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1967 Fight between the Holy Bodies!

This sudden commotion caused everyone present to be taken aback, and they all looked up. “What’s going on?”

“Is someone breaking through? Or… is it because the two of them are fighting?”

“It doesn’t seem like it…”

The crowd discussed and were very confused. Yi Wentao and Chu Liuyue have already been fighting for quite some time. If this commotion was really triggered by the two of them, it should’ve long come and not at this moment, right?

Following that, the rich Heaven and Earth Force rapidly formed a gigantic vortex and came straight down!

When they saw the direction of the vortex impact, quite a few people gasped. This is actually going toward that red-gold heavenly phoenix?

Zi Chen rapidly realized something and glanced at Tuan Zi in his arms.

Tuan Zi looked up, and her blackberry-like eyes reflected the dark light in the sky.

Zi Chen put the young fiend down and took a few steps back, but his eyes were still tightly glued to Tuan Zi.

The moment he backed away, the force in the sky rapidly struck down and entered Tuan Zi’s body!

Her body was like a bottomless pit as she crazily absorbed all the force in the surroundings!

Chu Liuyue turned around to glance at Tuan Zi as shock flashed across her eyes. She’s…


A red-golden feather suddenly pierced through the sky!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. My guess is right. Tuan Zi is preparing to open her fifth meridian! However, how long has it been since she opened her last one? In such a short amount of time, Tuan Zi is going to—

Suddenly, a ray of white light flashed across her mind. Tuan Zi is converting the force that Yi Wentao forcefully put in her body into her own! That is the force of a true legendary warrior!

Actually, after Chu Liuyue survived the God-Destroying Tribulation, she realized that Tuan Zi and Zi Chen had become stronger.

This time, with the force Yi Wentao sent to her… It was logical that Tuan Zi would break through!

But other than Chu Liuyue, the crowd present had never personally witnessed a red-gold heavenly phoenix opening its meridian. Hence, when the red-golden feather appeared, many people were stunned.

It was only until the feather reached Tuan Zi that someone suddenly realized and said, “That’s… the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s feather!”

Once this was said, quite a few people finally recovered their senses. That is indeed a red-gold heavenly phoenix’s feather—it is totally red-golden, and it is glowing. However… Why did this item suddenly appear?

Just when the crowd was still confused, that feather suddenly glided across the sky. At the same time, Tuan Zi closed her eyes, and the fire around her burned crazily!

Her aura started crazily elevating!

Miao Fushan was the first to react and had a face filled with shock. “She’s going to open her meridian?”

The two ancient legendary fiend races had always been in a strange competitive relationship. Sometimes, they knew each other better than they knew themselves.

Additionally, Miao Fushan was very senior and had once personally seen a red-gold heavenly phoenix opening their meridian, so he directly recognized it when he saw this scene.

His sentence was like a rock that smashed the lake and instantly caused many ripples!

The crowd was stunned!

Opening meridian!

Even though this phrase wasn’t common to them, it didn’t mean that they did not understand what it was. Everyone present had status and skills, so they basically understood what it represented.

“How old is that red-gold heavenly phoenix? It’s opening its meridian?”

“Since she has already taken human form, it proves that she has opened her meridian before! But the key is, why did she start again now? What… meridian is she opening?”

“No, if she opens her meridian, then… As she is the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s young mistress, Yi Zhao will definitely notice it, right?”

“…I clearly saw that she couldn’t do it. Why is she suddenly opening her meridian… Shangguan Yue’s legendary fiend is indeed as puzzling as her!”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

Yi Wentao noticed the situation here and immediately furrowed his brows.

Very quickly, he understood the crux within this matter and secretly clenched his teeth. This red-gold heavenly phoenix is very cunning! Not only was she not destroyed by the force, but she even converted it to her own force and directly opened her meridian!

Yi Wentao breathed in to calm himself down. Even if it is opening a meridian, it doesn’t mean much. How old is she? Even if she opens her meridian, it should only be the second or third one at most! Even if she succeeds at opening the meridian, it won’t cause much—

Once this thought flashed across his mind, he saw a few golden rays of light appearing in front of Tuan Zi.

One, two, three…


That red-golden feather drew the fifth one!

Yi Wentao’s mind seemed to be harshly smashed, and he was completely stunned. Fifth… She’s opening the fifth one? Is she crazy!? In the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, there aren’t many who can open the fifth meridian! Besides, this is just an underaged—

His heart beat even faster. I have to stop her! If not, this battle will be dangerous!

He thought of it and did it.

At this point, Yi Wentao had already solved the few Xuan formations in front of him. After seeing Tuan Zi’s movements, a thought flashed across his mind, and his Eight Divine Holy Body rushed forward without hesitation!


The gigantic and fit figure walked forward, causing the ground to shake and leaving deep footprints.

At this point, Chu Liuyue’s body suddenly glowed brightly!

A brilliant armor instantly covered her entire body, and a terrifying suppression instantly descended!

Quite a few people were shocked. “Holy Body?!”

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