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1917 Yi Family

“Ah, my baby!” When San San saw this, his heart ached.

Xiao Ba rolled her eyes. “Why are you shouting? Isn’t it just a portion of the power in that small space surging out? This is a good thing for the entire Peach Blossom Dock and our master. Don’t delay it!”

The flesh on San San’s face twitched, and he looked aggrieved.

Although Xiao Ba was young, among the Thirteen Yue Guard, only their eldest brother dared to argue with her. Even as the third brother, he was the same.

“…I know… I just feel heartbroken!”

It was obvious that with the nourishment of the power in the small space, the almost completely destroyed Peach Blossom Dock would greatly increase its recovery speed. Moreover, if nothing went wrong, there would be many natural treasures growing along the banks of the stream.

This was a huge fortune! As long as Peach Blossom Dock recovered quickly, it would be extremely good for Master!

“After today, the entire Peach Blossom Dock will belong to Master…” Thirteen muttered softly.

Shock lingered on his face, which still had a hint of youth.

He had always known that his master was powerful, but over the years, he had been following his eldest brother and the others most of the time. There were actually pitifully few times that they followed their master.

Coupled with her low age, he had almost never seen Chu Liuyue attack with his own eyes. And this time, it undoubtedly gave him a huge shock!

Cen Yi’s eyebrows relaxed, and a smile appeared in his usually indifferent eyes. Master came over this time with this intention. However, I didn’t expect that after these twists and turns, it would be successfully completed in advance. Moreover, she has pacified the entire Peach Blossom Dock!

Master didn’t take a fancy to the options given by San San. Now that the last hidden danger of Peach Blossom Dock has been eliminated, Master has directly taken over. There Is no better result.

At the Nan residence.

In the study, Nan Yifan stood silently.

It was already night, and the moon was high in the sky. The cool moonlight flowed in through the window and lengthened his figure.

He had been in this position from day to night, standing there all day.

The night wind was cold and chilly. However, Nan Yifan didn’t notice at all.

He hung his head slightly, his face hidden in the darkness.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

“Master, you haven’t eaten for a day. Why don’t you eat something?” The person who spoke was his trusted aide, an elder of the Nan family. He couldn’t hide the worry in his voice.

In fact, for experts of their level, not eating for a day was nothing. The reason why this elder was so worried was that he sensed that Nan Yifan’s condition was very wrong.

The last time he did this was the day Nan Yiyi was buried. But at that time, he only stood there for half a day.

And this time… Something had clearly happened that was even more terrifying than Nan Yiyi’s death!

The elder standing outside the door was burning with anxiety. Nan Yiyi was the apple of Nan Yifan’s eye. What could have hit him harder than her death?

This elder knew that Luo Yan and Nan Yuxing had gone to Peach Blossom Dock. Therefore, he was especially frightened at this moment.

He wanted to ask for an explanation, but he didn’t dare.

“You are dismissed.” After a while, Nan Yifan finally spoke, his voice low and hoarse.

Outside the door, the elder’s lips moved. The uneasiness in his heart intensified, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

He could only respond with: “Okay.”

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he heard Nan Yifan say, “Hold on.”

Then, he heard the door open.

The elder hurriedly turned around and saw Nan Yifan open the door and walk out.

“Stay here. I’ll go to the Yi family.”

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