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2074 How Insolent!

“I don’t have a sharp insight. Why don’t I let this Celestial Shield help me choose?” said Chu Liuyue as she placed one hand on the Celestial Shield. Then, she held her breath and focused, injecting force into it.


The next moment, a dark-blue stream of light appeared on the Celestial Shield!

The mysterious runes engraved on it seemed even more mysterious under the faint light.

Chu Liuyue waited patiently, but after half an hour, the Celestial Shield didn’t react at all.

She frowned slightly. When I was outside the door, I clearly felt a fluctuation on the Celestial Shield. Why is it now…

She waited a moment longer.

Still, nothing changed. The Celestial Shield couldn’t help her make a choice.

Tang Ke’s voice came faintly. “Girlie, you’re really smart! Unfortunately, although this Celestial Shield can sense my existence, it can’t help you make a choice. You—you should do it yourself!”

Chu Liuyue paused, and her fingers slowly swept across the runes on the Celestial Shield. Then, a deep thought flashed across her eyes. There were extremely similar patterns on the bronze door knocker, and it was definitely not a coincidence. But for some reason, the Celestial Shield seems to be suppressed by some power here.

Although this feeling was very subtle, she could still tell. Tang Ke… doesn’t seem like he wants me to use the Celestial Shield?

Countless thoughts flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind, but her expression remained calm. After a short hesitation, she finally looked up. “Okay.”

Since Tang Ke asked me to choose, I will choose by myself!

At the same time, outside the tomb.

Shangguan Jing only felt the world spinning. After about 15 minutes, the darkness around him gradually faded.

Shangguan Jing heaved a sigh of relief when his feet stepped on the ground again. Then, he immediately looked around and saw a tightly shut door.

It was the door that Chu Liuyue had opened to let them in.

At that moment, the door was locked. The bronze door knocker gently shook twice before stopping.

Everything seemed to have returned to its original state.

Various voices came from behind—it was the people who were sent out together.

At this moment, they also woke up.

Everyone looked at each other and quickly understood—they had been sent back to Messy Stone Forest by Tang Ke again!

“Are we… out? Why doesn’t Shangguan Yue seem to be here?”

“She’s going to accept Senior Tang Ke’s inheritance, so she’s naturally not here! Didn’t Senior Tang Ke say just now that he would leave only her there? When she comes out, I reckon… the entire God Residence Realm will change, right?”

This wasn’t an exaggeration.

Tang Ke was the undisputed top Armory Refinement Master in the God Residence Realm. Whoever could inherit his legacy would practically have a successful future!

With his favor, Chu Liuyue might very well break through and become an Armory Refinement Saint in the future! At that time, her status would really be different.

And the appearance of an Armory Refinement Saint could naturally change the current situation of the entire God Residence Realm!

Moreover, there was also Shangguan Jing, who was admired by Tang Ke.

Everyone present was extremely envious. “Her luck is really heaven-defying…”

However, this result was obtained from the competition. She won fair and square, so the others couldn’t say anything.

Wei Ze looked around vigilantly and suddenly realized that something was wrong. “Where’s Rong Xiu?”

The few people standing beside him were all his subordinates. They hurriedly looked around when they heard this, but after searching for a long time, they didn’t see Rong Xiu.

There were only so many people in total. As long as one took a look, one could tell who was present and who wasn’t.

Moreover, a person like Rong Xiu was too conspicuous. Even if he stood among countless people, he could still be seen at a glance.

“Family Head, he really doesn’t seem to be here…”

Wei Ze suddenly realized something. He frowned and looked at the door in shock. “He was also left inside!?”

The news that Rong Xiu didn’t come out with everyone spread quickly.

Everyone was filled with doubts. After thinking about it, they could only blame the Sharp-Edged Halberd.

After all, it was a holy weapon personally refined by Tang Ke. It was normal for Tang Ke to see Rong Xiu in a different light.

After thinking this through, Wei Ze secretly gritted his teeth and was still brooding over this matter. The Sharp-Edged Halberd originally belonged to me! If Rong Xiu hadn’t suddenly appeared and snatched it away, I would be the one left inside!

Wei Ze was furious. His blood surged, and he spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood.

