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1951 Holy Body

The flames were pure white. When they burned, there were silver spots of light flickering in them.

This flame drilled out of Nan Yifan’s body and quickly engulfed his entire body! In the blink of an eye, Nan Yifan became a burning man!

But unlike other flames, this silver-white flame wasn’t hot. Instead, it carried traces of cold air.

On the ground where Nan Yifan was, the sporadically dripping blood gradually froze, covered in a thin layer of frost! Then, Nan Yifan actually stood up again!

Through the silver-white flames, one could vaguely tell that Nan Yifan’s body was undergoing some changes.

He just stood there and let the flames burn crazily on his body!

The surrounding natural energy continued to surge toward him and fuse into the flames!

As time passed, Nan Yifan’s originally declining aura actually began to recover gradually!

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows.

Rong Xiu said, “He’s summoning his Holy Body.”

Stunned, Chu Liuyue came to a sudden realization. “His Holy Body seems to be a little different from others…”

The Nan family had always been a relatively mysterious existence in the God Residence Realm, so there weren’t many rumors about Nan Yifan himself. Outsiders basically had no way of knowing.

As for what Holy Body he had cultivated, they naturally didn’t know.

She had seen many Holy Bodies in the ancient books of Ling Xiao Academy, but none of them were the same as Nan Yifan’s.

In just a short while, the aura and pressure on Nan Yifan’s body seemed to be comparable to before! More importantly, the aura was still intensifying!

After the silver-white flames burned fiercely, they began to return to Nan Yifan’s body gradually. Only then did Chu Liuyue see that most of the injuries on his body had healed!

Even the puncture wound on his abdomen—which Cen Yi had left behind—had mostly healed and begun to scab!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Nan Yifan’s injuries were very serious, especially since his pearl of essence had been shattered! Logically speaking, he should’ve lost all his offensive power and can’t fight anymore! Who knew…

At this moment, Nan Yifan raised his head and looked straight at her. Only then did she see that his face and neck were covered in a thin layer of frost.

From afar, he looked like a frozen man.

The thin frost was bone-chilling!

His eyes had turned silver!

When Chu Liuyue met those eyes, her heart skipped a beat!

Cold, bloodthirsty, and crazy! It was as if he wanted to devour everything!

A trace of uneasiness suddenly surged in her heart, and she immediately mobilized the force around her!

Cen Yi waved his sleeve, and the transparent jade bracelet flew toward Nan Yifan again. But this time, Nan Yifan immediately reacted!

He raised his hand and threw a punch!


The incomparably hard fist collided fiercely with the transparent jade bracelet, emitting a crisp sound!

The transparent jade bracelet was instantly sent flying!

The ground under Nan Yifan’s feet instantly cracked, causing his feet to cave in! However, his fist was unscathed!

And he himself didn’t seem to have suffered any substantial damage.

One had to know that his pearl of essence had already shattered, and he couldn’t mobilize his force at all. At this moment, he was purely relying on his Holy Body to support himself!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Nan Yifan’s Holy Body is actually so powerful?

The transparent jade bracelet flew back.

Cen Yi raised his hand and caught it.

Sensing the vibration of the lingering power above, his expression turned cold. Nan Yifan has already gone crazy. He gave up his body and used all his strength to fill his Holy Body! In order to strengthen his Holy Body, he even burned his remaining force.

Doing so was no different from killing the goose that lays the golden eggs! Most importantly, it would cause him great and irreversible damage.

He is going all out!

Just as this thought flashed through Cen Yi’s mind, he saw the last flame on Nan Yifan’s body disappear.

Then, Nan Yifan tiptoed and headed straight for Chu Liuyue!

Nan Yifan was extremely fast! Before Chu Liuyue could even see his movements clearly, she felt a cold breeze!

Chu Liuyue focused her gaze and looked into Nan Yifan’s already silver eyes.

A thought suddenly appeared. Nan Yifan seems to be… targeting me especially?

From the beginning to now, I have almost always stood with Rong Xiu and acted together with him. However, Nan Yifan keeps targeting me alone, especially when he attacks. Without exception, he has always been targeting me!

Why is that? It can’t be because of the so-called fear of Rong Xiu. After all, from the moment he decided to send Nan Yuxing and the others over, he had already planned the consequences of today.

That is… he thinks that I’m weaker than Rong Xiu and easier to control?

That doesn’t seem right either. Rong Xiu is beside me and can attack at any time. Moreover, when they barged into the barrier of Peach Blossom Dock just now, they should’ve seen some of my strength.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled. Nan Yifan is… trying to force me to make a move?

Thinking of this, she suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Yi Wentao.

Almost at the same time, Yi Wentao also looked at her!

The two of them fought silently!

However, Chu Liuyue instantly confirmed her guess! It must have been some agreement between the two of them that Nan Yifan ignored everything and insisted on facing me head-on! He wants to force me into attacking!

What does Yi Wentao want to see?

What does he want to know?

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind.

At this moment, Nan Yifan was almost in front of her!

The cold aura was almost suffocating, but at this moment, light suddenly flashed under Nan Yifan’s feet!

The light was light green in color and was about the thickness of an adult’s finger. It intersected with each other and formed a huge net that floated up!

Nan Yifan took a wrong step and wanted to avoid it. However, the huge net had already begun to close!

At the same time, countless silver needles flew out and headed straight for Nan Yifan! They covered the skies and the ground.

Nan Yifan’s figure was instantly enveloped!

Nan Yifan originally didn’t take these attacks seriously because he was very confident in his Holy Body. Moreover, this time, he had done his best to improve all aspects of his Holy Body to the strongest!

But soon, he realized that he was being too optimistic.

These silver needles and this huge net couldn’t be underestimated!

Soon, his vision was occupied, and he was trapped in place, unable to continue forward!

At this moment, Cen Yi stepped forward. He slowly raised his hand and clenched it in the air!

Intense pain instantly spread throughout Nan Yifan’s body! “Ah!”

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