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2014 Killing God

Moreover, these three people were actually one legendary warrior and two true gods!

Under normal circumstances, even if three legendary warriors fought him at the same time, he would almost certainly win. But—

Among the three of them… Other than Qiang Wanzhou, one was Chu Liuyue, and the other was Rong Xiu! These two people weren’t easy to deal with!

In a flash, Chu Liuyue’s sword aura had already landed.

Mo Shiqian couldn’t avoid it, so he was forced to fight head-on! With a flick of his wrist, the black fog around him quickly condensed into a long saber!

The long saber was solid and suffused with a dark light. It faintly glowed with a faint scarlet color, as if it had outlined some pattern.


The two of them clashed!


The sound of sharp weapons scraping against each other could be heard! For a moment, sparks flew everywhere!

The powerful force made Chu Liuyue’s thumb and index finger go numb.

She looked over and saw that the pattern on Mo Shiqian’s long knife was the totem of Black Demon Hole!

“Originally, I was still thinking about how to lure you out of Peach Blossom Dock. I didn’t expect… you to come here yourself!” Mo Shiqian smiled coldly and swung the knife!

When he moved, the surrounding space quickly distorted!

Chu Liuyue didn’t continue fighting. When Mo Shiqian’s long knife was about to swing at her, she directly used the momentum to retreat!


A black spatial crack appeared in front of Chu Liuyue.

Her gaze turned cold as the red-gold flames rapidly transformed into a gigantic red-gold heavenly phoenix!

Chu Liuyue jumped and landed on Tuan Zi’s back.


Tuan Zi flapped her wings and flew up!

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. Just now, I was just testing Mo Shiqian’s strength. He is a legendary warrior! Moreover… he has reached an advanced level!

Chu Liuyue had fought with Yi Wentao before.

In the God Residence Realm, Yi Wentao was already recognized as one of the best legendary warriors. And the Mo Shiqian in front of her was much stronger than Yi Wentao!

With her own strength, she was definitely not his match.

She used 80% of her strength in that attack just now, but she didn’t hurt Mo Shiqian at all.

That day, she was able to defeat Yi Wentao because she had the right people at the right time and the right place. However, today was different.

This was Mo Shiqian’s territory!

Just as Mo Shiqian was about to continue chasing after her, a cold wind suddenly came from behind!

He knew that something was wrong and immediately turned around!

An extremely thin golden thread flew over quickly and wrapped around the long saber in his hand!


Rong Xiu pulled his wrist, and the golden thread instantly tightened.

Mo Shiqian knew Rong Xiu’s strength. Seeing this, he let go without hesitation and threw the long knife out!


A violent explosion sounded.

It was Rong Xiu’s finger that was pressing on the golden thread, and he suddenly moved it!

The golden thread trembled. The long saber connected to it was affected by the terrifying power and instantly turned into dust!

The battle in the sky erupted.

The onlookers were all shocked.

At this moment, Dou Min’s reaction was extremely fast.

Seeing that the few of them had already started fighting, he immediately shouted sternly, “Everyone, listen up! Attack immediately and capture these three people!”

With that, he took the lead and rushed over!

Even though the sect master was powerful, it was unreasonable for him to be surrounded in his own territory.

But before he arrived, Rong Xiu waved his sleeves.


Golden flames surged out continuously like a flood, forming a huge golden barrier in the sky that surrounded the few of them!

Dou Min was instantly isolated outside.

The golden flames were resplendent and blocked everyone’s vision!

Dou Min crossed his hands in front of him, and a Xuan formation quickly gathered in front of him!


A deep tiger roar instantly spread out!

But before he could make a move, a clear phoenix cry sounded from within the barrier!


The powerful bloodline pressure from the ancient legendary fiend immediately suppressed the tiger roar of the Xuan formation!

The originally condensing apparition shattered with a bang!

When Dou Min heard the phoenix cry, he knew something was wrong. But before he could retreat, the Xuan formation had already cracked in front of him!

His face turned pale, and the thick smell of blood instantly surged into his throat!

“Red-gold heavenly phoenix?” Hong An cried out in shock.

Even though they were outside and could no longer see the scene inside, when the red-gold heavenly phoenix appeared just now, everyone present could still see it clearly.

He Ziji and the others—who were standing below—didn’t know what had happened in the God Residence Realm. It was normal for them to be shocked when they saw this scene.

However, they knew about these things!

Dou Min also regretted it endlessly. He only wanted to make up for his mistakes, but he forgot that Chu Liuyue wasn’t easy to deal with.

The one she contracted wasn’t just any red-gold heavenly phoenix, but the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress! She could defeat Yi Wentao, so she was naturally not to be underestimated!

Scorching heat came from the barrier, making Dou Min even more frightened.

After that, he tried a few more times. However, he realized that it was very difficult to even approach, let alone open this barrier.

At this moment, people rushed over one after another and surrounded the huge barrier. However, they were helpless against this barrier.

“What should we do?” someone asked.

Dou Min’s brows were tightly furrowed. “Everyone, be on guard! Seal all barriers! No one is allowed to enter or leave! Once they come out… attack immediately!”

He originally thought that everyone would work together to forcefully break the barrier from the outside. But after thinking about it carefully, he realized that this method wouldn’t work at all.

After all, the sect master was still inside! If he wasn’t careful, he would probably…

They couldn’t bear the consequences.

Now, he could only hope that the sect master could kill his way out first…

“Hall Leader Dou Min, what about those people?”

Dou Min turned around to take a look, impatience appearing on his face. “Lock them all up first!”

At a time like this, who would still be in the mood to think about these people?

“Yes, sir!” In Black Demon Hole, apart from Mo Shiqian—who was the sect master—the few hall leaders had the most right to speak.

When the incident happened, Dou Min happened to be around, so everyone subconsciously respected him.

Although there was a problem previously, it wasn’t worth mentioning compared to the current situation.

Almost no one would care. Hence, under Dou Min’s command, the entire Black Demon Hole quickly became vigilant!

With the space formed by the huge golden barrier as the center, everyone stacked on top of each other and prepared for battle!

“Hall Leader Dou Min, the sect master is fighting three people alone. Will he be alright?”

Everyone was still somewhat worried about this.

“Especially since Rong Xiu is here too…” The speaker lowered his voice.

Dou Min’s expression turned solemn as well. Forget about the others, but Rong Xiu… That is a true God of Slaughter!

A few years ago, countless people in Black Demon Hole died under his hands!

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