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1908 Don’t Delay My Yue’er

After completely letting go of the last bottom line, Mo Yun no longer had any scruples. He crazily devoured the surrounding energy and forcefully increased his strength! The Black Sword Sect is no longer reliable. I can only rely on myself! Even though the sect master has repeatedly instructed me to be careful and not expose my identity unless it is absolutely necessary, I have no other choice now! If this continues, only death awaits me!

Today, even if I die, I will definitely drag these people down with me!

But before he could reach Chu Liuyue, he was stopped.

A tall figure tore through the air and stopped him in the blink of an eye—it was Rong Xiu!

Seeing that noble and demonic face, Mo Yun’s heart was filled with hatred. At this point, this man’s expression is still so calm! It’s as if nothing in this world will make him nervous and terrified!

The more Rong Xiu acted like this, the stronger the emotions in Mo Yun’s heart! How could he?! Why is it that after this battle, our Black Sword Sect is either dead or injured, but these people are almost unaffected?

“Rong Xiu, you’re not my match!” Mo Yun shouted sternly.

At this point, Mo Yun could already tell that Peach Blossom Dock was about to be completely destroyed. Everything that they had spent a lot of manpower and countless resources to prepare in the past two years would be gone in the future!

Even the countless cultivators here would have to pay with their lives!

Of course, Mo Yun didn’t care about the lives of those people; he cared about himself!

At this moment, he had already used a secret technique to forcefully recover and increase his strength. But facing the collapsed void around him and the wild turbulence, he still felt a little powerless.

All of this is Chu Liuyue’s fault! If she hadn’t summoned so many flames, if she hadn’t forced control of those lightning bolts, if she hadn’t…

At this moment, Mo Yun had forgotten that the first to attack were actually the Nan family and their Black Sword Sect. If they hadn’t insisted on chasing after them and paid a huge price for it, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.

However, a person like him would never reflect on himself. So now, he still vented all his hatred on Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue!

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. “Oh? It seems that Black Demon Hole hasn’t had enough?”

His tone was light and indifferent, and there was even a faint smile on his lips that made him look gentle and elegant.

However, Mo Yun looked into those deep eyes and suddenly shivered.

He suddenly recalled a rumor from a few years ago. It wasn’t accurate to say that it was a rumor because that incident had really happened. However, he hadn’t personally experienced it and had only heard it from other sources.

It was said that a few years ago, Rong Xiu had once gone to Black Demon Hole alone and directly destroyed their nest!

In that battle, Black Demon Hole suffered heavy losses. Black Demon Hole even chose to hide from the world not long after this matter.

Although Mo Yun knew that the sect master’s choice wasn’t entirely because of Rong Xiu, he had to admit that these things still affected each other. Especially since… Rong Xiu had indeed killed many people from Black Demon Hole at that time!

There was no lack of powerful people among them!

Mo Yun happened to be out at that time and avoided this fierce battle. Therefore, he had heard many details about that battle from his fellow members.

This matter was almost taboo in Black Demon Hole.

Many people were still afraid when they mentioned the scene of that man killing his way into Black Demon Hole alone.

Mo Yun had never seen Rong Xiu with his own eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have only found out about their identities after the Nan family came to interrogate him.

Because he had never experienced it personally, he had always maintained some doubts about these claims. In fact, after knowing Rong Xiu’s identity, his first thought was to kill him!

Until now—

He faced Rong Xiu and met the man’s cold and indifferent gaze. Only then did he suddenly remember everything he had heard before.

Rong Xiu… was really very powerful!

Mo Yun’s throat tightened.

He wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, in most cases, he was very smart. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for the higher-ups to send him here to establish the Black Sword Sect and be in charge of many matters here.

He instinctively felt fatal danger, and this danger… came from Rong Xiu!


Rong Xiu raised his wrist slightly, and a cluster of golden flames surged out of his palm! At the same time, the originally wild energy around him actually began to surge obediently into his flames!

Even the power that was surging toward Mo Yun was forcefully snatched away halfway!

Mo Yun’s face was ashen, but he felt even more uneasy. Just this move alone shows that Rong Xiu’s strength isn’t inferior to mine but even greater! I can’t afford to fight Rong Xiu head-on!

Mo Yun made a prompt decision. He took one step, planning to bypass Rong Xiu and attack Chu Liuyue first!

However, why would Rong Xiu give him this chance?


His slender fingers waved gently.

The incomparably dazzling golden flames transformed into a long whip that headed straight for Mo Yun!

Before Mo Yun could escape, he felt a golden light flash in front of him! Then, a burning pain came from his ankle!

He looked down in panic and saw that one of his calves was already tightly bound by the flames!

The hot flames burned violently. In the blink of an eye, his pants had turned to dust!

The intense burning pain quickly spread!

Mo Yun’s face turned pale!

He was a legendary warrior, and ordinary flames couldn’t get close to him at all. But Rong Xiu’s fire was also very powerful!

Forget about the flames wrapping around his ankle, what shocked Mo Yun the most was that after the flames wrapped around him, the force in his body seemed to be suppressed and sealed by some other force! He couldn’t mobilize it at all!

Without the use of his force, no matter how powerful a cultivator was, they wouldn’t be able to unleash their strength.

Mo Yun was shocked and furious. Isn’t Rong Xiu a legendary warrior like me? How could there be such a huge difference in our strengths? In comparison, Rong Xiu crushed me almost effortlessly!

Just as Mo Yun was thinking about this question, Rong Xiu had already lashed out with his whip!


Mo Yun’s body flew out uncontrollably and landed heavily on a mountain peak!



With these two sounds, the mountain collapsed after receiving the powerful impact!

Countless boulders rolled down!

Mo Yun’s body was quickly buried!

Rong Xiu’s eyes were cold. “Don’t delay my Yue’er. Violators—this is the outcome!”

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