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2011 Mo Shiqian

Up to this day, Chu Liuyue hadn’t truly seen Mo Shiqian. Even though they had fought many times beforehand, the latter had not revealed himself.

Chu Liuyue even only heard his name from Rong Xiu the whole time. However, the moment she heard this voice, she knew—

It had to be him!

Chu Liuyue held her breath in, and her heart beat intensely, as there seemed to be blood rushing in her ear.

Previously, she had already guessed that this was Black Demon Hole’s territory, but she never expected Mo Shiqian to be around! This means… Hasn’t this place already become Black Demon Hole’s main camp!?

“So they were hiding here.” Rong Xiu raised his brows and revealed a look of understanding. No wonder I did not get any results when I sent people to investigate. Mo Shiqian really has some skills to directly leave the God Residence Realm and come here! How scheming.

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue instantly understood what Rong Xiu meant, and she furrowed her brows slightly. No wonder… no wonder! A few years ago, Black Demon Hole silently hid themselves and disappeared from the God Residence Realm without a trace. Who knew… they were actually hiding outside the God Residence Realm!

In this world, who would think that they would make such a choice?

Besides, even though this was outside the God Residence Realm, this place is very close to a realm gate and has rich Heaven and Earth Force, so it is very suitable for cultivation. It is no different from the God Residence Realm.

If we didn’t come here today, we wouldn’t know when we would have discovered this!

Understanding this, a thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind.

She knew very clearly that Mo Shiqian wanted to snatch her music score. Previously, she thought that Black Demon Hole chose to go into seclusion because Rong Xiu personally went up and attacked it.

In order to avoid the blade and live on their own, they made such a decision. But now, she faintly felt that her guess seemed wrong.

“Greetings, Sect Master!” When Hong An and the rest heard this voice at that moment, their expressions changed in unison, and they hurriedly bowed.

Suddenly, the entire place quietened down.

All the hustle and bustle seemed to disappear at this very moment.

The originally maniacal violent force stopped moving.

The large space seemed to freeze.

Chu Liuyue could only hear her own heart beating intensely. Mo Shiqian’s skills… have clearly become even stronger and unpredictable!

Finally, a ball of black mist formed in midair. A large figure stood within.

The figure was faint, as if it were a ghoul’s soul.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in. That person… has to be Mo Shiqian! But the previous moment, I didn’t even see how exactly he appeared!

In the surroundings, the air was still as if it had frozen.

The moment his figure appeared, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force and space didn’t show any ripples at all!

They were still quite a distance away, but Chu Liuyue still felt that there was a rock in her chest, causing her to be unable to breathe. This person’s skills… are close to being horrific!

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue felt an extremely dangerous gaze that landed on her!

She instantly felt her hair stand on end!

She did not experience such a feeling of treading the thin line separating life and death for a long time!

At this point, a warm and thick hand held her hand slowly.

The sticky warmth kept spreading from above.

The faint cold fragrance attacked and surrounded her.

Rong Xiu… He’s still here! She looked up.

The two of them stared at each other.

The corner of Rong Xiu’s lips curled up slightly, as he gave her a reassuring gaze.

Chu Liuyue instantly felt much more secure.

No matter what danger she met and what situation she was in, he would always be by her side, protecting her all.

Chu Liuyue blinked lightly.

That gaze finally shifted from her body.

Mo Shiqian knitted his brows slightly. Could it be… That instant from earlier was just an illusion?

After retracing his thoughts, he looked up again. “I haven’t come out in a while. I didn’t expect you to give me such a ‘big present.’”

He spoke slowly, and his voice was calm with no emotions. However, this sounded like a life-and-death warning to Hong An and the rest!

Dou Min took a deep breath in and said, “It’s all because we’re useless to have disturbed you, Sect Master. Sect Master, do punish us!”

The worst scenario still happened, but there was no other choice at this point. Life and death… all depended on their master.

Mo Shiqian ignored him and just raised his hand.

Of course, when he did that, his hand was still wrapped in a layer of black mist.

The crowd could not see anything clearly.

Then, Qiang Wanzhou’s body was pulled up by the shocking force.

At this point, his ribs were broken, and he had suffered some internal injuries. His entire body was covered with bloodstains and dust.

He looked very disheveled.

He was hanging onto his last breath and looked like he was about to die at any time. However, he still held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword tightly.

“Stage-nine warrior?” Mo Shiqian’s voice suddenly had a hint of laughter. “Dou Min, you’re becoming increasingly capable.”

Dou Min’s face flashed white.

As a legendary warrior, a stage-nine warrior could still break a few of his attacks after he took action… If word got out, even he would be embarrassed!

Originally, he wanted to defend himself. But thinking that this person hated such matters the most, he just let it be and gingerly stood in his spot, awaiting his eventual outcome.

Qiang Wanzhou’s body seemed to be supported by an invisible force as he floated in midair quietly.

Mo Shiqian took a closer look at him. “Rather talented…”

Suddenly, his voice paused. “Hm?”

As if he discovered something, his finger moved slightly.

Coincidentally at this point, Qiang Wanzhou finally opened his eyes!

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