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1957 Don’t Dirty Yue’er’s Territory

“Zhao Song, don’t go overboard!” Yi Wenzhuo couldn’t help but curse.

Zhao Song looked innocent. “Eh? Didn’t your Master ask me to raise conditions? I did, so why are you still scolding me?”

Yi Wenzhuo gritted his teeth. “Big Brother said that we can raise the conditions, but he didn’t ask you to ask for too much!”

This is simply taking advantage of the situation! Or… Zhao Song and the others had no intention of talking to us at all! They are deliberately humiliating us!

Zhao Song spread his hands. “So you guys think my price is too high… If you don’t have that diamond, don’t take on the porcelain job! I thought that the Yi family was rich and generous, so I said it. Who knew that you guys weren’t sincere at all…”

His words were filled with disappointment.

The Yi family was furious. Zhao Song is clearly too much. In the end, he still said that our Yi family is petty?

What a scapegoat! No matter how powerful Shangguan Jing is, it’s impossible for him to have dozens of supreme Yuan instruments, right? He might not even be able to give one to each of them!

However, Zhao Song asked for five pieces per person as soon as he opened his mouth… Not to mention that the Yi family might not have so many, even if we did, we would be bankrupt if we take out so many!

Nan Suhuai stroked his beard and watched the commotion. He then chuckled and said, “Senior Zhao Song, if we include the Nan family, perhaps they can take so many out?”

The Nan family’s faces darkened. What does it have to do with us! Yi Wentao said that himself! We’ve already suffered heavy losses. What else do they want?

Zhao Song hissed and shook his head regretfully. “The Nan family? They can’t even protect their own family head. What else can they do?”

“You!” Nan Hetian was furious and wanted to step forward on impulse.

Zhao Song glanced at him. “Oh? What does that mean? Do you want to fight?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the auras of the legendary warriors beside him soared at the same time! It seemed like they were really planning to fight at any moment!

Shangguan Jing lowered his hand and chuckled. “Aiya, everyone, don’t be so angry. I invited everyone here as guests today to be friendly! Yue’er has just taken down Peach Blossom Dock and has probably just tidied up recently. If another battle happens, it will dirty our Yue’er’s territory.”

Yi Wentao’s face finally turned ashen! Shangguan Jing brought these people over! He clearly wants to fight us to the end! Now, he actually has the cheek to say such words?

He was the one who dirtied Chu Liuyue’s territory… Who is he scolding!?

Yi Wentao had excellent self-restraint. No matter what happened or what his mood was, he could basically maintain his calm on the surface and not let anyone see anything.

But at this moment, it was ruined by Shangguan Jing’s words.

Actually, it wasn’t because Shangguan Jing’s words were sarcastic. Instead, it was because Yi Wentao understood that the current situation was indeed very disadvantageous to them!

Previously, he could maintain his composure because he was 100% confident that he could win today’s match. But now…

If the two sides fought, it was obvious that the Yi family would suffer!

As for the Nan family… Hah.

Actually, he had never taken them seriously from beginning to end.

Those people looked amiable on the surface, but they were actually working separately. If not for the fact that Nan Yifan was still alive and was being threatened as a hostage, many people in the Nan family would have completely fallen out with each other.

If they really fought, the people from the Nan family would probably not be of much use. Therefore, Yi Wentao became anxious.


At this moment, a loud bang sounded!

Everyone looked over and saw that the ball of light—which Yi Wentao had used just now—had exploded!

The barrier of Peach Blossom Dock began to tremble even more violently! However, it didn’t shatter!

Chu Liuyue still blocked Yi Wentao’s move!

Everyone’s mood was complicated. If even Yi Wentao can’t do it… Then, who else would have the ability?

The Nan family had come to take revenge, but in the end, they could only watch as the family head was trapped inside and tortured. They also could do nothing to help.

The Yi family was here to snatch Peach Blossom Dock, but they couldn’t even break through the outermost barrier!

How could they talk about revenge or fighting?

What a joke!

In addition, Shangguan Jing and the others had rushed over and were eyeing them covetously…

Yi Wentao and the others were in a dilemma!

With a thought, the barrier flickered and began to devour the remaining violent energy.

The barrier of Peach Blossom Dock became extremely strong after being enhanced by the God-Destroying Tribulation’s power. Moreover, under her control, it could convert most energy into its own and use it to repair and improve.

Unknowingly, it saved Chu Liuyue a lot of trouble.

In a short while, most of the surrounding energy had been devoured.

The surroundings gradually calmed down. However, everyone present couldn’t calm down at this moment! This barrier is simply impenetrable! Even without the help of outsiders, she can block most of the attacks with this!

Yi Wentao stared at the shimmering barrier and gradually tightened his grip on the Great Azure Sun Axe. It seems that our previous plan won’t work… Right now, I can only think of other methods!

After a pause, he suddenly said, “Shangguan Jing is right. If so many people attack at the same time, it will indeed have a huge impact on Peach Blossom Dock. Why don’t we each choose one person to fight!? The winning party will become the owner of Peach Blossom Dock! The losing party will leave now and not pester this place anymore!”

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