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2059 I Don’t Want External Help

After Tang Ke finished speaking, everyone was a little stunned. This—this is a competition? It is too simple and crude!

But after thinking about it carefully, they had to admit that this was indeed an extremely effective method for Armory Refinement Masters to quickly determine the victor. This was because the difference in strength between Armory Refinement Masters was largely reflected in their ability to activate lightning.

The higher one’s level and strength, the more lightning they could withstand.

Now that there were so many lightning bolts here, it was much more convenient…

“Senior Tang Ke, may I ask if one can only participate in this competition themselves or if we can have external help?” Wei Ze suddenly spoke.

Tang Ke laughed. “Naturally, you can only participate by yourself.”

“Then… The red-gold heavenly phoenix that Shangguan Yue contracted is an ancient legendary fiend. It has an extremely strong ability to devour heavenly lightning. If this is also considered as Shangguan Yue only, will it be a little unfair to others?”

Shangguan Jing couldn’t help but scold, “Wei Ze, don’t you have any shame? Our girl has already promised not to chase you out and compete with you. Don’t you think it’s enough? If you really feel that it’s unfair, you should go and contract an ancient legendary fiend yourself! Why do you keep having designs on our Yue’er? You’re the head of the Wei family after all. How can you say such words? Are you so afraid of losing?”

Wei Ze’s face turned red.

He took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress his anger. “Senior Shangguan, I’m just telling the truth. I believe everyone present has this concern, right?”

Contract an ancient legendary fiend?

In the entire God Residence Realm, there was only one in so many years! How could they compete?

If they really counted the red-gold heavenly phoenix, there was no need for them to continue competing in this match!

Tang Ke paused and seemed to be thinking. Then, he asked, “Girlie, what do you think?”

What do I think? What else can I think? Chu Liuyue cursed in her heart. Tang Ke is really digging a hole for me to jump into, but I can only admit it now.

“Since the family head has already said so… If I don’t agree, won’t I appear to be rude and taking advantage of everyone?” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “Tuan Zi can be excluded, but I also have a request.”

“Go ahead.”

“Although Tuan Zi won’t participate in this competition, she has always liked to swallow the power of lightning to temper her muscles and bones, so… Senior Tang Ke, please let Tuan Zi continue to stay here.”

“Of course.” Tang Ke agreed without hesitation. “Wei Ze, do you have any other requests?”

Wei Ze hurriedly said, “Senior Tang Ke, there’s nothing else.”

The goal had been achieved, and that was enough.

The others nodded without a word.

After all, Tuan Zi was Chu Liuyue’s legendary fiend to begin with. If she insisted on letting Tuan Zi participate, the others wouldn’t have any self-righteous reason to retort.

Now that she had agreed not to include Tuan Zi’s results, it was already a huge compromise. If they were to continue speaking, they would feel embarrassed as well.

Without the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s help, how could Chu Liuyue be their match alone?

Even though everyone knew that Chu Liuyue was Nan Suhuai’s disciple and was an all-rounder in cultivation, her fame in the God Residence Realm was related to warrior and Xuan Master cultivation.

As for refining Yuan instruments… no one had heard of her ability before.

On the other hand, as His Grace, Rong Xiu seemed to have always occupied first place on Ling Xiao Academy’s Qing Yun Ranking of Armory Refinement Masters.

If they had the time, they might as well be more wary of Rong Xiu.

As for Chu Liuyue… Without external help, there was really no need to worry.

Tang Ke said, “Since that’s the case, let the competition begin…”

“Wait.” Before he could finish, he was suddenly interrupted by Chu Liuyue. “Senior, I have another question.”

Fortunately, Tang Ke was patient and didn’t flare up. He only asked, “Girlie, what is it?”

Chu Liuyue cupped fists and respectfully said, “I want to ask: If contracting fiends is considered external aid and cannot be counted as results, then… What about Yuan instruments?”

Yuan instruments could also trigger lightning.

Tang Ke laughed heartily. “As long as it’s yours, and you can rely on your own strength to trigger the lightning with the Yuan instrument, it naturally counts as your results!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. “Thank you, Senior.”

Soft murmurs could be heard coming from the crowd.

“That’s right! I heard that Shangguan Yue has many Yuan instruments, even holy weapons like the Heavenly Square Cauldron! With so many treasures to support her, her chances of winning will increase!”

“So what? No matter how many Yuan instruments she has, won’t she have to expend her own force to trigger the lightning? I reckon that she can’t even fully unleash the power of one Yuan instrument, let alone anything else!”

“That’s true… In this competition, the final test is still one’s talent and strength…”

Chu Liuyue’s expression was calm as if she didn’t hear these discussions at all.

Tang Ke’s voice quickly reverberated throughout the entire space. “Since you have no more questions, let the competition begin!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone dispersed and found a place.

They weren’t Tuan Zi, so they naturally couldn’t rely on their bodies to resist. The best way was to refine a Yuan instrument and trigger the lightning!

From a certain point of view, this competition was actually a competition to compare everyone’s armory refining abilities. After all, the higher the level of the Yuan instrument, the more lightning it could trigger.

Fortunately, this place was wide enough for everyone to spread out.

Tuan Zi grabbed a lightning bolt from the side and stuffed it into her mouth.

“A’Yue, do you really not need my help?” As she spoke, lightning flashed everywhere, and flames shone brightly.

Some people secretly sized it up. When they saw this scene, their mouths couldn’t help but twitch.

Hiss—it hurts just looking at her! Red-gold heavenly phoenixes… as indeed worthy of their reputation!

Seeing her like this, Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. Could it be that she was also like this in the spring on Million Wine Mountain?

“Don’t worry. Your master can still win even if she has to rely on herself!” Chu Liuyue gave her a reassuring look. “Go play by yourself first.”

Tuan Zi trusted her very much. Hearing her say this, she immediately relaxed and raised her small face with a bright smile. “Then, I’ll go!”

With that, she tapped her toes and rushed toward the place where the lightning gathered.

For a moment, crackling sounds could be heard!

Everyone watched in silence. Fortunately, Wei Ze had said that just now. Otherwise, what is there to compete for?

“Fortunately, Shangguan Yue shouldn’t be able to hold on for long…” someone in the crowd muttered softly.


The sound of a heavy object falling suddenly sounded!

The people who were preparing to work on their own were shocked. They hurriedly looked over and saw a transparent cauldron suddenly appear in front of Chu Liuyue.

“That’s… the Heavenly Square Cauldron!”

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