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1911 A Stone

Red-gold flames instantly ignited around Chu Liuyue, but the God-Destroying Tribulation was extremely fast. In an instant, her figure was instantly devoured.


Endless dazzling streams of light rushed in all directions! Even the silver-red God Realm Chu Liuyue unleashed at the beginning was affected and instantly scattered.

Below, the already messy mountain range began to collapse again at a visible speed! In the blink of an eye, it was razed to the ground!

Cen Yi quickly set up a green barrier in front of him and shouted in a low voice, “Get back!”

Upon hearing his order, the Thirteen Yue Guards subconsciously retreated! But even so, they still suffered a huge impact!

The colorful stream of light flew over and collided with the barrier set up by Cen Yi. They silently devoured each other and attacked each other crazily!

Cen Yi was the first to bear the brunt. His chest trembled, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth!

“Big Brother!” San San and the others were shocked. In their impression, Cen Yi was almost invincible and had never been in such a sorry state.

However, this was only the aftershock of the God-Destroying Tribulation! It was even more dangerous for Master, who was really attacked by the God-Destroying Tribulation!

Cen Yi forcefully swallowed the bloody aura that surged between his teeth. He didn’t stop and continued to retreat with everyone!

Almost at the same time, Luo Yan and the others on the other side also sensed that something was wrong.

“Danger!” Luo Yan shouted and immediately retreated.

“Flying Cloud Painting!” An elder chose to step forward. This is the Nan family’s treasure. If it is lost…

But just as his hand touched the burning Flying Cloud Painting, a colorful stream of light suddenly flew behind him!

Luo Yan and the others’ expressions changed. “Quickly move away!”

The elder also sensed a cold wind coming from behind. He knew that something was wrong, so he immediately grabbed the Flying Cloud Painting and fled!

However, it was still too late!

That stream of light was really too fast!

He had just taken a step when the colorful stream of light behind him had already passed through his chest!


Blood splattered everywhere! Warm, sweet blood even splattered on the faces and bodies of Luo Yan and the others!

The few of them were shocked and stunned.

The elder barely threw out the Flying Cloud Painting in his hand and spat out two words with difficulty: “Go… quickly…”

Luo Yan subconsciously used the Flying Cloud Painting!

Red-gold and transparent flames intertwined and wrapped around it. It was hot to the touch!

Fortunately, the Flying Cloud Painting was also one of the top ten holy weapons. Although this flame could destroy the spatial passageway it opened, it wouldn’t cause fatal damage to it. Moreover, Luo Yan was a legendary warrior himself.

With a thought, a layer of silver armor quickly covered his arm! He then held the Flying Cloud Painting tightly in his palm and retreated at full speed!

The other elders had no time to say anything and could only follow closely behind.

By the time they finally dodged the colorful stream of light, they had already flown a long distance.

After confirming that he had dodged the fatal threat, Luo Yan stopped and looked back again. At this moment, he saw an elder of the Nan family explode!

Terrifying energy fluctuations crushed over and instantly crushed him into powder!

Body and soul were destroyed!

He didn’t even have time to cry out in pain!

Luo Yan’s heart was beating violently, the blood in his body seemed to be boiling, and even his temples were throbbing.

The scene before him had a huge impact on him! If we had also been a step late just now, then… The consequences are unimaginable!

Luo Yan had broken through for many years. It had been too long since he had felt such a fatal threat of death!

The three elders standing beside him were also stunned. A legendary warrior is gone just like that?! The power of the God-Destroying Tribulation is actually so terrifying!

Even the aftershocks that spread out have such terrifying power. Then… wouldn’t the person in the center, who is enduring the most pressure from the God-Destroying Tribulation, definitely die?

Mo Yun had been hiding among a pile of rocks, planning to take action. However, the arrival of the God-Destroying Tribulation completely shattered all his plans.

Rocks swayed, and the ground shook!

The thick fog on him had already covered most of his body. However, the power of this God-Destroying Tribulation was too strong!

It was difficult for him to even dodge these aftershocks, let alone do other things.

If this continues… I will probably die silently here! Mo Yun was indignant!

The totem between his eyebrows suddenly became even brighter!

Thick blood filled his eyes, and the smell of rotting corpses suddenly came from him.

His eyes gradually turned cold and bloodthirsty.

But at this moment, a golden flame suddenly flew over!

Mo Yun abruptly realized something and looked up.

The ball of golden flames had already arrived in front of him!

Just as he was about to dodge, the flames actually exploded in front of him!


For a moment, sparks scattered and enveloped Mo Yun in the blink of an eye!

Just as he was about to struggle out, a rich black color suddenly surged out of the golden flames!

The cold and fierce aura immediately made Mo Yun’s eyes widen in shock! What is—


Before he could speak, the black color had already devoured him!

Mo Yun was dead!

Golden flames spread over him. From the outside, nobody noticed anything unusual.

Soon, the flames dissipated, and a wind blew. It raised a handful of ashes.

Nobody would know that the once glorious deputy sect master of the Black Sword Sect, Mo Yun, had actually died quietly in such a way!

In fact, nobody cared about him at this moment. Everyone’s attention was on Chu Liuyue!

Countless eyes looked at the dazzling and gorgeous ball of fire in the air.

Who can survive the God-Destroying Tribulation?

The void was still collapsing!

The world was dark.

They all knew very well that when this ball of light fire dissipated, it would all be over! As for Chu Liuyue…

“What a pity! All of us are going to die with her!” In Peach Blossom Dock, someone sighed dejectedly.

In the crowd, Duan Qingquan frowned and was about to explain when he suddenly saw something and widened his eyes. “What’s that?!”

Everyone subconsciously looked over.

Something suddenly flew out of the extremely dazzling light fire.

Someone murmured with uncertainty, “It seems to be… a stone?”

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