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1968 Comparing Who has More Assets?

Shangguan Jing, Nan Suhuai, and the rest all found it very strange. They knew very clearly that Chu Liuyue didn’t have a Holy Body before.

The current one… must’ve been cultivated during this period of time!

“What Holy Body is that? Brother Shangguan, why do I think that it seems different from yours?” asked Zhao Song strangely.

Since Chu Liuyue was Shangguan Yue’s descendant, with his bloodline, she should cultivate the same Holy Body as him.

Shangguan Jing shook his head. “I don’t know when Yue’er cultivated and formed her Holy Body. Besides, she’s very talented. Perhaps she chose a Holy Body most suitable for herself.”

Zhao Song nodded with deep thoughts. This makes sense. Every cultivator’s physique and talent are different. Even if cultivators are from the same clan, they might choose different Holy Bodies to cultivate.

Shangguan Jing took a closer look for a while and didn’t recognize what exactly Chu Liuyue’s Holy Body was. He couldn’t help but turn around to glance at Nan Suhuai and softly ask, “Director Nan, do you recognize Yue’er’s Holy Body?”

He was very experienced but didn’t recognize it.

Even though Nan Suhuai was lower in seniority than him, as Ling Xiao Academy’s director, he had seen countless treasures and ancient books. Thus, he should have more understanding.

Besides, Yue’er was Ling Xiao Academy’s student. If she cultivated a Holy Body, she should have learned it from there.

Shangguan Jing didn’t expect Nan Suhuai to shake his head as well. “I don’t know either.”

After a pause, seeing that Shangguan Jing and the rest found it strange, Nan Suhuai tentatively said, “Actually… Senior Shangguan, you might not know, but when Yue’er was at the academy, she read quite a few relevant books and tried cultivating a Holy Body many times. There were many top Holy Bodies, but she didn’t succeed in the end. Hence… Now that I’ve seen her successfully forming her own Holy Body, I feel comforted. However, I’m not too sure of the background of this Holy Body…”

Since Nan Suhuai said this, it was bound to be true.

Suddenly, Rong Xiu’s low voice came. ‘Yue’er survived the God-Destroying Tribulation a while ago.”

Once he said this, there was dead silence. God-Destroying Tribulation?!

Shangguan Jing suddenly thought of something and gasped. “You mean—”

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly, and he nodded. “Her Holy Body was formed with the God-Destroying Tribulation.”


Chu Liuyue went on her toes, and her figure was instantly like an arrow that left the bow as it drew a straight red line in midair and went straight for Yi Wentao!

The two of them faced each other, and the distance between them rapidly shrunk!

Compared to Yi Wentao’s especially big Eight Divine Holy Body, Chu Liuyue’s figure seemed especially small. It seemed as if Yi Wentao just had to take action to easily kill her!

In actual fact, this was what Yi Wentao was thinking.

The moment he saw Chu Liuyue summon her Holy Body, he was indeed shocked, but only for a moment. She’s a true god, and it is normal for her to have a Holy Body. There is nothing to be shocked about.

Even though Yi Wentao couldn’t recognize what Holy Body she had cultivated with one glance, there were many ways of cultivating Holy Bodies in the world, and it was impossible for him to know every single one of them.

Even if he couldn’t tell, it did not affect much because he didn’t care about it. That was because his Eight Divine Holy Body was the top existence amongst the many Holy Bodies.

It was also because of this special and strong Holy Body that could stably be the Yi family head for so many years!

Now, Chu Liuyue is actually planning to use her own holy body to fight mine… It seems like she is really muddled. Yi Wentao sneered and hurled his punch out!

The sound of wind piercing through the air was heard!

The strong wind came over and blew up Chu Liuyue’s hair.

Chu Liuyue stared closely at the front as the force in her body kept gathering in her right hand. Then, she directly raised her arm and hurled out a punch, meeting with Yi Wentao’s!

Gasps could be heard coming from the audience. Chu Liuyue actually chose to take Yi Wentao head-on? With such a physical body, isn’t she bound to lose as a mere true god? With this punch, she will be handicapped if not dead, right?

Yi Wenzhuo snorted with laughter. “It’s been so long, but her arrogance didn’t change at all.”

She was like this a few years ago, and the same a few years later. In fact, she’s even more arrogant!

Jun Jiuqing’s sinister-like eyes stared closely at the scene as he slowly clenched his fists.

He didn’t reply to Yi Wenzhuo’s words. However, the people from the Yi family and the Nan family behind him had the same attitude as Yi Wenzhuo.

“That’s right! Shangguan Yue really thinks she’s some big shot with a few talents, but she doesn’t know that there’s always someone better! How can the gap between a true god and a legendary warrior be crossed so easily?”

“Even if her red-gold heavenly phoenix successfully opens its fifth meridian, it will be too late.”

“This time, it can finally end…”

Chu Liuyue completely ignored these messy voices.

Intense battle intent burned in her eyes as she walked forward.


The fists of the two people met!

A loud sound was heard!

After a temporary pause, with the duo in the center, the ground started to crack! Cracks forming like webs kept spreading!

It showed how terrifying the impact of the two forces clashing was!

However, the shocking thing was that Chu Liuyue didn’t fly out like they had imagined. Her feet… didn’t even move back by an inch!

Everyone was stunned. Chu Liuyue… actually endured the attack of Yi Wentao’s Eight Divine Holy Body?

It was silent.

Only the duo’s forces kept attacking each other!

The green light and the brilliant light intertwined each other and caused one to be unable to open their eyes.

Blood slowly seeped out of the corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips, causing her face to turn pale. However… she still stood rooted to the ground and faced Yi Wentao!

At this point, the undamaged Xuan formations suddenly moved!

Yi Wentao’s Holy Body had previously destroyed the few Xuan formations in the center and cut through from the hole to fight with Chu Liuyue.

Hence, at this point, Yi Wentao’s Holy Body was with the Xuan formations, but his physical body was on the other side.

These Xuan formations now circulated very quickly and connected once again, repairing the empty spots and forming another gigantic web. Then, it went toward Yi Wentao’s physical body!

Yi Wentao was originally standing at the front, waiting to see Chu Liuyue be killed. Suddenly, he felt that something was amiss, so he looked over.

He then realized that he was surrounded by those Xuan formations again. Besides, even though there were fewer Xuan formations than before, their force didn’t decrease at all and even became stronger!

Feeling the shocking suppression, Yi Wentao’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. “How can this be?”

Chu Liuyue’s force should’ve been mostly exhausted!

Chu Liuyue shifted her gaze, and her red lips suddenly curled up at a cold angle. “I forgot to mention it. I might be a true god, but the bit of force in your body… might not compare to mine!”

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