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2012 His Name

His pair of eyes was filled with alertness! His entire body turned tense as if he were prepared to take action at any time!

However, such actions and threats looked like nothing to Mo Shiqian.

He would not care about a stage-nine warrior. Even if this young man had forcefully resisted Dou Min’s attack, Mo Shiqian just felt that it was no big deal.

He raised his wrist slightly.

A gust of force attacked and caused Qiang Wanzhou’s wrist to turn numb, and he unknowingly let go.

The Cloud-Sky Copper Sword directly flew forward.

Qiang Wanzhou’s expression instantly turned harsh. “You—”

The moment he spoke, he felt an invisible hand clutching his neck tightly!

His voice suddenly trailed off, and his originally pale face rapidly flushed red!

The cultivation level difference between the two was too huge, and Qiang Wanzhou was injured, so he could not resist the other party. Hence, he could only watch on as the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword landed in Mo Shiqian’s hands.

Everyone fell silent.

In the entire place, the cold and solemn air seemed to be completely frozen.

Countless pairs of eyes looked at Mo Shiqian.

Shock, respect, fear, horror… All sorts of emotions filled the crowd’s hearts.

The so-called terrifying suppression even made them unable to say a single word easily.

Seeing Mo Shiqian’s movements, Chu Liuyue gradually clenched her fists.

“This aura… is rather familiar.” Mo Shiqian sized the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword up. After inspecting it a few times, he confirmed his guess.

He looked up again at Qiang Wanzhou. “You’re her person.”

This was not a question but an affirmative statement.

He did not say who the ‘her’ was, but his meaning was clearly obvious!

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other and did not speak.

However, Mo Shiqian clearly did not need his reply. I definitely wouldn’t mistake this person’s aura.

“Interesting… As expected—like master, like servant.” Mo Shiqian laughed, but his words had no laughing intent.

Chu Liuyue was not afraid of death, and the same went for the young man before him! He even directly barged in…

“Who let him in?” asked Mo Shiqian suddenly.

Hong An’s feet became jelly as he looked at Dou Min, while asking for help.

At this point, only Dou Min putting a good word in for him would allow him to have a chance of survival…

But at this point, Dou Min suddenly turned around and gazed at him with furrowed brows. “Why are you still in a daze? Didn’t you hear what Sect Master asked?!”

Hong An was dazed for a moment, and then felt as if he had fallen into an icy hole.

Dou Min already turned around, bowed, and said, “Sect Master, Hong An was completely in charge of the challenge this time.”

Hong An’s mind turned completely blank.

Dou Min still continued to talk as he had a pained and regretful expression. “…Back then, I was blind to have chosen him. I didn’t expect him to do such a thing! I was really a fool! I didn’t use my people smartly and failed my duties. Sect Master, please punish me!”

This sentence seemed to be pleading for remorse, but in actual fact, he pushed all the problems to Hong An.

Dou Min knew very clearly that this matter had blown up too big and that he definitely couldn’t escape unscathed. But at the very least, he had to protect his life!

As for Hong An…

At this point, Dou Min couldn’t even save himself. How could he care about others?

Hong An did not expect Dou Min—who had always thought highly of him—wouldn’t give him any chance at all at a crucial point, even pushing him a second time from the back!

Does he think that I’m not dying fast enough?!

At that moment, Hong An was also enraged. He immediately said, “Sect Master, please check clearly! I’m also wronged in this incident! I—”

“You did well.” Mo Shiqian was frustrated from their fighting and directly interrupted Hong An.

Even though he was resting earlier, he knew whatever happened here clearly. He knew very clearly what they were all thinking.

Now, he was in no mood to handle these things.

Hong An was suddenly dazed.

The two at the side both looked shocked.

What did the sect master say just now?

He said… I did… well?

Hong An almost thought that he had misheard the sect master, so he looked up and glanced at Mo Shiqian in disbelief.

However, he detected a warning with this glance and hurriedly lowered his head.

“Bringing them back early is a serious offense. However, I’ll just take it that you made up for your mistake with this merit.”

Mo Shiqian’s meaning was very clear: It was because of this golden-haired young man’s existence that he didn’t pursue Hong An’s mistake!

Hong An was shocked and dazed at that moment. However, he was mostly delighted from surviving a disaster! From what Sect Master said… I won’t die, and I might not even be punished?! And all of this was just because I brought that golden-haired young man back?

Dou Min instantly felt awkward.

Mo Shiqian’s sentence was undoubtedly like a harsh slap to his face! But…

What background does that golden-haired young man exactly have to let the sect master think so highly of him?!

It wasn’t just him, but almost everyone else had the same few questions.

This golden-haired young man was decently talented, but it was not to an exaggerated extent. Besides, he even wanted to attack Mo Shiqian previously.

Such a person would usually only die.

What did he have that was worth Mo Shiqian thinking so highly of him? Could it be… that sword?

Mo Shiqian kept the sword and sized Qiang Wanzhou up again.

Although this Cloud-Sky Copper Sword wasn’t considered a top-notch Yuan instrument, one could tell that a lot of effort was spent on it.

Shangguan Yue was willing to give it to the golden-haired young man, which shows their extraordinary relationship.

“She’s in the limelight now…’ Mo Shiqian muttered to himself in deep thought and lightly laughed. “If she knew that you’re in my hands, I wonder how she’d react.”

She definitely wouldn’t be in a good mood.

Qiang Wanzhou stared at the figure before him closely.

As the black mist covered Mo Shiqian, he couldn’t see the other party’s appearance clearly, only a rough outline of his figure.

He knew that the other party was extremely strong! He had not felt such a dangerous aura in too long.

Mo Shiqian asked, “What’s your name?”

Qiang Wanzhou did not speak.

“Do you think I can’t do anything to you now?” Mo Shiqian laughed. This golden-haired young man’s appearance is extremely eye-catching. Once I ask around, it won’t be hard to know his identity.

Mo Shiqian’s gaze landed on the crowd below.

The sharp and icy cold gaze was like a blade that harshly scraped past them!

Some people’s legs went jelly, and they could not stand still.

“Whoever can report this person’s name and background will receive a hefty reward from me!” said Mo Shiqian.

The crowd was dead silent, and nobody answered.

Not to mention that they didn’t know, but even if they did, they could not say it. Qiang Wanzhou had just saved their lives!

Mo Shiqian’s tone became lighter, and he said in a seemingly smiling manner, “Oh? You refuse to say it?”

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