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1909 God-Destroying Tribulation

A cold and low voice spread through the world and clearly entered everyone’s ears!

The Black Sword Sect’s people were basically all dead, and when the few people from the Nan family heard this, they felt that it was very ear-piercing!

These words were clearly meant for them to hear!

It was fine if Rong Xiu didn’t attack, but once he did, he directly used his killing move!

He was making an example out of them!

Luo Yan was filled with anger as he looked at the burning Flying Cloud Painting in front of him.

The Flying Cloud Painting was a holy weapon and wouldn’t be easily damaged, so he wasn’t worried that Chu Liuyue’s flames would destroy it. However, he knew very well that they would definitely not be able to use the Flying Cloud Painting to leave this place after being disturbed like this.

The space in all directions was compressing crazily toward the middle. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before the entire Peach Blossom Dock collapsed!

“I’m afraid we can’t get out…” The elders’ expressions turned very ugly.

Before they came, they had never expected things to develop to this extent! Not to mention that Nan Yuxing was dead, even all of them would probably die here!

“Even Mo Yun isn’t Rong Xiu’s match, so let’s—”

This didn’t mean that they weren’t as strong as Mo Yun. But when Mo Yun attacked just now, the strength he displayed was already extremely good.

Moreover, he had gone with great determination at that time. It was almost like he was going all-out!

But even so, he had only made one move on Rong Xiu!

Then, how good could the situation be for the remaining people?

“I think Rong Xiu’s strength has clearly long surpassed ordinary legendary warriors!” an elder gritted his teeth and said.

“…But his aura is indeed that of a legendary warrior…” Another elder spoke hesitantly. “Perhaps… he borrowed some external power?”

The elders had different opinions. However, they also knew that it was useless to know this at this moment.

Luo Yan suddenly looked up at the sky.

It collapsed inch by inch, and large black holes spread. It was as if a huge beast had opened its bloody mouth and wanted to devour everything!

Countless surging dark clouds had already been swallowed. Only a few bolts of lightning were still swimming around.

It was the lightning summoned by the Blood Tribute Formation.

Before all of them landed, the Blood Tribute Formation had already collapsed, leaving only these lightning bolts wandering in the sky uncontrollably.

At this moment, as if affected by the spatial compression, these lightning bolts actually began to gather in the middle.

More amazingly, they seemed to be fusing with each other.

Most importantly, they were gathered above Chu Liuyue’s head!

Seeing this scene, Luo Yan suddenly muttered, “…So what if he’s a legendary warrior? Can he compete with the Heavenly Dao?”

The elders were stunned. Heavenly Dao? What does that mean?

The few of them looked at each other and then subconsciously followed Luo Yan’s gaze.

The wind howled, and energy raged.

Nothing looked any different.However… the lightning in the sky was gathering and fusing.

A gorgeous light suddenly surged out!

The elders gasped in unison. That’s…

“God-Destroying Tribulation!?”

As the name suggested, the so-called God-Destroying Tribulation was the heavenly tribulation to eliminate legendary warriors.

It was rumored that the colorful God-Destroying Tribulation was born from the Heavenly Dao and was infinitely powerful! As long as it descended, it would be a calamity that would destroy the world!

However, the God-Destroying Tribulation was extremely rare. In the God Residence Realm, there might not be anyone who could summon it in a thousand years.

Therefore, most people had only heard a word or two from rumors, but they didn’t know much about it.

In their opinion, this was indeed a phenomenon that only existed in ancient books. Therefore, when this God-Destroying Tribulation appeared, even Luo Yan took a long time to confirm it.

This was the legendary God-Destroying Tribulation! Moreover, it was clearly heading for Chu Liuyue!

“It’s really the God-Destroying Tribulation!”

The elders were all stunned.

“But… that’s not right! Isn’t the God-Destroying Tribulation only summoned by legendary warriors? Shangguan Yue is only a true god. How—”

“Could this have been attracted by Rong Xiu?”

“No, it’s Shangguan Yue! Can’t you see that the God-Destroying Tribulation is gathering above her head now?!”

“Heavens… Is the God-Destroying Tribulation really attracted by her? How can a mere true god—”

“Could it be because of these fires?”

It wasn’t only the Nan family who were puzzled by this. At this moment, countless cultivators in Peach Blossom Dock who were paying attention to the situation were also stunned!

Among them, there was no lack of sharp-eyed people who recognized at a glance that it was the God-Destroying Tribulation!

The news quickly spread through the crowd.

Everyone stood rooted to the ground.

They never expected Chu Liuyue to summon a God-Destroying Tribulation at such a critical moment! This was really adding insult to injury!

“It’s over… It’s completely over this time…”

Countless people’s eyes were filled with despair, and they had already given up.

Mo Yun struggled out of the piled boulders, his body already covered in wounds.

He didn’t have time to resent anyone. He looked up at the sky and saw the God-Destroying Tribulation that was gathering and circling!

His eyes suddenly widened, and he trembled.

Once the God-Destroying Tribulation descends, all of us will probably die!

He gritted his teeth, and determination flashed in his eyes. Then, a ball of black fog suddenly spread from his body!

The totem between his eyebrows became even more colorful and strange!

A vast pressure descended from the sky!

Chu Liuyue looked over.

The gorgeous lightning was still gathering power and could descend at any moment to judge her!

She clenched the black shield in her hand. What is this? It actually triggered the God-Destroying Tribulation!?


Just as this thought flashed through her mind, the God-Destroying Tribulation had already descended!

The cold aura instantly cut countless wounds on Chu Liuyue’s body.

But at this moment, a zither note sounded from her body!

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