face. Hearing this, he only frowned slightly and said coldly, “You’re noisy.”

Diwu Zhangze pointed at his nose in disbelief. “I’m noisy? Wasn’t I forced to do this too? Big Baby, get this straight! What time is it now?! Yue’er Girlie is here to ask for an explanation. What exactly do you plan to do?!”

“Previously, you pretended to be dead. Now, you can’t still pretend to be dead, right?”

“Hello?! Are you really going to pretend that nothing happened? How can that girl be dealt with so easily?”

Lan Xiao, who was leaning against the wall, said impatiently, “Diwu, can you calm down? You’re really noisy!”

Diwu Zhangze took a deep breath. “You, you, you! Lan Xiao, are you on the same side as Big Baby now?”

Lan Xiao scoffed and turned around. “I can’t be bothered, but if he’s not in a hurry, why are you? Even if Yue’er is looking for trouble, it should be his turn first, right?”

Dugu Mobao was now the only one among the three of them who had a Holy Body!

Lan Xiao crossed his legs. “Even if the sky collapses, he has to come out and bear it first! Although he’s only so small now, it doesn’t matter. We’re underground.”

Dugu Mobao flew over and glared at him.

Lan Xiao didn’t care at all. What was wrong with telling the truth?

Diwu Zhangze could no longer be bothered with these two people. After so many years, they are still unreliable!

“Yue’er has spent a lot of effort on Tuan Zi and Zi Chen along the way. She dotes on them like they’re treasures. Now that something has happened… If she makes a fuss, no one can escape!” Diwu Zhangze was so angry that he sat down. “Let’s see what you guys can do!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a familiar voice sounded. “Big Baby!”

It was Chu Liuyue.

Dugu Mobao’s expression changed slightly.

“Big Baby, I have something to ask you! If it’s convenient for you, can you meet me?” Beside the lake, Chu Liuyue gazed at the calm lake in front of her and frowned slightly. “You—”

Before she could finish shouting, Dugu Mobao’s figure appeared in front of her again. “Say it.”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath. “Do you all know what happened just now?”

Dugu Mobao nodded his head. “I know.”

Chu Liuyue immediately said, “Then, can you help—”

“No.” Dugu Mobao interrupted her. “The three of us will never fight it head-on.”

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