“Master!” The few people beside him hurriedly came to help him up.

“Get lost!” Wei Ze pushed them away with an ugly expression and found a place to sit down alone. He then took a pill and adjusted his aura to recover from his injuries.

He looked down at his palm.

The cut from before had already scabbed over, leaving only a faint mark.

He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Thank goodness… Thank goodness I wasn’t discovered…

Shangguan Jing narrowed his eyes and sized Wei Ze up. After a while, he retracted his gaze and fell into deep thought. There is obviously something wrong with Wei Ze. It was clearly not a coincidence that Rong Xiu suddenly asked about Wei Xiping inside.

At that time, Shangguan Jing was still by Chu Liuyue’s side, so he had quite an impression of this name.

Could it be that the secret of the hammer is also related to this? Shangguan Jing rubbed the space between his eyebrows. This is clearly not a good time to ask. Everything… should wait for Yue’er and Rong Xiu to come out first.


Chu Liuyue stood in the middle, and her gaze slowly swept across the ten doors.

She couldn’t tell where Tang Ke’s voice came from, nor could she be sure which door the fluctuation on the Celestial Shield was connected to. Therefore, she could only choose blindly!

After a moment, Chu Liuyue raised her hand and pointed at the door on the left in the middle. “Senior Tang Ke, I choose this one.

“Once you make a choice, you can’t regret it. I’ll ask you again, are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Tang Ke paused for a moment and suddenly laughed. “Alright! Since you’ve made up your mind, just go forward and push the door open!”

Chu Liuyue composed herself and walked forward.

She had just taken a step when she suddenly stopped and turned to look at Rong Xiu beside her.

She remembered Tang Ke saying that Rong Xiu had the same chance after she made her choice. She wanted to know which one Rong Xiu chose.

“Why don’t you choose first, and we’ll set off together?”

Before Rong Xiu could speak, Tang Ke’s voice sounded again. “No. He can only choose after you enter.”

Chu Liuyue scrunched her nose. This famous Senior Tang Ke is indeed impressive, but he has too many rules…


Although she knew that the two of them would make different choices and that it would be very difficult for them to meet after entering, she was just a little curious.

Unexpectedly, even this wasn’t allowed.

Rong Xiu laughed and walked over to hold her hand.

His slightly calloused fingers gently slid across her palm, causing her to tremble slightly. Then, he wrapped his long arms around her and pulled her into his embrace.

A light and cold fragrance instantly surrounded Chu Liuyue.

He rested his chin on her forehead and nuzzled it gently. His voice was low. “Don’t worry. I’ll find you as soon as possible.”

Chu Liuyue subconsciously nodded, then looked up at him and smiled. “We’re choosing different doors. I’m afraid it’ll be inconvenient for you to look for me. Anyway, we should be back in the end. Why don’t we meet here?”

A dark light seemed to flash past Rong Xiu’s eyes as his scarlet lips curled up slightly. “Okay.”

He would never reject her request.

“Then, I’ll go first.” Chu Liuyue blinked, turned around, and walked toward the door she had chosen.

This place was spacious, but after devouring the lightning, her stamina had recovered a lot. Thus, she was quite fast.

Soon, she arrived in front of the door.

Taking a deep breath, she finally raised her hand and placed it on the bronze door.

It was cold to the touch, rough, and heavy.

She exerted a little force.


The door in front of her opened!

An ancient and distant aura assaulted her face. It was as if she had opened a box that had been sealed for many years.

She could even smell the scent of ancient times from it.

She looked inside and saw nothing but darkness.

No one knew what was inside.

Chu Liuyue composed herself and walked inside. Her figure quickly disappeared into the darkness.


The bronze door closed again, completely blocking Rong Xiu’s line of sight.

The huge space fell silent again.

Rong Xiu stared at the door for a while before retracting his gaze. At this moment, the gentleness in his eyes had completely disappeared.

In its place was his usual coldness and solemnity. It was as if the mountains and rivers were frozen for thousands of miles, and the cold air was awe-inspiring.

The surrounding temperature seemed to have decreased significantly. After a moment, his thin lips parted slightly. “Tang Ke. How insolent.”

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