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2054 Sealed

There was an entrance not far away.

This entrance had a door that connected toward the inside, and it was pitch black.

Nobody knew what exactly was there and what it looked like.

Harsh cold air surged out from inside.

The loose strands of hair in front of Chu Liuyue’s forehead floated lightly and caused her face to itch.

She casually placed her hair behind her ears and walked forward.

“Yue’er, hold up!” Shangguan Jing hurriedly pulled her back. “This place is very strange. You have to be very careful.”

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly and patted his arm. “Don’t worry. Since I can open the door, I won’t be afraid of danger. Besides, aren’t you and Rong Xiu here?”

Shangguan Jing then relaxed slightly. Actually, upon deeper thought, Yue’er’s current combat strength isn’t too far off from mine. If she summons Tuan Zi and Zi Chen, she will have higher chances of winning. After all, she has the strength to deal with Yi Wentao…

Actually, if he came himself, he wouldn’t be this worried and anxious. It was mainly because of Chu Liuyue.

Even if he knew that she was very strong now, thinking that she was going to be in danger, he was still afraid.

Meeting Chu Liuyue’s calm and composed gaze, Shangguan Jing finally let go.

Chu Liuyue walked forward and went closer step by step.

The surrounding candlelights burned brightly, but not a single ray of light could enter the thick darkness.

The door-like entrance seemed to have an invisible barrier that split this space into two.

Chu Liuyue walked forward and stood still.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

Standing here, the faint whirring sounds became clearer. Obviously, all the noises were coming from inside!

Footsteps kept sounding from behind them. Clearly, more and more people were walking down.

Everyone’s gazes gathered on Chu Liuyue.

Dead silence.

Chu Liuyue looked determined as she lightly exhaled. She held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly in her hand before taking a step out!

Very quickly, half her body entered the darkness.

Everyone held their breaths and did not blink, terrified that they would miss something.


Footsteps were heard.

Chu Liuyue’s figure finally disappeared from the crowd’s vision completely.

Thick darkness covered her eyes.

She knew that she had passed the entrance and completely entered the strange, black space. But… the surroundings were still quiet.

Chu Liuyue could even hear her own heartbeat and breathing.

She looked left and right.

Dense darkness filled her eyes.

A light breeze came over with a slight cold intent.

The whirring sound seemed to come from all directions.

After listening closely for a while, Chu Liuyue still could not identify where it came from.

She raised her sword and wanted to summon a bright ball of fire. But the moment the red fire emerged, it rapidly extinguished.

Chu Liuyue was stunned. It’s as if… there is a force suppressing the surroundings.

A faint layer of suppression seemed to cover her.

“A’Yue, I want to come out!” Tuan Zi’s milky voice came with hints of curiosity and expectation.

Chu Liuyue was rather shocked. “Now?”

“Yeah!” Even though Tuan Zi was active, she was very obedient and knew what she should and should not do at crucial moments. It was rare for her to take the initiative to ask.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment before agreeing. “Okay, but you can’t run around. You must follow me closely, okay?”

Tuan Zi hurriedly agreed. “Mm! I listen to you the most, A’Yue!”

Chu Liuyue was then assured.

A thought flashed across her mind, and Tuan Zi’s figure immediately appeared beside her.

A layer of red-golden fire burned on her, but due to a certain force restricting it, the fire was rather weak.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly. Now that Tuan Zi has already opened the fifth meridian and is very strong… Together with her pure bloodline, her suppression can’t be underestimated. Even the previous Yi Wentao could not take advantage of her, but here, Tuan Zi’s aura is on the weaker side. I wonder what exactly is in the darkness…

Right at this moment, a strange ripple suddenly came from her body.

She was slightly stunned. This ripple came from the Celestial Shield!

Just as this thought flashed across her mind, a bright and direct ray of light suddenly poured down from above her head!

When the light reached, the surrounding darkness suddenly faded! It was as if the dust—which had accumulated for years—was suddenly wiped away, and its original appearance was slowly revealed.

All the scenery was displayed before Chu Liuyue bit by bit.

This was an extremely spacious circular space, with tall dark walls that looked extremely similar to the Celestial Shield. However, there was a very heavy copper door on the circular wall.

Above it was a spherical ceiling with a ray of light that shone down, but she could not see clearly.

Chu Liuyue was standing at the entrance of this large space.

With her in the middle, there were five doors each on her right and left.

There were a total of ten doors. The tremendous suppression came from the copper doors!

She looked at the scene before her in a daze. I never expected the inside to look like this. Is this really Tang Ke’s tomb? However, this really doesn’t seem like a tomb… Those ten doors are also very smooth without any carvings, and they look totally the same.

Other than this, there was nothing here, and it was excessively spacious.

The people outside also detected the change inside.

Rong Xiu and the rest came in one after another.

Shangguan Jing surveyed his surroundings and was taken aback. “Well…”

To think that I was so worried. Now, it seems very different from what I had expected.

He patiently waited for a while and did not discover any danger. “Yue’er, can you tell what’s going on?”

Chu Liuyue stared at the ten copper doors with much thought. “Not yet.”

She faintly felt that these doors were different, but nothing had happened now, and she could not guess.

Shangguan Jing followed her gaze and knitted his brows. “Why… are there so many doors here?”

At this point, Wei Ze and the others saw that nothing happened to Chu Liuyue and the rest, so they slowly walked in.

Hearing Shangguan Jing’s words, the crowd fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, Wei Ze’s eyes lit up. “Ten doors? During the fight between Mr. Su and Tang Ke, weren’t ten holy weapons created back then? Perhaps it matches these ten doors?”

His words immediately incurred agreement from quite a few people.

Such a guess was reasonable. If not, who would leave ten doors here?

“A’Yue, I want to go over!” Tuan Zi pulled Chu Liuyue’s hand and softly said.

Chu Liuyue looked in the direction she pointed. “You want to go to the middle?”

Tuan Zi nodded vigorously. “Yes!”

Chu Liuyue thought for a while. “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

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