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2056 Come Up

In this world, there were only a few people who could call themselves ‘Saint.’

Tang Ke, who had once refined five holy weapons, was one of them! Hence, even though she hadn’t seen the other party’s face and figure, Chu Liuyue immediately guessed his identity.

“You are… Senior Tang Ke?” Chu Liuyue tried to ask.

Even though she was already 70-80% sure, she still had to ask this question.

As soon as the two words ‘Tang Ke’ were spoken, everyone immediately stopped talking and pricked up their ears to listen attentively.

This question was exactly what they wanted to ask!

What answered Chu Liuyue was a meaningful laugh. “I didn’t expect that after 10,000 years, there would still be someone who remembers my name.”

It’s really him!

Chu Liuyue’s reaction was extremely fast. She immediately cupped fists and bowed respectfully. “Senior, I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s my fortune to meet you today!”

These words were true.

As one of the only two powerful existences in the entire God Residence Realm who had once refined holy weapons, Tang Ke was like an insurmountable mountain.

His name was deeply engraved in the hearts of every Armory Refinement Master.

Most people might not even have the chance to look at a holy weapon in their entire lives, not to mention meeting Tang Ke.

Now, the real Tang Ke actually appeared here! How could they not be excited?

Even if it was just a voice, the Armory Refinement Masters present would have no regrets!

After a short silence, Wei Ze and the others also reacted and bowed. “Greetings, Senior Tang Ke!”

Many people were so excited that their faces turned red, and even their bodies trembled. If not for the fact that they couldn’t tell where the voice came from, they would’ve kneeled down.

Tang Ke laughed and teased, “I’m only half a remnant soul now. How did you ‘see’ me?”

Everyone was speechless and looked at each other. They didn’t expect Tang Ke to say such a thing.

Chu Liuyue was also a little surprised.

She originally thought that an existence like Tang Ke should be high and mighty, sacred, and dignified. But now, she felt that it was very different from what she had expected…

“Girlie, come forward.” Tang Ke’s voice came from all directions.

No one knew which direction he was referring to, but they could all tell that he was calling Chu Liuyue.

Instantly, everyone’s gazes gathered on Chu Liuyue.

The crowd had various expressions. Surprise, doubt, uneasiness, envy…

Who didn’t want to get Tang Ke’s favor? If Tang Ke was happy, he might even impart everything he had learned in his life!

Chu Liuyue turned a blind eye to these gazes. She knew what Tang Ke meant.

“Yes,” she responded and took a step forward without hesitation.

Her feet stepped on the spot where the seal was previously.

At this moment, Chu Liuyue clearly felt a solid gaze land on her.

Her heart tightened—that was Tang Ke’s gaze! Fortunately, this gaze didn’t have any aggression.

Chu Liuyue’s expression was calm as she stood there calmly and allowed the other party to scrutinize her.

This was Tang Ke’s territory. If the other party really wanted to do something, he wouldn’t have waited until now.

“You’re young, but you’re quite bold.” Tang Ke suddenly snorted softly, his voice dignified without being angry. “Do you know what kind of crime it is to disturb me?!”

As soon as he finished speaking, countless bolts of lightning in the huge space suddenly changed directions and headed straight for Chu Liuyue.

It was as if these terrifying lightning bolts would all strike down without hesitation the next moment if she said one wrong word!

The atmosphere was tense, and it was about to erupt at any moment!

Peach Blossom Dock, Yue Manor.

In the courtyard, Xiao Ba was sitting at a stone table under the shade of a tree. In front of her was a basket of peach petals that she had just picked.

The sun shone down, and the shadows of the trees were mottled.

A gentle breeze blew over, causing the branches and leaves to sway. Specks of light flickered like stars.

It accentuated her jade-like skin, making her look beautiful and enchanting.

She picked up a petal from the basket and sized it up carefully. Then, she shook her head and revealed a slightly disdainful expression.

With a slight movement of her delicate fingers, the petal fell to the ground with the wind.

A large number of pink and white petals had already fallen by her feet.

Then, she picked up another piece.

“Eighth Sister.” Thirteen walked in from outside. His forehead was covered in sweat as he panted slightly.

It was rare for Xiao Ba to look up. “Just ran back?”


“Did Big Brother train you again?”

Thirteen nodded and smiled. “As expected, nothing can escape Eighth Sister’s eyes.”

Xiao Ba smiled smugly. “Of course.”

Although it wasn’t difficult for anyone to guess what had happened when they saw Thirteen’s current appearance, Xiao Ba had always accepted such praise.

“Eighth Sister, why did you pick these petals?” Thirteen asked curiously. During this period of time, Eighth Sister seems to be especially… relaxed.

Xiao Ba picked up a petal. “Of course, it’s for bathing in the lavender. It just snowed a few days ago, and these petals are at their most fragrant. I naturally have to hurry. Otherwise, when the snow melts, the smell will be much fainter.”

Peach blossoms in Peach Blossom Dock were different from those in other places. Xiao Ba had only discovered this recently, so she happily fiddled with these things.

“We can’t accept those that aren’t in good shape, haven’t been driven well, or have been driven too far.”

“Is this… very influential?” Thirteen was confused. In any case, they are all used for fragrance. The shape and whatnot… doesn’t seem to make any difference?

Xiao Ba shook her head mysteriously. “You’re still young and don’t understand. This thing will affect your Eighth Sister’s mood, so it’s very important.”

She had always spared no effort in such matters and had to do her best.

Thirteen nodded in a seemingly understanding manner. In any case, Eighth Sister’s words seem to make sense…

“Eh? Thirteen?” At this moment, a familiar voice came from outside the courtyard.

Xiao Ba and Thirteen looked toward the source of the sound.

“Director Nan?” The two of them were surprised.

During this period of time, Nan Suhuai had been staying in Peach Blossom Dock. However, he spent most of his time outside and rarely appeared in Yue Manor. Hence, Xiao Ba and Thirteen were very surprised to see him.

Nan Suhuai walked over.

Xiao Ba stood up and greeted him with Thirteen.

Nan Suhuai chuckled. “I just happened to pass by here. You don’t have to worry about it; just do what you need to do.”

As he spoke, he looked at Thirteen and said in surprise, “Thirteen, it’s only been such a short time. You… broke through again?”

Thirteen was already a stage-eight warrior.

Thirteen smiled shyly. “The cultivation environment here is good, so it’s naturally faster to cultivate. It’s all thanks to Master and Big Brother. By the way, are you here today to look for Master? She’s not here today.”

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