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Chapter 204: Kindly Enlighten Me

Rong Zhen picked up the paper and knitted her brows upon taking a closer look at it. Rong Zhen was not familiar with the outline of the forest outside the Imperial City, so she did not know where exactly the marked location was, but it looked quite isolated…

After thinking for a while, she looked at Chu Liuyue and sneered. “Don’t think that this matter is settled. After the Qing Jiao Competition ends, you will bring me there personally.”

She was not stupid, so she would not believe in a location that Chu Liuyue casually drew for her.

Who knows if she’s telling the truth?

Chu Liuyue rubbed her wrists and looked honest. “Whatever you say, Fourth Princess.”

Upon seeing Chu Liuyue’s seemingly truthful expression and how she had agreed to go with her, Rong Zhen then believed her a little more.

She glanced at the man in black clothes. “Let’s go!”

The two of them then left together.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw the blurred figures disappearing into the night sky.

If I’m not wrong, the previous man in black used his strength to hide the duo’s aura. No wonder they dared to barge into the academy… Chu Liuyue’s gaze darkened. That person’s ability is at least that of an intermediate stage-five warrior. There aren’t many people in Country Yao Chen who have such abilities.

Someone that Rong Zhen can command…

A few suspicious names appeared in Chu Liuyue’s mind, but she could not determine that person’s identity for certain as she did not see their appearance and figure.

I should find some time to investigate this…

The happenings in the night did not attract anyone’s attention.

The next morning, Chu Liuyue went to Jia Nan Square as usual, together with the rest.

Compared to the previous day, there were even more people in the spectator stands, and the atmosphere was livelier.

The competition’s later stages were when the more exciting battles happened, so more people would come to spectate.

Once Chu Liuyue arrived, she attracted many people’s attention. Countless gazes landed on her.

She could still vaguely hear quite a few people talking about her fight with Lei Mingwei yesterday.

Mu Hongyu used her elbow to nudge Chu Liuyue. “Liuyue, you’ve become famous because of the match! Even people from Huai Cang and Xing Luo have heard of your name!”

The results of a stage-one warrior winning against a stage-four warrior would shock anyone, no matter where.

Chu Liuyue was very calm. “The competition has just started. The later battles are more important.”

“That’s true! Half of the warriors were eliminated yesterday, so the people who won yesterday will definitely be picked again. Yesterday’s match wasn’t that exciting for me, so I hope I’ll meet a more interesting opponent today!”

Mu Hongyu picked a stage-three warrior from Tai Yan Academy yesterday and had won without much effort, making her hand itch.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “You’re already a stage-four warrior now, and you naturally see the world differently. Don’t worry; the other two academies have quite a few stage-four warriors, so you definitely can have a good battle today.”

Mu Hongyu chuckled. “I have to thank you for this. If you didn’t lend me those 40 hours, I wouldn’t have broken through to the next stage so soon.”

“Hongyu! The competition is about to begin! Hurry over!” Cen Hu—who had sat down not far away—waved at Mu Hongyu.

Mu Hongyu then said, “Then, I’ll go first!”

Chu Liuyue nodded and walked in another direction. She was sitting at the Xuan Masters’ area, so she did not sit with them.

When Chu Liuyue walked over, quite a few people enthusiastically greeted her.

After the battle yesterday, Chu Liuyue was famous in the academy and had made a lot of people change their views about her. Hence, they were much friendlier toward her.

Chu Liuyue greeted them back one by one before sitting down. However, she still found it amusing. In the past, she was the Heavenly Princess and had a distinguished status. Not to mention other people, even the other princes and princesses were very respectful toward her.

Initially, she was upset because she thought they were not close to her, but she gradually understood many things later and did not force it upon them. Chu Liuyue found this kind of scenario a little unfamiliar, but she did not hate it. She even felt slightly happy.

She could feel that these people really admired her, so they treated her in this way. It seemed like the Qing Jiao Competition was a very important thing for them.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings. Tian Lu Academy looked very energetic, and Nan Feng Academy looked like they were filled with fighting spirit.

As for Tai Yan Academy… The defeated atmosphere from yesterday had unexpectedly dissipated. Even though they were not as arrogant as they were in the beginning, they looked much more motivated.

The competition very quickly started.

Suddenly, there was an uproar in the crowd.

Chu Liuyue looked over and realized that it was because someone stood up from Nan Feng Academy.

This person was an intelligent young man with a slim figure and elegant aura. He was the next student from Nan Feng Academy to compete—Jiang Yuan.

“It’s actually Jiang Yuan? He came in tenth in the warrior competition last year! I’m afraid he’ll be even stronger now!”

“I heard that he was still a stage-three warrior last year, but his combat skills surpassed that of a stage-four warrior. This year, he has broken through and become a beginner stage-four warrior. Therefore, he shouldn’t be overlooked!”

“Do you still remember the situation back then? Jiang Yuan looks very gentle and talks in a respectful manner, but he becomes another person when he enters the arena! If I meet with him…”

“I heard that he came here to take first place in the warrior competition! I wonder who will be so unlucky to compete against him…”

Hearing the chatter around her, Chu Liuyue gradually understood the situation.

No wonder everyone has such a reaction. This Jiang Yuan has the highest ranking amongst all the people that have competed since the start of the Qing Jiao Competition. Even the previous Lei Mingwei—who is an intermediate stage-four warrior—has a lower ranking than him. It proves just how strong Jiang Yuan is. One will most likely be eliminated if they fight against him.

Jiang Yuan calmly walked to the box, picked up a paper ball, and opened it. He was slightly dazed when he saw the name on it. He then smiled as he unraveled the paper ball and looked toward Tian Lu Academy.

“It seems like I’m pretty lucky to pick this year’s biggest dark horse.”

Everyone knew who he was talking about with just this sentence.

Chu Liuyue looked over and indeed saw her name clearly written on the paper. Her lips curved up slightly, and she stood up.

I’m actually the lucky one. When I picked names, I picked an intermediate stage-four warrior like Lei Mingwei. When other people pick me, they are also unpredictably strong.

Everyone saw the two of them stare at each other; they were shocked, then excited.

Nobody expected last year’s dark horse and this year’s dark horse to meet each other so quickly! Both of them had abilities that surpassed their current cultivation level, so nobody knew how it would turn out when they fought with each other.

Jiang Yuan smiled and said, “Please…”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “Then, please enlighten me.”

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