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2057 Proactive

Nan Suhuai chuckled and waved his hand. “I know she’s not here. I didn’t come here today to look for her.”

Thirteen was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted. Not many people know Master and His Highness have left. But Nan Suhuai is Master’s master, so it is naturally not strange for him to know this.

“Then, today you are…”

Nan Suhuai stroked his beard and smiled. “It’s nothing; I’m just done with my work here. I plan to rest today and return to the academy tomorrow.”

His only purpose for coming this time was to help Chu Liuyue gain a firm foothold in Peach Blossom Dock. Now that he had successfully completed his goal, it was time for him to return to the academy to take a look. After all, he had been away for a long time.

Thirteen was enlightened and nodded. Then, he asked hesitantly, “I see… Then, aren’t you going to wait for Master and His Highness to come back?”

Nan Suhuai had originally planned to leave, but when he heard this, he immediately felt that it was interesting.

He sized Thirteen up. “Thirteen, are you… worried about them?”

“No!” Thirteen immediately shook his head and met Nan Suhuai’s gaze that seemed to have seen through everything. He was also a little embarrassed. “This… I heard that Qinggu Slope’s Messy Stone Forest is the Wei family’s territory. If Master and the others go alone, what if…”


Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Ba suddenly walked forward and patted the back of Thirteen’s head.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft! What nonsense is Little Thirteen spouting? Master and the others are auspicious people. How can they be in danger?” As she spoke, she hurriedly put her palms together and prayed piously, “A child’s words carry no harm!”

“Eighth Sister, I’m not a child anymore…” Thirteen scratched his head. I’m now a head taller than Eighth Sister…

Xiao Ba glanced at him.

Thirteen immediately shut up obediently. It seems like Tenth Brother’s teachings are right. Almost no one among the Thirteen Yue Guards can compete with Eighth Sister. Whenever I encounter her, the best way to save my life is: Eighth Sister is right!

Nan Suhuai stroked his beard and chuckled. “Xiao Ba, Thirteen, you don’t have to worry. Nothing will happen to them this time. After all, they’re going to Tang Ke’s tomb. With His High—with Rong Xiu and Senior Shangguan around, what problem can’t be solved?”

From his tone, it seems that he is indeed very assured about this matter. Xiao Ba’s interest was instantly piqued. She leaned forward and asked, “Why are you so sure, Director Nan?”

Although Shangguan Jing and the others were powerful, Tang Ke was even more famous. Who knew what kind of traps and dangers were in Tang Ke’s tomb?

Nan Suhuai coughed and said, “This… think about it. There’s no need to talk about Senior Shangguan. Even Rong Xiu and Yue’er are extremely talented as Armory Refinement Masters. If even they can’t deal with it, there’s no need to talk about the others, right?”

Upon hearing Nan Suhuai praise her master, Xiao Ba was instantly satisfied. “That’s true… Since even you have said so, we’ll be more at ease!”

Nan Suhuai chuckled and looked at the two of them with mixed emotions.

Previously, he didn’t know much about the Thirteen Yue Guards. But this time, Chu Liuyue took down Peach Blossom Dock, and the Thirteen Yue Guards could be said to have contributed a lot.

Xiao Ba in front of him was usually very exquisite, and her makeup and dress were very particular. When she stood there, she was enchanting and could be said to be a stunner in the world.

However, she didn’t hesitate when she did things.

In order to deal with the herbs in Peach Blossom Dock, she had been busy with Shi Fang and had contributed a lot. From then on, Nan Suhuai knew that he had underestimated the abilities of the Thirteen Yue Guards.

The people chosen by Yue’er… look different and have different personalities, but in reality, they are all extremely outstanding.

It is no wonder Thirteen is unwilling to follow me to Ling Xiao Academy to cultivate. Perhaps he can learn more by following these people.

I wonder where Yue’er picked these people from… Nan Suhuai sighed in his heart and exchanged a few more pleasantries before leaving.

After he left, Xiao Ba’s body went limp. She sat down again and began to focus on picking petals.

“Thirteen.” Cen Yi’s voice suddenly came from outside.

Thirteen hurriedly turned around. “Big Brother!”

Cen Yi raised his chin. “Continue.”

“Yes!” Thirteen was already used to Cen Yi’s training. Hearing this, he hurriedly ran over.

Thirteen came to Cen Yi’s side and gazed at the latter’s calm and indifferent face. He hesitated for a moment before asking softly, “Big Brother, you don’t seem to be worried about Master and the rest…”

Cen Yi raised his eyebrows slightly. “Isn’t what Director Nan said enough?”

Thirteen was stunned. Hearing Big Brother’s words… Does he really think that with Ancestor Jing and His Grace around, Master will be safe and sound?

“Big Brother, you seem to… think of His Grace…”

With an advanced view? Appreciation? Admiration?

Thirteen was at a loss for words. Big Brother’s personality is indifferent and aloof, and very few people can catch his eye. However, it seems that from the beginning, he has been very polite to His Grace.

Cen Yi glanced at him indifferently. “It’s not too late to ask these questions after you become a true god.”

Qinggu Slope, Messy Stone Forest.

Tang Ke’s questioning voice spread throughout the entire space. With a heavy pressure, it fell heavily!

Chu Liuyue’s shoulders seemed to be pressed by something, and the blood in her body quickly surged.

Everyone subconsciously held their breaths. Is Tang Ke… going to hold Chu Liuyue accountable?

In the silence, Chu Liuyue raised her chin and raised her lips slightly. She said word by word, “Didn’t you let me in, Senior?”

Dead silence.

Many people looked at each other in surprise. What does Chu Liuyue mean? Tang Ke let her in? How is that possible?

Wei Ze couldn’t help but sneer. This Chu Liuyue really treats herself as someone important. Who does she think she is to make someone like Tang Ke do this for her?

She is really bold! Tang Ke will never let her off easily!

But just as everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was going to be punished for this, they suddenly heard hearty laughter.

“Hahahaha! You’re really smart!” Tang Ke’s voice had undisguised joy and admiration.

The atmosphere instantly changed. The tense atmosphere from before instantly dissipated!

Tang Ke’s laugh stunned everyone present. What does that mean? Could it be that… Tang Ke really took the initiative to let Chu Liuyue in? But hasn’t he always stayed here and never left? Then, how is he related to Chu Liuyue?

Hearing Tang Ke’s voice, Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved slightly, but she silently heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. I made the right bet!

The reason why I’m the only one who could open the door outside was that… this was Tang Ke’s intention! And the reason he chose me among so many people… Chu Liuyue slowly tightened her grip as a guess crossed her mind. Perhaps it has something to do with the Celestial Shield in my body!

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