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2019 Win or Lose

He didn’t notice it at first, but he now remembered that Jun Jiuqing’s words just now were very wrong. Not many people know that Rong Xiu went to Black Demon Hole back then. In the entire God Residence Realm, most people thought that Black Demon Hole suddenly chose to hide from the world and disappeared.

Very few people knew what had happened at that time. Not only does Jun Jiuqing know about it, but he also knows about it very well! He even knows that the person from Black Demon Hole was at a critical moment and couldn’t attack!

This matter was extremely confidential. Jun Jiuqing had nothing to do with this matter, so how does he know so much?

Yi Wentao couldn’t figure it out.

He looked at Jun Jiuqing with a complicated gaze. At this moment, he realized that he didn’t know much about Jun Jiuqing.

This person… was extremely dangerous!

Jun Jiuqing didn’t answer his question. He knew a lot of things, so there was no need to tell the crippled Yi Wentao.

“Looks like I really overestimated you previously.” Jun Jiuqing smiled faintly. “It’s a miracle that the Yi family hasn’t been implicated by you for so many years. Don’t worry. The Yi family is definitely several times stronger in my hands than yours. You should continue to rest here quietly in the future.”

With that, he turned and left.

He didn’t want to talk to Yi Wentao anymore. It was obvious that he had come this time to deal with the man in black.

It was also the last way out for Yi Wentao!

Yi Wentao’s eyes were bloodshot, and he suddenly shouted, “Stop right there!”

Jun Jiuqing stopped in his tracks and turned around.


A cluster of green flames suddenly erupted from Yi Wentao’s body!

Jun Jiuqing’s pupils constricted! Yi Wentao is going to self-destruct! He is crazy!

Yi Wentao was indeed crazy.

The death of the man in black and Jun Jiuqing’s words became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

He originally thought that he still had a chance to turn the tables, but now, everything had become an illusion! Needless to say, he knew what kind of life he would lead in the future!

He was like a prisoner and was extremely lowly! He was trapped here and couldn’t see the light of day all year round—until he died!

Yi Wentao had been proud and noble all his life. How could he bear such an ending?

Since all hope was gone… He might as well perish together with Jun Jiuqing!

Although Yi Wentao was now disabled, he used to be a legendary warrior! If he forcefully self-destructed, the outcome would be unimaginable!

At such a close distance… Even if Jun Jiuqing didn’t die, he would be crippled!

Jun Jiuqing immediately attacked! However, the flames on Yi Wentao’s body spread too quickly!

Yi Wentao was determined to die, so he didn’t hold back and crazily urged the force in his body to burn.

A terrifying aura was rapidly gathering!

Jun Jiuqing knew that things weren’t good. He made a prompt decision and turned to flee!


The guarding elder forcefully knocked open the door!

“Family Head, what’s—”

The elder guarding the door was shocked. Just as he was about to ask, he felt a shadow flash past his eyes.

Before he could finish speaking, a scorching and terrifying aura suddenly surged out of the room!

A deep sense of fear surged in his heart, and he subconsciously looked inside.

Yi Wentao was on fire!

The power accumulated in every inch of his muscles, bones, and flesh was burning crazily. After all, he was once a legendary warrior who could shake a region. The power contained in his body was extremely shocking!

The elder immediately realized the danger. Yi Wentao is going to self-destruct!

Without thinking, he immediately retreated!

At this moment, he had no time to think about what had happened inside and why Yi Wentao made such a choice in the end. There was only one thought in his mind: Run!

But before he could run far, a shocking bang suddenly came from behind!

A terrifying wave of air surged over like a river!

Green flames covered the sky and covered the earth!

The elder was struck by the terrifying explosive force and flew out. He shattered into pieces in midair and was devoured by the crazily spreading green flames!

From birth to death, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Although Jun Jiuqing reacted extremely quickly and fled even further away, he was still inevitably affected by this force!

His chest shook, and he spat out blood. At this moment, his internal organs seemed to have been crushed by this force and directly exploded!

His vision turned black, and he fainted.

The commotion quickly spread.

The entire Yi family finally fell into chaos.

Chu Liuyue and the rest—who were far away from the God Residence Realm—didn’t know what had happened to the Yi family.

However, Mo Shiqian had always been in contact with Yi Wentao.

In the middle of the chaotic battle, his expression suddenly froze. Then, he gritted his teeth and said hatefully, “Useless!”

Rong Xiu heard this. He narrowed his eyes slightly and then realized what had happened.

His thin lips curled up slightly. “Looks like the Yi family has already won.”

“You!” Mo Shiqian looked up abruptly. “You did this!?”

Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly. “Two tigers can’t share one mountain. Is there a need for me to do this personally?”

If he didn’t do anything, the Yi family would turn the world upside down. After all, Yi Wentao and Jun Jiuqing weren’t easy to deal with.

Judging from Mo Shiqian’s reaction, Jun Jiuqing must’ve won. This is the same result as I had expected.

Mo Shiqian was furious.

What he hated the most was Rong Xiu’s always calm and collected appearance! It was as if nothing in this world could disturb his mind. No one could gain the slightest advantage from him!

No matter what kind of trouble he encountered, he always seemed to have victory in his grasp.

What right did he have!?

Mo Shiqian wasn’t convinced, nor was he willing to accept it.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

After the battle just now, his body was already covered in injuries and blood. However, Rong Xiu was much stronger than him.

Although he was also injured, and his body was stained with messy blood, most of it wasn’t his own blood!

A few years ago, he was unable to fight Rong Xiu because he was at a critical juncture of cultivation. He thought that after such a long time, he could finally surpass Rong Xiu, but who knew…

Things didn’t go as planned!


When he was cultivating, how could Rong Xiu’s strength not increase?! If this continued, he would probably be the one to lose in the end!

One had to know that Rong Xiu had yet to summon his Holy Body! Moreover, he also had two Holy Bodies!

On the other hand, he…

The two Holy Bodies that he had painstakingly cultivated were now entangled by Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou.

Qiang Wanzhou seemed to be the weakest, but his endurance was extremely shocking. It had been so long, but his speed and movement technique hadn’t weakened at all!

Not to mention Chu Liuyue.

Merely the Flying Cloud Painting gave him a headache.

Needless to say, she had the help of Tuan Zi, who had already opened the fifth meridian!

Moreover, she still had a trump card that she had yet to reveal!

This battle is probably dangerous… Mo Shiqian’s mind raced, and he quickly made a decision. I can’t let this continue!

“Blood Heaven Realm!”

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