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1952 Thirteen Yue Guards

The scream was extremely shrill and spread far and wide, instantly causing the expressions of everyone outside the barrier to change. This was because they clearly saw the green net suddenly tighten, binding Nan Yifan tightly!

At the same time, the countless silver needles on it pierced into his Holy Body!

Although those silver needles were very thin, they were very long and extremely tenacious. If they pierced directly, even his bones would be pierced!

Not to mention that his entire body had been stabbed by thousands of silver needles at the same time? Such pain wasn’t something a normal person could withstand!

Nan Yifan’s Holy Body trembled violently, but the huge green net held him tightly, preventing him from moving.

Everyone could only see that almost all the silver needles that flickered with a cold luster had entered his Holy Body, leaving only the equally sharp tips trembling slightly.

This time, there was no longer any dark-red blood gushing out of Nan Yifan’s body, staining everywhere. However, everyone still felt a chill in their hearts as they watched.

Such pain… was no different from torture!

“Cen Yi is so ruthless!” Yi Wenzhuo couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

They could all tell that there was clearly something fishy about the silver needles. Otherwise, it would be impossible to penetrate Nan Yifan’s Holy Body so easily!

His Holy Body was already considered extremely powerful, but at this moment, he was actually still unable to resist Cen Yi’s attack…

“But you need to have the strength to do this first,” Yi Wentao narrowed his eyes and said.

At first, his attention was on Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue. It was only later that he realized that this young man in green might not be simple.

At this moment, he was finally certain of his previous guess. This Cen Yi… Not only is he a legendary warrior, but he is still the cream of the crop!

Although Yi Wentao and Nan Yifan didn’t interact much, they had interacted some. Therefore, he had a basic understanding of Nan Yifan’s strength.

Not to mention the Nan family, even in the entire God Residence Realm, there were probably not many people who could defeat Nan Yifan. However, not only did Cen Yi have the upper hand in the battle with him, but it also looked like it was effortless!

Even now, Yi Wentao had yet to accurately guess Cen Yi’s true strength. In short, he was stronger than Nan Yifan and not just a little stronger!

Why have I not heard of such a person before? Yi Wentao realized that he had come in a hurry. If I had known earlier, I would’ve investigated more… However, it’s clearly too late to say that.

“If I remember correctly, that Cen Yi seems to be one of Shangguan Yue’s former subordinates? And some of the others are currently staying at Peach Blossom Dock?” Yi Wentao suddenly asked.

Yi Wenzhuo was stunned for a moment. Just as he was about to speak, Jun Jiuqing replied, “Yes.”

Only then did he realize that this question was directed at Jun Jiuqing. That’s true. Cen Yi and the others came from outside the God Residence Realm. Jun Jiuqing had stayed in Beiming for so long before, so he should know more.

Jun Jiuqing continued, “She has personal guards called the Thirteen Yue Guard. She personally selected these 13 people, and they only listen to her orders. Cen Yi is ranked first among them.”

Yi Wentao frowned imperceptibly. “Are the other people in the so-called Thirteen Yue Guard as powerful as Cen Yi?”

There seemed to be ripples in Jun Jiuqing’s eyes.

He smiled. “How could that be?”

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